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Ck One

Calvin Klein ck one Eau de Toilette, 3.3 Fl. Oz.
  • The iconic citrus scent
  • For him and her
CK One Unisex 6.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray
  • Top Notes : Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Fresh pineapple, Papaya, Cardamom,...
  • Heart Notes : Hedione high cis (derived from jasmine), Violet, Rose, Lily...
  • Base Notes : Green tea, Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Musk,...
  • Item Form : Spray
Calvin Klein Ck One Eau De Toilette, 6.7 Fl. Oz.
  • The iconic citrus scent
  • For him and her
CK One Unisex 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray
  • Top Notes : Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Fresh pineapple, Papaya, Cardamom,...
  • Heart Notes : Hedione high cis (derived from jasmine), Violet, Rose, Lily...
  • Base Notes : Green tea, Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Musk,...
  • Item Form : Spray
Calvin Klein CK One Unisex Eau de Toilette, 10.0 Fl. Oz.
  • The iconic citrus scent
  • For him and her
Calvin Klein Women's CK One Cotton Bikini Panty, Black,...
  • CK ONE elasticated logo band and woven logo tag for an iconic refresh
  • Bikini silhouette and slips-on
  • Full gusset, rear coverage and seaming details
  • Update your look with a CK ONE lightly lined triangle bra
CK One Shock Cologne for Men 6.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray
  • Top Notes : Clementine, Cucumber, Lavender
  • Heart Notes : Cardamom, Black basil, Black pepper
  • Base Notes : Ambreine, Cashmeran, Patchouli, Tobacco, White musk
  • Item Form : Spray
Calvin Klein One Gold Eau de Toilette Spray, 3.4 Fl Oz
  • ck one gold is a tribute to the youth who can do no wrong. everything they...
  • unconstrained by traditional gender norms, ck one gold fuses the energy of...
  • a limited edition eau de toilette. the scent is a juicy, fresh, woody smell...
CK One Summer 2020 for Men 3.3 oz Eau de Toilette Spray
  • Top Notes : Mandarin orange, Ginger, Sea salt
  • Heart Notes : Sage, Dune grass
  • Base Notes : Sandalwood, Amber, Benzoin
  • Item Form : Spray
Calvin Klein ck one
  • Cool. Clean. Refreshing.
  • The iconic citrus scent
  • For him and her
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Ck One

What Is The Purpose Of A CK One?

The Calvin Klein One is a classic men’s fragrance with notes of bergamot, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, coriander, eucalyptus, ginger, grapefruit, juniper berries, lemon, lime, mandarin orange, neroli, patchouli, It was created by perfumer Olivier Creed in 1995.

Why Do Men Wear Cologne?

Cologne has been worn since ancient times. In fact, Roman soldiers wore perfume before they went into battle. Today, men still enjoy wearing colognes because they smell good, they last longer than other fragrances, and they're easy to apply. Many men prefer scented products because they think they smell more masculine. However, there are many different types of colognes available today. Some are designed specifically for women while others are meant for both genders.

How Does Ck One Smell?

Calvin Klein One smells great! It starts out fresh and fruity, and develops into spicy and woody. There are no animalic notes in this scent; however, it does contain a hint of musky sweetness. Overall, it's very pleasant smelling.

Is Ck One For Women Too?

Yes, Calvin Klein One is definitely suitable for women too. If you love citrus scents, you'll probably be drawn to this product. It contains several citrus notes including lemons, oranges, limes, tangerines, and grapefruits. Also, the spice note makes this scent unique among its competitors.

Where Can I Get More Information About Ck One?

To learn more about ck one, visit Here, you can read reviews written by customers who've tried the product themselves. You can also check out the official website where you can purchase the product online.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality CK One

Their products include clothing, accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, eyeglasses, watches, jewelry, shoes, handbags, belts, wallets, luggage, bedding, furniture, and more! Calvin Klein was founded by John C. Calhoun who wanted to create a brand with timeless appeal. He created a line of men’s underwear called “CK One” which became very popular among young adults. In fact, his company was so successful that he decided to expand into other areas including women’s apparel. His wife, Jane, helped him develop the business further and eventually she took charge of marketing. She hired designers to create clothes that appealed to both sexes. Her husband, however, remained involved in the design process. Today, the company is still run by the family members.

How To Choose The Best Men’s Underwear For Yourself

There are many different types of underwear available today. Some are designed specifically for sports while others are meant for everyday activities. There are also those that are worn during sleep. If you are interested in wearing underwear, there are several factors that you must take into consideration before making a purchase. First, you must decide whether you prefer cotton or synthetic materials. Cotton is generally considered to be softer and smoother compared to synthetic fabrics. Synthetic fabric tends to hold its shape longer and last longer. However, most people prefer cotton because it feels soft and comfortable. Another factor to think about is the size of the garment. Most people choose larger sized garments because they fit well and provide good support. Also, remember that underwear comes in different styles. There are boxer briefs, trunks, thongs, jockstraps, etc. Each style offers something unique. Boxer briefs are typically preferred by men who enjoy showing off their bodies. Thong underwear is ideal for athletic individuals who wish to show off their muscles. Jockey shorts are great for active males who love to exercise. Lastly, you should check the price tag. Cheap underwear does not always mean low-quality. Many manufacturers sell high-end brands at affordable prices. So, shop wisely and you will definitely find the best pair of underwear for yourself.

Features To Look For When Buying A Calvin Klein One Piece Swimsuit

The best swimsuits are those which fit well and flatter your figure. The right suit can be flattering whether you're wearing it for swimming, lounging by the poolside, or going out with friends. If you're shopping online, there are many features to look for when choosing a good suit. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect swimwear.

Size Matters

It's important to know your size before purchasing a bikini. Make sure you measure around your hips and waist. Also, check the measurements listed on the tag. Some suits run small while others run large. If you're unsure, take your measurements again later so you can compare them to the ones listed on the tag. Remember, you might be able to return the item if you order too big.

Fabric Type

There are two types of fabric used in swimwear - nylon and polyester. Nylon is more durable and has a tighter weave. Polyester is softer and stretchier. Both fabrics provide excellent support and comfort. However, nylon tends to hold its shape longer and resist fading. Polyester fades faster and needs frequent washing. In general, most women prefer nylon because of its durability. But, if you plan on spending lots of time in the sun, go for the lighter weight polyester material.


Colors vary depending on where you live. Most manufacturers list colors based on Pantone numbers. Check these numbers carefully to ensure you match your skin tone. Don't forget to include accessories in your color selection. Accessories can change the entire appearance of your outfit.


Some patterns are easier to care for than others. Avoid prints that require drycleaning. Patterns that fade quickly are difficult to maintain. Choose solid-colored bikinis rather than printed designs. Solid-color bikinis last longer and are easy to wash.


Bikini styles range from classic cuts to trendy cuts. Classic cuts are generally simple and elegant. Trendy cuts are bolder and edgier. Try to avoid cutouts unless they enhance the style of the suit. Cutout pieces can cause irritation and chafing.


Prices differ greatly between brands. Shop around to see who offers the lowest prices. Keep in mind that cheaper does not always mean lower quality. Brands that charge higher prices typically put more effort into making high quality products. So, shop wisely.

Different Types Of CK One

CK One is a fragrance created by Calvin Klein for men. It contains notes of citrus, bergamot, sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, amber, musks, vanilla, tonka bean, cashmere wood, leather, and incense.

Calvin Klein Unisex Cologne For Men

The bottle itself is very masculine with its dark brown color and black label. The top of the bottle features a large logo which reads "Unisex" followed by the name of the product. Below the logo is a picture of a man wearing a suit jacket. There is no cap on the bottle so there is nothing to hold onto while spraying. Instead, the sprayer is located on the side of the bottle near the bottom. The sprayer is silver colored and looks rather bulky compared to other sprays.