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Full-service processing and banking. They partner with Global Payments to provide credit card processing merchants’ accounts.

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Business accounts for small to medium-sized businesses with community focus as their guiding factor.

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Their headquarters is located in Charlotte, NC.

They have been in business as a credit card processor since 2020. Their parts Suntrust Bank and BB&T Bank are claimed to have been in business for 150 years.

The CEO is listed as William H Rogers Jr.

Truist Overview


Consisting of Suntrust Bank and BB&T Bank, Truist Bank has partnered with Global Payments to create a partnership processing company. They offer everything from POS systems to merchant bank accounts and everything in between.

Because their main focus is being a bank, there is very little information beyond a generic single page on their company website.

They claim to be community-focused, but their customer complaint level speaks for itself. In the past 36 months, they have had 1,332 negative reviews. Their response has been a form email and no indication that the customer complaints were even actually addressed.

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Truist Products & Services


Hardware and Software

Truist claims to offer POS systems and hardware, yet there is no information as to what types of hardware or software they offer potential clients. All links on their merchant services page direct a potential client to speak with a representative.

They claim to work with software resellers across the credit card processing industry. This may mean they can offer the merchant’s choice in preferred front-end gear. Whether this just applies to software or may overlap into terminals and registers is unclear.

Value-Added Services

It appears they offer some sort of up-to-date analytics to help merchants make business decisions. There are no examples of how this functions in the real business world to let potential clients determine if the product would be helpful.

According to the website, each merchant is paired with a single relationship manager who will work exclusively with the business to ensure no question or need goes unanswered.

Supported Payment Types and Services

Truist states they accept all major payment types, however, without knowing what sort of terminals and registers are available, it is unclear how true this claim is.

We can safely assume they will accept:

American Express

Beyond these payment types, there is no further listing or indication.

Truist Payment Processing

Truist Billing & Invoicing

Truist Advertising & Sales

It does not appear that Truist employs independent sales contractors. There is evidence, however, that the companies Truist partners with to complete their credit card processing group do hire freelancers.

Whether there is an overlap between these businesses is inconclusive. None of the thousands of complaints seem to involve unprofessional sales tactics. This could mean Truist plays it safe in this department.

Truth in Marketing

Discloses All Important Terms

Public Pricing Available

Truist Pricing, Rates & Fees


There are no stated prices available on the company website. There are multiple references to fees scattered throughout the complaints. These include early termination fees, annual service fees, and hardware liquidation fees.

Pricing at a Glance

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Monthly Fee

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Application Fee

Account Setup Fee

Gateway Setup Fee

Annual Fee

Monthly Minimum

Statement Fee

Truist Contract & Terms

It appears there are several options on contracts, although none of them are openly stated on the website. Judging by the existence of early termination fees, it can be assumed there is a standard length to their contracts. Although, there are mentions of the month-to-month contracts in the vast complaint log.

It is always good to remember that contracts are negotiable. If a company claims they are not, multiple processing companies are fighting for each merchant account.

Contract Length

Early Termination Fee

Truist Setup & Support


No information is available on either setup or support. This is most likely because a merchant needs to have an account to access the help or tech support lines. There may be a central help hub, but there is no indication that this is the case.

Setup will most likely hinge on what equipment the merchant chooses to go with and the type of business they are connecting to Truist.

Brick and mortar retail merchants will take longer to set up than an online eCommerce storefront looking to funnel payments through Truist’s gateway.

Setup Highlights

Support Highlights

Truist Complaints, Ratings & Reviews

BBB Rating


This rating comes despite the thousands of customer complaints, just in a couple of years since the company merged into its current state.

Most of the complaints are directed at the banking side of Truist’s business. Scattered throughout there is a steady stream of merchant account-related complaints.

The complaints on both sides of the business tend to relate to extremely poor customer service and a large number of bogus fees and penalties.

Truist has a 1.09/5 star rating from their customers.

Other Online Reviews

Several other websites have similar numbers of negative reviews available for consumers to read. One such website has more than two thousand interactions. 31% of the ratings were 1-star reviews with scathing reviews attached.

The vast majority of the reviews recommended anyone thinking about Truist would be better off taking their business elsewhere.







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