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Best for

Standard or high risk businesses, especially those that may be interested in zero-percent processing.

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MiCamp Solutions specializes in helping standard or high risk businesses with cost-effective card processing solutions.

Pricing Summary

Setup Fee: $0

Monthly Fee: Undisclosed

Swipe Rate: Interchange-Plus

Keyed-in Rate: Interchange-Plus

Early Termination Fee : Up to $400

Contract Terms:

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MiCamp Solutions has been in business since 2007. The company started out with frustration due to high credit card processing fees. The company's mission is to provide cost-efficient card processing fees and have a great relationship with the businesses they serve.

MiCamp Solutions Overview


MiCamp Solutions started in 2007 under the name MiCamp Merchant Services. At some point, the company changed its name. It is currently headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

Micah Kinsler is the president and Gary Jeppeson is the current CEO.

MiCamp Solutions services standard and high risk businesses. It claims to serve over 20,000 businesses worldwide, and process over $11 billion in sales every year. Some of their merchants may qualify for MiCamp Solutions’ zero percent, fixed-rate program WAVIt.

The president of MiCamp Solutions, Kinsler, has made statements in support of high risk businesses, affirming his desire to serve them and give them the same type of attention as any other business.

Due to the president’s positive statements about high risk businesses, MiCamp Solutions may be a good choice for high risk businesses that can’t find what they are looking for elsewhere.

Quick Facts

Head Quarters

Scottsdale, Arizona

Year Founded



Micah Kinsler - President



Merchant Provider Risk Tolerance

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Industries Served

  • Adult
  • Cigars & Tobacco
  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Convenience Store
  • Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Gas Station
  • Healthcare
  • Moving Companies
  • Personal Service
  • Restaurant / Bar
  • SAAS
  • Thrift Store

Business Types Served

  • B2B
  • Ecommerce
  • Enterprise Merchant Accounts
  • High Risk
  • MLM
  • Mobile
  • Mom & Pop
  • MOTO
  • Online
  • Retail / Card Present
  • Small Business

MiCamp Solutions Products & Services


Hardware and Software

Customers can lease equipment through MiCamp Solutions. The equipment is through First Data Global Leasing. However, customers should be cautious with long-term lease agreements as the lease payments can end up exceeding the value of the equipment.

Value-Added Services

No specific value-added service was specified on their website or marketing materials.

Supported Payment Types and Services

MiCamp Solutions processes all major credit and debit cards including:

American Express

They also process checks, gift or loyalty cards, as well as mobile and online payments.

MiCamp Solutions Payment Processing

  • ACH Check Transactions
  • Cash Transactions
  • Check Services
  • Contactless NFC
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Credit Card Terminals
  • Debit Card Processing
  • eCheck & ACH Processing
  • EMV Processing
  • High-Risk Industries
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Gateway
  • Payment Processing Services Integration
  • POS Equipment
  • Recurring Billing
  • Virtual Terminal

MiCamp Solutions Billing & Invoicing

  • Mobile Payments
  • Online Invoicing
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Processing
  • Recurring/Subscription Billing

MiCamp Solutions Advertising & Sales

MiCamp Solutions utilizes independent sales teams to market and sell its products. This has resulted in some customer complaints of salespeople that misrepresent the service or the contract terms.

MiCamp Solutions also has an in-house sales team, and there are reports that they are trying to grow their in-house sales so they don’t have to rely on an outside sales team as much.

Their website does not seem to engage in any deceptive marketing or fraudulent claims.

Truth in Marketing

Discloses All Important Terms


Public Pricing Available


MiCamp Solutions Pricing, Rates & Fees


Most of MiCamp Solutions’ customers are offered interchange-plus pricing. Their rates for the virtual terminal vary from 1 - 4.99%.

In addition to transaction rates, there are some other fees included in a MiCamp Solutions contract. This includes:

$20 monthly minimum fee
$10 monthly statement fee
$99 annual PCI compliance fee
An undisclosed early termination fee (is not included in every contract)
Plus expenses for equipment leases.

MiCamp Solutions also offers a zero-percent card processing program they call WAVIt.

This program involves both a fixed or flat transaction processing rate, as well as a cash discount to the businesses’ customers. For customers that use a card, a markup is applied to their payment which covers the cost of the credit card transaction.

Zero-percent processing can save a business a lot of money. However, it can also discourage customers from using cards. Every business will have to determine if this type of processing payment method is right for them.

Pricing at a Glance

Pricing Model

Interchange Plus

Swiped Rate


Keyed-in Rate


Mobile Payment Rate

Virtual Terminal Rate

1.00% - 4.99%

Monthly Fee


Payment Gateway Fee


Batch Fee


Early Termination Fee

Up to $400

PCI Compliance Fee

$99 Per Year

Equipment Lease Terms

48 Month (locked)

Address Verification Service (AVS)

Application Fee

Account Setup Fee


Gateway Setup Fee

Annual Fee

Monthly Minimum


Statement Fee


MiCamp Solutions Contract & Terms

MiCamp Solution's contract length and terms vary, but most of them are multi-year contracts. The contracts include monthly and annual fees.

Some contracts include early termination fees that can be up to $400. Early termination fees are only supposed to apply to customers that have taken advantage of offers like buying out an old contract or getting free equipment.

Contract Length


Early Termination Fee

Up to $400

MiCamp Solutions Setup & Support


MiCamp Solutions offers a customer service form on its website in addition to a phone number and email address. They appear to have a dedicated, in-house customer support team, which bodes well for customers getting their issues resolved quickly.

There are online complaints about poor customer service from MiCamp Solutions, but also positive reviews citing excellent customer service. This may indicate some inconsistency in their customer service department.

Setup Highlights

  • Documentation / Knowledge Base
  • Live Online (1-on-1)
  • Recorded Video Training

Support Highlights

  • Domestic Phone Support (Business Hours)
  • Offshore Tech Support (After Hours)

MiCamp Solutions Complaints, Ratings & Reviews

BBB Rating

MiCamp Solutions has had an accredited Better Business Bureau profile since 2010. They currently have earned an A+ BBB rating.

There are some customer complaints on their profile. Most of them have been resolved to the satisfaction of the customer. Some of the complaints are unresolved.

Customers complain about being unable to cancel accounts, being charged with surprise fees, or money being held.

Other Online Reviews

There are some online complaints about MiCamp Solutions including some published in the Ripoff Report. Customers complain about poor customer service, misleading contract terms, and poor customer service.

MiCamp Solutions was sued in 2020. The case appears to be ongoing, although details about the case are not available.



A+ and has been Accredited since 2010. (17 Reviews; 4 Complaints)


4.3 Stars / 122 Reviews


No Reviews


3.5 Stars / 12 Reviews


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Total Online Complaints




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