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Merchants seeking to upgrade their hardware and software to optimize their transaction experience, both for the merchant and the customer.

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UP Solution specializes in offering a wide variety of POS systems that will fit the specific needs of each merchant. They utilize a customer-first approach to business. They cater to hospitality, retail, salons, and cleaning businesses.

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UP Solution is run by Jay Yoon.

The company was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Hackensack, NJ.

UP Solution Overview


Created in 2007, UP Solution has continued to grow, both in business scope and in what they have to offer clients.

Over the years they have developed several patented POS systems that have pushed their clients to the next level in credit card processing.

While they stick to the front end of credit card processing, they utilize the ability to work directly with merchants to improve their offerings.

There are no business reviews found online and that seems strange, seeing as the business has been around for fifteen years. It seems like there should at least be a Better Business Bureau profile. Unfortunately, there is very little to paint a picture of the actual business.

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UP Solution Products & Services


Hardware and Software

UP Solution offers seven cutting-edge options for hardware. These options range from integrated POS systems to full automation kiosks. Each of these options comes with multiple options to build the perfect system for each merchant’s needs.

They also have a smart terminal for more mobility in the business. This mobile terminal is great for the restaurant setting where a system-linked ordering and meal end transactions is a time and energy saver.

Software for online ordering and integration is available. All of their software is individually built to cater to a specific industry. They have used their knowledge to build solid systems.

Value-Added Services

Online interaction - they have integrated their in-person systems to allow customers to interact and make reservations and orders online. This saves time and streamlines the work environment.

Loyalty programs - through cards and apps, UP Solution can offer merchants a unique connection with their clients. This includes gift cards, coupons, and special rewards to build a customer base and brand loyalty.

Epiway - an integrated back-office software app that links to the POS system and allows merchants to process inventory and delivery options with the push of a button.

Supported Payment Types and Services

American Express
Diner’s Club
Japanese Credit Bank
Google Pay
Apple Pay
Samsung Pay

UP Solution Payment Processing

UP Solution Billing & Invoicing

UP Solution Advertising & Sales

It appears their marketing is mainly run through independent contractors. There are no complaints regarding unethical sales tactics. This is most likely because the sales pertain to POS systems and there is no need to mislead a merchant about contracts or leases.

A partnership is an option on the website. Some sales run through this partnership program.

Truth in Marketing

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UP Solution Pricing, Rates & Fees


There are no listings of prices available on the company website.

If they are competitive with such POS system providers like Clover or Poynt, their terminal options most likely begin in the $900-$1100 range and go up from there based on the peripheral options chosen by the merchant.

There are most likely fees associated with the cloud and other online solutions available through the company. There is no listing of what the exact fees are, but there is always a cost for an ongoing service provided by the company.

Pricing at a Glance

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UP Solution Contract & Terms

There is no information available on contracts and terms. For a company focused on providing the best hardware and software in the business, there is most likely an upgrading lease option.

There is no indication of what the lease terms might be. Industry standards generally put an equipment lease at two years.

Many companies utilize a non-cancelable lease to lock merchants into a long-term relationship. There are currently no complaints indicating which direction UP Solution goes on this matter.

Contract Length

Early Termination Fee

UP Solution Setup & Support


There are no reviews to give a realistic setup time, but most hardware is dictated first by delivery time. This can range anywhere between overnight shipping and 14 days before a merchant receives their registers.

After that, set up generally takes no more than an hour to begin accepting credit card transitions.

Support appears to be spread among the nine existing regional offices. Merchants can contact these regional offices by phone or email. The website states that every office offers multilingual tech support.

It is possible that with regional offices, there are individual delivery options as well as in-person setup and tech support.

Setup Highlights

Support Highlights

UP Solution Complaints, Ratings & Reviews

BBB Rating

There is no Better Business Bureau profile available for UP Solution.

Other Online Reviews

The only reviews pertaining to the company online are from Glassdoor. They appear to point to some of the regional offices suffering from stifling work environments. This does not appear to be universal and is tied to a single regional office.







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