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Wood Nightstand

Finnhomy Nightstand, End Table, Side Table with 2 Hand Made...
  • BRING IT HOME NOW - A lot of customers bought our 1st generation...
  • COMBINATION OF CLASSIC AND MODERN - The rattan decorated drawers combining...
  • LARGE STORAGE SPACE AND RELIABLE QUALITY - Measurements 15.75" L x 15.55" W...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL NIGHTSTAND - All-purpose wooden nightstand can meet your...
Nathan James Mina Side, End Table Wood Finish & Matte...
  • The Mina side or end table is small but offers plenty of storage with its...
  • The open design of the Mina side table makes it a great small space...
  • Mina's simple yet elegant design will complement any decor as a sofa side...
  • Place this side table beside your sofa or bed and add an accent lamp,...
Walker Edison Mid Century Modern Wood Nightstand Side Table...
  • Dimensions: 24" H x 20" L x 19"
  • Made of solid pine wood in a stained finish
  • Pair with matching dresser for a complete bedroom set
  • Includes 1 nightstand
Prepac Fremont 2 Drawer Nightstand with Open Shelf,...
  • Curved top edges, side moldings, an arched base panel and antique...
  • Drawers run smoothly on metal glides with built-in safety stops
  • Clear lacquered real wood drawer sides
  • Finished in durable rich espresso laminate
Walker Edison Traditional Wood 3 Drawer Nightstand Side...
  • Dimensions: 25" H x 19" L x 15" W - Drawer: 5.25" H x 3.25" L x 11.75" W
  • Made of solid pine wood and high-grade MDF with a stained finish
  • Pair with matching dresser for a complete bedroom set
  • Includes 1 nightstand
Walker Edison Mid Century Modern Wood Nightstand Side Table...
  • Dimensions: 24" H x 20" L x 19"
  • Made of solid pine wood in a stained finish
  • Pair with matching dresser for a complete bedroom set
  • Includes 1 nightstand
SOFTSEA Farmhouse 3 Drawers Nighstand, Solid Wood Bedside...
  • Easy assembly, you just need assemble handle and legs.
  • Pine solids and mindi veneers with pewter hardware.
  • Three drawers included a felt-lined hidden space for valuables. All drawers...
  • Overall Dimension: 27.3“L x 17.3”W x 26”H
VASAGLE Nightstand, End Table, Side Table with Drawer and...
  • Gorgeously Uncomplicated: The classic, uncomplicated shape of this side...
  • Peaceful Bedtime: A warm lamp glowing on the tabletop, a fabric storage box...
  • You Need Your Beauty Sleep: You should have it! Thanks to the simple design...
  • No Balancing Act: If a glass of water slides off your table next to the...
Casual Home Night Owl Nightstand with USB Ports-Warm Brown
  • 4-USB charging ports built-in for convenient device charging
  • Spacious open lower shelf space and convenient drawer increases your...
  • Four (4) durable legs provide balanced support for your belongings
  • Solid wood construction for increased durability and longevity with light...
Signature Design by Ashley Ralene Mid-Century Modern...
  • CONTEMPORARY NIGHTSTAND: The grainy visual texture is refined with an...
  • HANDSOMELY CRAFTED: Made of veneers, wood and engineered wood with a...
  • MINIMALIST STYLE: All dressed up with sleek, linear drawer pulls, this...
  • STORAGE SOLUTION: Nightstands are great for storing essentials. Set this...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Wood Nightstand

What Is The Purpose Of A Wood Night Stand?

The main function of a bedside stand is to hold reading materials while resting in bed. If you're tired of using a lamp to read by, then a nightstand might be exactly what you've been waiting for. There are many different styles of night stands available today, so finding the perfect piece depends on personal preference.

Types Of Bedside Stands Available Today

There are three types of nightstands available today. First there are those with drawers which provide storage for small objects. Next there are those with shelves which allow for more storage options. Finally, there are those with no drawers or shelves. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you prefer to store large items away from view, then a drawer-less nightstand might be best suited for you. However, if you prefer to see everything around you, then a shelf-less nightstand could be ideal.

How To Choose A Nightstand That Fits Your Needs

Choosing a nightstand is easy once you know what kind of needs you have. Or maybe you'd rather display your favorite knickknacks. Whatever your preferences are, choosing a nightstand that fits your needs is important. Here are some tips to help you choose the right nightstand for your needs.

Storage Space

Then a nightstand with drawers might be best for you. Drawers give you access to smaller items without taking up too much room. If you prefer larger items, then a nightstand with shelves might be best. Shelves give you plenty of space to put bigger items, but they take up more room than drawers.

If you're unsure whether you need storage space or not, then ask yourself these questions: How big is my closet?

Display Options

Another thing to think about before purchasing a nightstand is whether you plan on displaying anything on top of it. If you plan on displaying photos, artwork, or knickknacks, then a nightstand with shelves might be best. If you plan on placing vases or figurines on top of your nightstand, then a nightstand with drawers might be best. If you plan on displaying nothing, then a nightstand with no drawers or shelves might be best.

Size Matters!

Finally, size matters. Most nightstands are designed to fit into standard sized bedrooms. So, if you have a king-sized bed, then you probably shouldn't purchase a nightstand that only fits into a queen-sized bed.

Nightstand Buying Tips

Once you decide what kind of nightstand you want, here are some additional tips to help you pick the right nightstand for your needs.

Choose A Style That Suites Your Personality

First, choose a style that suits your personality. Some people love modern designs, others prefer traditional styles.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Wood Nightstand

It doesn’t matter whether we live in a small apartment or a large house; everyone needs a good night stand. In fact, many people prefer to sleep with a nightstand next to their bed because it gives them more room to store other important belongings. However, there are several types of night stands available today. Some are designed specifically for bedrooms while others are meant for living rooms. There are also different styles of nightstands depending on the type of material used to create them. For instance, solid wood nightstands are very popular among homeowners who wish to enhance the beauty of their homes. If you're planning to purchase a nightstand, here are some tips to guide you in making the right choice.

Types of Night Stands Available Today

There are two main categories of night stands – those that are built using metal frames and those that are constructed using wood. Metal nightstands are generally cheaper than wooden ones. But, they are not recommended for heavy usage since they might be prone to rusting. Wooden nightstands are durable and long-lasting. They are also easy to maintain. Moreover, these nightstands provide ample storage space for storing clothes, shoes, and other personal belongings. Most importantly, they give a warm feeling to the room where they are placed. So, if you're thinking of getting a nightstand, choose a wooden one!

Choose One That Fits With Your Bedroom Decor

Before choosing a nightstand, think carefully about its size and design. Make sure that it fits well into the overall decor of your bedroom. Also, ensure that it matches the color scheme of your room. Don't forget to check the height of the nightstand. Choose one that has enough clearance so that you can comfortably reach the top shelf of your closet. Remember that most nightstands are taller than standard beds. Therefore, you must take care to avoid bumping your head whenever you climb onto the bed. Finally, pick a nightstand that complements the style of your bedroom. For example, if you love modern designs, go for sleek nightstands. Or, if you enjoy traditional themes, opt for antique styled nightstands.

Consider Its Material Before Buying

Wooden nightstands are extremely versatile. They can be customized according to your preferences. Thus, you can select one based on the theme of your bedroom. For instance, if you plan to redecorate your bedroom soon, you can choose a nightstand that features a classic motif. Alternatively, if you'd rather stick to a neutral palette, you can choose a nightstand that blends seamlessly with the rest of the décor. Another option is to go for a nightstand that comes in multiple colors. Such nightstands allow you to customize the appearance of your bedroom by simply changing the color of the nightstand itself.

Make Sure It Has Enough Storage Space

Storage spaces are essential elements of any bedroom. Hence, before selecting a nightstand, ensure that it has adequate storage space. Look for a nightstand that offers plenty of drawers and shelves.

Features To Look For When Buying A Wood Nightstand

The most important thing to think about when choosing a bedside table is whether or not it has drawers. If you're going with a solid wood piece, be sure to check the quality of the wood. Make sure there aren't any splinters or cracks. Also, look closely at the joints between the pieces.

Make Sure The Drawer Pulls Actually Open

Another great feature to look for is pull-out drawer pulls. Not only does this give you easy access to those small items that might fall behind the rest of your stuff, but it makes the whole unit more sturdy. Another bonus is that these pulls are typically hidden by the top panel, which gives you a cleaner appearance. However, if you prefer something different, you can always go with knobs or handles.

Consider Storage Space

Storage space is another consideration. Some tables have storage compartments built into them. Others have shelves that slide out from underneath. Still others have open spaces where you can store magazines or other reading materials. Whatever type of storage you choose, make sure it fits within the overall size of the table itself. Don't forget to measure before purchasing!

Look At The Legs

It goes without saying that leg design matters. There are many styles available, including straight legs, tapered legs, square legs, round legs, etc. Each style offers its own benefits and drawbacks. Consider the height of the table too. Tall tables are easier to reach while short ones require you to bend down more. Finally, consider the weight capacity of the table. Heavy tables are harder to lift and carry around. Lightweight models are generally easier to handle.

Check Out The Finish

Finally, pay attention to the finish of the table. While you certainly don't want to skimp on the price tag here, you don't want to end up with a piece that looks unfinished either. Check for chips, nicks, scratches, and blemishes. If the finish isn't perfect, you could potentially ruin the value of the item. So, take care of the little details to ensure you get exactly what you want.

How Much Does A Bedside Table Cost?

In fact, you may be able to score a deal on a good model because retailers know that customers who purchase online are willing to wait longer for delivery.

Different Types of Wood Nightstand

The best way to describe different types of wood night stands is by saying there are many ways to skin a cat. There are so many options available to you when choosing a bedside table or night stand. The type of wood you choose depends on your personal preference and budget. If you're looking for something simple yet elegant, go with mahogany. Mahogany has been around since ancient times and was once considered a luxury item. Today, it's still very popular because of its rich color and natural beauty. However, if you prefer more modern design, walnut might be the perfect choice for you. Walnut is known for its warm colors and beautiful grain pattern. Its dark brown hue makes it a great option for those who love traditional style.

Types of Night Stand

There are three main categories of night stands. First, we have the standard night stand which comes in two varieties; side tables and end tables. Side tables are typically shorter than end tables. End tables are longer and wider than side tables. Second, we have coffee tables which are taller than both side tables and end tables. Lastly, we have chest-of-drawers which are tall enough to hold clothing and other small objects. All these styles are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, etc.

Mahogany vs Walnut

Both mahogany and walnut are good choices for night stands. Both woods are strong and durable. In fact, mahogany is stronger than oak. But mahogany tends to be darker in color while walnut is lighter. So, depending on your taste, either one could be right for you. Another thing to think about is whether you'd rather have a piece of furniture that looks old fashioned or contemporary. For example, if you're going for a classic look, mahogany is probably the best bet. If you're into modern designs, walnut is definitely worth considering.

Night Stands With Drawers

Another common type of night stand is the drawer night stand. These drawers are ideal for storing smaller items such as jewelry, pens, pencils, watches, etc. Drawer night stands are generally larger than regular night stands. Because of their size, drawer night stands are meant to store large items such as lamps, vases, clocks, and decorative pieces. Some models include pullout trays where you can put magazines or newspapers. Other features include lighting and storage compartments.

Night Stand Buying Guide

Now that you know everything you need to know about night stands, let's take a closer look at each category.