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RP Solutions is best for small to large companies interested in fast and customizable, cloud-based payment processing services.

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RP Solutions specializes in cloud-based payment processing that is customer-centric and highly customizable.

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RP Solutions was started in 1995 by David Johnson who is the current president of the company.

Transaction Processing Services (TPS) is their cloud-based software that was launched in 2016.

The company is located in Ithaca, New York.

RP Solutions Inc Overview


RP Solutions was founded in 1995 by David Johnson with a mission to provide an excellent work environment for employees, as well as an excellent experience for customers. David Johnson is the current president of the company and maintains a highly active role.

The company is set up in such a way that the customer service team and the development team report directly to him. The company website stresses positive employee and customer relationships.

Transaction Processing Services (TPS) was released in 2016 as a cloud-based solution to improve payment processing and reduce costs. TPS has since been implemented across the country in companies large to small and has been used to process millions of payments.

RP Solutions address is listed as 2451 North Triphammer Rd, Ste 2, Ithaca, NY. The company website said they moved into their new building in 2018 to support their growth.

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RP Solutions Inc Products & Services


Hardware & Software

Through their cloud-based Transaction Processing Services (TPS), RP Solutions allows customers to pay with cash, credit, debit, check, and money orders in-person or online. The company website states the following forms of payment are accepted:

ACH Payment Processing
In-Person Payments
Mobile Payments
POS Payments

RP Solutions has partnered with hardware providers so that customers can use their cloud-based software without changing their hardware.

Some of the brands that have compatible hardware include Epson, Canon, Digital Check, Global Payments, and more. Interested parties can contact the company or request a demo to ask questions about whether their hardware is a good fit.

They also offer online and mobile solutions.

Value-Added Services

Because RP Solutions is a cloud-based platform, no in-person visits are needed to install equipment. Training and setup happen virtually and nearly instantly. Free training is included as part of the setup.

RP Solutions offers enhanced security, due to its hosting on the Amazon AWS Platform.

RP Solutions allows mobile sign-on for admins and managers so they can work remotely.

All plans include automatic backup with no storage limits or charges as well as automatic upgrades. Data is archived for two years. Users can pay for a longer archive time.

TPS Remittance automates crucial payment processing features to allow for faster processing.

TPS SmartMatch allows easy, automatic matching of bank statements with email receipts.

Supported Payment Types & Services

RP Solutions accepts all typical forms of payment that include:

American Express

The TPS software suite is compatible with iPhone, iPad, SaaS, and Android. It can also handle ACH check transactions, POS transactions, and mobile payments.

RP Solutions Inc Payment Processing

RP Solutions Inc Billing & Invoicing

RP Solutions Inc Advertising & Sales

RP Solutions offers a free demo on their website so the customer can decide if the program is right for them.

There are no complaints of aggressive sales tactics, pushy salespeople, or deceptive marketing. Nor are there indicators of deceptive language on their website.

We could find no further information on their advertising techniques or strategies.

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RP Solutions Inc Pricing, Rates & Fees


Exact rates are not advertised on the company website, however, they do boast low start-up costs and no maintenance or upgrade fees. Customers can also enjoy free automatic backups and full data redundancy.

Monthly transaction fees are based on volume.

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RP Solutions Inc Contract & Terms

Exact contract terms are not advertised. However, it is stated that every contract comes with an assigned project manager to help with onboarding, setup, training, and support. Accounts also include automatic and free upgrades and data backups.

Contract Length

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RP Solutions Inc Setup & Support


The company website states that every customer is assigned a project manager after signing a contract. This person will be the primary point of contact and help with onboarding. Since RP Solutions is a cloud-based platform, everything is handled remotely with no waiting for an in-person visit or installation.

Onboarding includes help with project planning, scheduling, system setup and configuration, recommendations, testing, and training.

The company website boasts an experienced and knowledgeable customer support team that is available 24/7.

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RP Solutions Inc Complaints, Ratings & Reviews

BBB Rating

At this time RP Solutions has an unaccredited profile on Better Business Bureau. They are currently ranked at A+ with no reviews or complaints.

Other Online Reviews

There were no negative reviews or complaints available on the internet at this time. There are some positive reviews of RP Solutions on glassdoor.com as having a positive work environment.

The company website includes a list of the companies they have accounts with, but there are no reviews available on their website.







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