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Merchants with small to midsize businesses looking to accept credit card payments in person and online. User friendly Clover™ and FirstData Payeezy online virtual gateway solutions are offered.

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ZeerPay primarily offers Clover™ solutions to customers as well as other hardware. They offer an Affiliate Reseller Program that allows merchants to refer potential new accounts for an ongoing commission.

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ZeerPay was formerly known as Oracle Payment Processing. ZeerPay was formed in 1992 and operates out of San Antonio, Texas.

They appear to be a reseller of FirstData products and promote Clover™ solutions on their website. They also promote the Payeezy gateway that is backed by FirstData.

ZeerPay is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, California.

ZeerPay Overview


ZeerPay is a payment processing company headquartered out of San Antonio, Texas. They have been in operation since 1992. ZeerPay’s CEO is David Saucedo.

It is believed that ZeerPay previously was operating as Oracle Payment Processing.

ZeerPay is a First Data reseller who promotes the use of Clover™ and Payeezy solutions on their website.

They are a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Walnut Creek, California.

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ZeerPay Products & Services


Hardware & Software

The company highly promotes Clover™ brand POS systems. They feature the Clover™ Mini, Clover™ Mobile, and Clover™ Go in addition to the original hardware.

They also promote the Clover App Marketplace.

In addition to Clover Products, they feature some other traditional credit card terminal options such as FD130, FD 300, VX680, and VX520.

For online payments, they feature the Payeezy Gateway and have a virtual demo available. They tout its ability to convert International currency.

Value-Added Services

ZeerPay offers cash advances to provide merchants with working capital. They claim a request can be funded in 10 business days. This allows merchants to receive an advance that will be repaid via future card sales.

They also allow customers to become Affiliate Resellers if they are looking to expand revenue in a new way. They promise up to 45% of recurring monthly fees for any accounts established through the program.

Supported Payment Types & Services

While not explicitly stated on the ZeerPay website, Clover™ hardware can support a variety of payment types including:

Contactless payment, including Apple Pay,™ Android Pay™, and Google Pay™
All Major Credit Cards via swiping
Gift Cards
Debit Cards
EMV Chip Cards

ZeerPay Payment Processing

ZeerPay Billing & Invoicing

ZeerPay Advertising & Sales

There is no indication that ZeerPay uses deceptive practices in advertising and sales. There are no specific rates and fees listed on the website so there is no concern they will be misleading. They appear to market through Affiliate Resellers and independently contracted sales agents.

At the time of publication, there were no negative reviews found online.

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ZeerPay Pricing, Rates & Fees


Although ZeerPay does not list specific pricing or fees on their website, it can be assumed contracts and fees will be similar to those offered by FirstData. They have a note on the application button that there is no set-up fee.

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ZeerPay Contract & Terms

There is no published contract available for ZeerPay on the company website. It can be assumed their contract would be similar to that offered by FirstData. FirstData does allow resellers to alter contract terms so ZeerPay may not follow their contract precisely.

Contract Length

Early Termination Fee

ZeerPay Setup & Support


ZeerPay offers a virtual demo of FirstData’s Global Gateway Virtual Terminal (Payeezy) for prospective clients.

They have a contact form on their website as well as a telephone number but do not mention any specific type of support offered to clients.

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