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Ariana Grande Cloud Eau De Parfum For Women, 1.0 Ounce
  • Top: lavender blossom juicy Pear bergamot
  • Heart: creme de coconut indulgent praline vanilla orchid
  • Dry down: sensual musk's creamy blond woods
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Ben Whishaw, Francesc Albiol, Gonzalo Cunill (Actors)
  • Tom Tykwer (Director) - Bernd Eichinger (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Patrick Süskind (Author) - Nigel Patterson (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 10/30/2018 (Publication Date) - HighBridge, a division of Recorded Books...
Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray for Women, 3.4 Fl...
  • FRUIT-FORWARD TOP NOTES - This scent opens with apple, waterlily, and...
  • RICH HEART NOTES - The fresh top notes give way to decadent guava,...
  • EARTH BASE NOTE - The final finish rests on sweet notes of vanilla and...
  • RICH WITH VANILLA - Top notes of sparkling bergamot that give way to the...
Happy Heart By Clinique For Women. Parfum Spray 3.4 Ounces
  • Launched by the design house of Clinique
  • Increase attraction
  • This is woody fragrance
  • A blend of mandarin orange, cassia, cucumber, primula, carrot, water...
Ralph Lauren Romance Eau De Perfume Spray for Women, 3.4...
  • Product Type:Personal Fragrance
  • Item Package Dimension:2.85 " L X0.7 " W X4.5 " H
  • Item Package Weight:3.4 oz
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Emmanuelle Devos, Grégory Montel, Gustave Kervern (Actors)
  • Grégory Magne (Director) - Grégory Magne (Writer) - Frédéric Jouve...
  • English (Playback Language)
Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume
  • Aftel, Mandy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 256 Pages - 01/01/2004 (Publication Date) - Aftelier Perfumes (Publisher)
Opium by Yves Saint Laurent for Women Eau De Parfum Spray,...
  • Opium by Yves Saint Laurent - Eau De Parfum Spray (new Packaging) 1.6 oz...
  • Opium by Yves Saint Laurent - Eau De Parfum Spray (new Packaging) 1.6 oz...
  • Opium by Yves Saint Laurent - Eau De Parfum Spry (new Packaging) 1.6 oz...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Perfume

What Is The Purpose Of Perfume?

Perfume has been around since ancient times. In fact, the word "perfume" comes from the Latin word "per fumare", which translates into "through smoke". So, basically, perfume was created by burning incense and other scented materials to create a scent that could be inhaled. Ancient Egyptians burned aromatic plants and herbs to produce perfumes. Some of these ingredients included sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, cinnamon, cloves, saffron, musk, ambergris, aloes, and rose petals.

How Does Perfume Differ From Fragrance?

The main difference between fragrance and perfume is the amount of alcohol present. Most perfumes are composed of 10-20% alcohol while most fragrances are 5-10%. Another major difference is that perfumes are generally applied directly onto skin whereas fragrances are typically sprayed onto fabrics.

Why Do We Wear Perfume?

There are many reasons why we wear perfume. For example, there are those who believe that wearing perfume makes us more attractive to others. Others claim that wearing perfume improves our mood and increases self confidence. Still others say that wearing perfume gives us a sense of well being. However, the best reason to wear perfume is because it smells good!

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Perfume?

Wearing perfume can improve your health. There are studies showing that wearing perfume reduces stress levels and lowers blood pressure. Additionally, smelling pleasant aromas can increase endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. All of these chemicals play important roles in improving mental clarity and reducing anxiety. Finally, wearing perfume can give you a feeling of happiness and joy.

Is Perfume Safe To Use?

Yes, perfume is safe to use. Many popular brands of perfume include natural essential oils and plant extracts. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, bark, seeds, fruits, barks, resins, woods, and grasses. Plant extracts are derived from trees, shrubs, vines, herbs, spices, and berries. Both types of oil are non toxic and safe to apply topically.

Are Perfumes Harmful To Our Health?

No, perfume isn't harmful to our health. Although some synthetic fragrances are known carcinogens, most perfumes aren't. Synthetic fragrances are manmade compounds with chemical structures different from those found in nature. Natural fragrances are produced using organic solvents and water. Organic solvents are safer alternatives to petroleum based products. Water is considered pure and free of contaminants.

Can You Get Too Much Perfume?

Yes, you can get too much perfume. If you're constantly spraying yourself with perfume, you might start to develop a bad odor. Also, excessive exposure to perfume can cause allergic reactions.

It seems like everyone has a favorite scent these days. Whether its a man who loves his spicy scented candles or a woman who prefers her floral fragrance, we're sure there's something for everybody! But before you go shopping for a bottle of perfume, be sure to read our tips below so you know exactly what to expect.

Know Your Fragrance Type

There are three main types of fragrances - citrus, flowery, and woodsy. Each type of fragrance has different characteristics and benefits. For example, citrus-based scents are great for daytime because they smell fresh and light. Flowery scents are best worn during springtime, while woodsy scents are perfect for winter months. If you aren't sure which kind of fragrance suits you best, ask someone else to give you a quick sniff test.

Choose a Comfortable Scent

Your choice of fragrance shouldn't hinder your ability to enjoy everyday activities. Make sure you choose a scent that smells good enough to last throughout the day. Don't worry too much about smelling "good" though; most men and women prefer subtle scents that linger longer rather than overpowering ones that leave a strong odor behind.

Consider Price

While price isn't everything, it does play a role in choosing the right fragrance. While you might think that spending more money is always worth it, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll receive a higher quality product. In fact, some cheaper brands contain chemicals that could cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Try Different Brands

Don't limit yourself to only one brand of perfume. Try several different brands to see which one works best with your lifestyle. Some people love wearing expensive designer perfumes, while others prefer inexpensive yet effective options. Experimentation is key here, so take advantage of the opportunity to sample different kinds of scents.

Be Aware Of How To Use Your Perfume

Perfumes are meant to be applied topically, meaning directly onto your skin. Many people apply perfume by spraying it into the air and letting it drift across their body. Although this method is convenient, it's not recommended. Instead, spray your perfume onto your wrists or neck, where it will absorb quickly and evenly.

Wear It Correctly

Most perfumes are designed to be worn for short periods of time. After applying, wait 10 minutes before reapplying. Otherwise, you risk staining clothing or leaving a lingering scent on your hands. Also, avoid touching your face immediately after application. Doing so can transfer the scent onto your skin, causing unpleasant side effects.

Features To Look For When Buying A Perfume

Perfumes are very personal products and there is no standard way to describe a scent other than by its name. The most important thing to remember when choosing a fragrance is that it must be pleasing to your senses. If you enjoy wearing a particular scent, chances are others will too. There are many different types of scents available today including floral, fruity, woodsy, spicy, citrusy, oriental, musky, sweet, leathery, and more. Each type has its own unique characteristics which makes each scent appealing to certain individuals. Some scents are meant to be worn alone while others are best paired with another scent. Regardless of whether you prefer to wear only one scent or several together, here are some features to look for when purchasing a perfume.

Fragrance Type

The main classification of a perfume is based upon the ingredients used to create the scent. Fragrant oils are extracted from plants and flowers and mixed with alcohol to produce a liquid base. Alcohol evaporates quickly leaving behind the oil and creating the aroma we know so well. Most perfumes contain synthetic chemicals called fixatives which give the scent longevity. Synthetic materials are generally preferred because they last longer and allow manufacturers to control the exact amount of scent released into the air. However, these synthetics aren't always safe. Many consumers choose organic perfumes because they believe they're safer and healthier alternatives to traditional chemical-based fragrances. Organic perfumes are created using plant extracts rather than petroleum derivatives. While there isn't enough research to prove either side, studies show that both organic and conventional perfumes are effective at masking body odor.

Scent Strength

Another factor to consider when selecting a perfume is the strength of the scent. Scent intensity varies greatly depending on the manufacturer. Stronger scents are typically found in higher priced brands. In general, stronger scents are more potent and linger longer in the atmosphere. Lighter scents dissipate quicker and leave little lasting impression. Although strong scents may seem overpowering to some, they are perfect for those who love powerful aromas.

Price Point

While price shouldn't dictate your choice of perfume, it does play a role. Higher quality perfumes are typically more expensive than lower quality ones. As mentioned earlier, high end perfumes contain more complex ingredients and therefore require more labor intensive production processes. Because of this, they are more costly to manufacture. Lower quality perfumes are cheaper to produce and contain fewer ingredients. Therefore, they are easier to mass produce and sell at a low price point.


There are two major design styles for perfumes - classic and modern. Classic designs are characterized by simple bottles with minimal ornamentation. Modern designs are more ornamental and often incorporate bright colors. Both styles are acceptable choices depending on your preference.

Brand Name

Many perfumers claim to have developed their own signature scent. Unfortunately, few actually do. Instead, they simply copy the original scent of another brand.

Different Types of Perfume

Perfume has been around since ancient times. The Egyptians believed that perfume was created by the gods themselves. In fact, the word "perfume" comes from the Latin word "per-facere", which means "to smell". Ancient Romans wore scented oil called "myrrheum" on their bodies. Today, we know myrrheum as cologne.

Types of Perfumes

There are many different kinds of perfumes available today. Some are more expensive than others, while others are cheaper. There are several factors that determine the price of a particular type of perfume. For example, the ingredients used to create the scent might be more expensive than other components. Also, the packaging materials used to store the fragrance could affect its overall value.

Fragrance Categories

The most common categories of perfume include floral, oriental, fruity, spicy, woody, citrus, musk, chypres, and so forth. Each category offers something unique to the consumer. Floral scents are known for being sweet smelling. Oriental scents are typically light and fresh smelling. Fruity scents are generally sweeter smelling. Spicy scents are meant to stimulate the senses. Woodsy scents are earthy and masculine. Citrus scents are bright and refreshing. Musk scents are very sensual and romantic. Chypres are elegant and sophisticated.

How To Choose A Fragrance

Choosing the right kind of perfume depends upon personal preference. If you're shopping online, there are many websites where you can compare prices and read reviews before making a purchase. However, you must always remember that the best way to choose a good perfume is to simply test drive a few samples. Try each sample on your wrist and see which ones you prefer. Don't forget to check the expiration date!

Where Can You Find Good Perfumes?

Online retailers are great places to shop for perfume. Many sites allow customers to search for specific brands and products based on certain criteria. You can browse through hundreds of options with ease. You can also narrow down your choices by selecting a country, city, state, or zip code.

Buying Online Is Easy

Once you've found the perfect scent, you can order it directly from the website. Buying online saves you money because you avoid paying sales tax.

It's Important To Use Protection

As mentioned earlier, using perfume can cause harm to your skin. Make sure to apply sunscreen lotion prior to applying perfume. Sunscreen protects your skin from sunburn and premature aging. After applying perfume, wash your hands thoroughly to remove excess oils. Then pat dry.

Tips For Using Perfume

Always follow directions carefully. Never spray perfume onto clothing. Instead, dab it onto your wrists, neck, chest, etc. Be careful not to breathe in too deeply.