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6 Foot Centerfold Folding Table, White
  • Moisture proof top for weather resistance
  • 6' table has a fully molded top
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Easy to carry
VASAGLE ALINRU Computer Desk, 55.1-Inch Long Home Office...
  • Confident Style: This tasteful, industrial-style computer desk unifies...
  • All in Reach: With a large table area and 2 shelves that can be installed...
  • Stable for Work: Say goodbye to annoyances—the thicker steel frame (1.2...
  • No Degree Required: Assembling this writing desk with shelves won’t...
Sturdy Desk Computer Desk Home Office Desk Small Desk...
  • ⛱️⛵[Modern Desk] Dimension: 39.7 inch×29.5 inch×19.7 inch. This...
  • ⛱️⛵[Sturdy Structure] Made of 18mm thick quality MDF board and steel...
  • ⛱️⛵[Versatility] With modern sleek design, the design of the computer...
  • ⛱️⛵[Easy Assembly] Detailed instruction and all parts needed are...
ZINUS Jennifer 55 Inch White Frame Desk / Computer...
  • MODERN STYLE & FUNCTION FOR ANY ROOM - Perfect for your home office,...
  • BUILT STURDY - Solid steel frame and thick tabletop are built to hold up to...
  • DIMENSIONS: 55" L x 24" W x 29" H
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - All parts, tools and instructions are expertly packed in...
Table Assembly - End Table
  • Assembly of 1 customer-supplied end table
  • Product should be in the room where it is to be assembled before provider...
  • Cleanup work area. Take packaging to customer's bins unless customer...
  • Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate from...
Modway Whirl 40" Contemporary Modern Round Kitchen and...
  • Fabric type: Vinyl
  • Included components: Assembly Manual
VASAGLE ALINRU 39-Inch Computer Desk with 8 Hooks, for...
  • HEARD OF INDUSTRIAL DESIGN? Clear lines, robust materials, and no...
  • FIGHT TABLE CHAOS: If you always sit in front of a table with earphones or...
  • A STRONG COMBINATION: Sturdy steel frame, durable engineered wood—this...
  • AND THE ASSEMBLY? Simply slot the parts of the side frames together and...
Walker Edison Andre Modern Solid Wood Dining Table, 72 Inch,...
  • Dimensions: 30” H x 36” D x 72” L
  • Made from responsibly-sourced solid pine wood
  • Top surface supports up to 200 Ibs.
  • Dining table comfortably seats 6-8
Walker Edison Dominica Contemporary Slatted Outdoor Dining...
  • Dimensions: 30" H x 60" L x 32" W
  • Made with solid acacia wood , perfect for outdoor use
  • Resistant to a variety of outdoor elements
  • Sits 6 people comfortably
Study Computer Desk,Computer Student Desk, Easy Assembly...
  • Trapezoidal Structure - The structure of trapezoidal table leg adopts the...
  • Multi-Purpose & Enough Space - This simple computer desk is spacious and...
  • Easy-to-Install - We attached a L-Wrench. It can help you solve the trouble...
  • Environmental Safety - The production line adopts reasonable design,...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Table

What Is The Purpose Of A Table?

Tables are very important furniture pieces which serve many purposes. Tables are essential parts of our homes and offices. In fact, we cannot live without these tables. We eat food sitting on tables, we sit on chairs around tables, we read newspapers while sitting on tables, we play games with friends sitting on tables, etc. So, let us discuss here the different types of tables available in the market today.

Types of TABLES

This round shaped table has four legs. Round tables are mostly found in restaurants and hotels where there is no other option except using round tables. If you are planning to purchase a round table for your house, then go for it. However, if you are purchasing a round table for commercial purposes, then you might be disappointed because most of the times, round tables are designed only for restaurant usage.

The square table is another popular choice among homeowners. Square tables are generally more sturdy than round tables. But, if you are going to choose a square table, then make sure that the size of the table matches perfectly with the size of your living room or bedroom. Otherwise, you might end up spending too much money on a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit into your room properly.

L-Shaped TABLE

An L-shaped table is a combination of two rectangular tables joined together by a central support called a “leg”. An L-shaped table looks great in small rooms and can provide ample seating options.

Quality Matters

It doesn’t matter whether you choose wood, metal, glass, plastic, or another material; the most important thing is that you pick something that looks good and feels comfortable. If you go shopping for a table, you might be tempted by the low prices offered by many stores. However, these tables aren’t always worth the money because they lack durability. In fact, they could break within months of being purchased. As a result, you end up spending too much money on a piece of furniture that breaks before its useful lifespan has ended.

Durability Is Key

On top of that, you shouldn’t forget about the safety aspect of picking a table. For instance, if you live in a house where children frequently visit, you should ensure that the table is sturdy enough to withstand heavy loads. Also, you should check if the table is safe for outdoor usage since you wouldn’t want to take chances while sitting outside during summertime.

Choose Something That Fits Your Needs

In addition to the above factors, you should also think about the size of the table. Or maybe you wish to have a round table so that everyone can see each other clearly. Whatever type of table you decide to buy, remember that you should only invest in something that fits your needs perfectly.

Get One With Good Features

As mentioned earlier, you should also pay attention to the features of the table. All of these features are great additions to a table. Not only does it allow you to store additional items inside the table, but it makes moving the table around easier. Moreover, if you plan to host guests regularly, you should opt for a table that includes cup holders or beverage holders. This way, you can serve drinks or food directly into cups or glasses placed on the table itself.

Consider Its Functionality

Last but not least, you should also consider the functionality of the table. Once again, you should only buy something that meets your requirements completely.

Features To Look For When Buying A Table

Buying a good quality table is important because it will be with you for many years and you want something which will last. If you're going to be using the table regularly, you might want to think about getting a sturdy table rather than a more expensive model. However, there are other features to take into consideration before making your purchase. Here we list some of the most common ones.


The size of the table is very important. The larger the table, the bigger the load it can bear. So, if you plan to put heavy loads on the table, go for a large sized table. But remember that a big table doesn't mean it has to be huge! There are plenty of small-sized tables available too. Just make sure that the table you choose fits comfortably within your budget.


There are lots of different designs available today. Some are modern while others are traditional. Whatever design you decide upon, make sure it suits your lifestyle. Modern furniture tends to be lighter and sleeker so it looks great in smaller spaces. Traditional pieces are heavier and bulkier so they suit rooms where space isn't really an issue. Make sure you pick a style that matches your personality and tastes.


Wooden tables are probably the best option for those who prefer natural materials. Wood is strong and durable and it lasts longer than plastic or metal alternatives. Wooden tables are easy to maintain and care for. In fact, wood is easier to clean than glass or marble. Plastic and metal tables are cheaper options but they aren't always suitable for everyday usage. Metal tables are prone to rusting and plastic tables scratch quite easily. Both types of material require regular maintenance to ensure they remain safe and functional.


The finish on a piece of furniture is another thing to consider. Most manufacturers provide two finishes - matte and gloss. Matte finishes are generally preferred by customers due to their durability and ease of upkeep. Glossy finishes are popular among interior designers because they reflect light beautifully. Choose whichever finish you prefer based on personal preference.

Different Types of Table

Tables are essential furniture pieces in our homes. We use them to eat meals, play games, watch TV shows, read newspapers, etc. There are different kinds of tables available in the market with varying designs and features. Here we discuss the most common ones.

Dining Tables

The dining table is probably the most commonly found type of table in the house. The primary function of a dining table is to serve food. However, there are many other uses for a dining table besides serving food. For example, a dining table can be used for playing board games, watching movies, reading magazines, doing homework, studying, etc. Dining tables are generally rectangular shaped and have four legs. Some models have glass tops while others have wood tops. Most dining tables include chairs which are designed specifically for sitting around the dining table.

Lounge Chairs

These chairs are very popular among homeowners because they provide comfortable seating options for relaxing during leisure hours. Lounge chairs are typically smaller than dining tables and are meant only for occasional use. Lounge chairs are mostly made of plastic, metal, leather, fabric, etc. Lounge chairs are ideal for small spaces where space is limited.

Office Tables

An office table is a multipurpose piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes. An office table has two main functions - storage and display. Storage comes into picture when you need to store files, documents, books, etc. Display comes into picture when you need to show off pictures, posters, framed artworks, etc. Office tables are generally square-shaped and have three legs. Some models have drawers underneath the top shelf. Other models have shelves above the tabletop.

Bedroom Tables

This kind of table is primarily used in bedrooms. Bedrooms are places where we sleep, relax, study, meditate, etc. Therefore, bedroom tables are mainly used for these activities. Bedroom tables are generally round-shaped and have four legs. Many models have drawers beneath the top shelf. Others have shelves above the tabletop.

Children’s Tables

Kids love to sit down and enjoy themselves. Children’s tables are specially designed so kids can sit comfortably while enjoying themselves. Kids’ tables are usually made of wood and have wheels attached to the bottom. Kids' tables are great for children who are learning to walk. They allow toddlers to practice walking by using their feet to push the table along.

Kitchen Tables

Kitchen tables are used to prepare food. Kitchen tables are generally large and heavy. They are usually made of solid hardwood. Kitchen tables are usually placed near sinks and appliances. Kitchen tables are generally long enough to accommodate cooking utensils, pots, pans, dishes, etc.

Home Theater Tables

Home theater tables are used to set up TVs, DVD players, VCRs, stereo systems, etc. Home theater tables are generally tall and wide. They are usually made of steel or aluminum. Home theater tables are usually placed next to televisions and sound bars.