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Merchants seeking to expand online presence and sales. They work with merchants of all sizes.

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Connecting ‘brick and mortar’ businesses with an online platform to increase marketing and streamline digital payments. With offices in twelve countries they operate on a worldwide level and offer their clients global exposure, but have the greatest presence in North America and Europe.

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Merchant’s Choice Payment Solutions was acquired by the Paysafe in August of 2017.

Todd Linden was the original CEO of MCPS and is now CEO of Payment Processing North America.

MCPS is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas.

Merchant’s Choice Payment Solutions (PaySafe) Overview


Merchant’s Choice Payment Solutions was founded in 1989. Originally they provided Merchant Accounts to process credit card payments for merchants around the country. They expanded in 2013 when they partnered with Elite Merchant Solutions. Then in 2017 the company was acquired by Paysafe, a global payment company.

Todd Linden founded the company and remained CEO until they were acquired by Paysafe at which point he transitioned to a regional CEO in charge of the North American branch of the Paysafe family.

MCPS employed independent sales contractors to market their brand and this led to lax supervision on company practices. Over the three decades of existence, they accrued over 70 public complaints, including a civil suit that cost the company over $15 million.

In 2017 MCPS was acquired by Paysafe and the company took steps to clean up its previous image. Since then reviews have improved. While there are still some complaints about confusion on contract wording, the accusations of fraud have disappeared.

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Merchant’s Choice Payment Solutions (PaySafe) Products & Services


Hardware & Software

Paysafe specializes in payment processing, both in-person and online. With an emphasis on security, they offer a variety of tools for the merchant.

POS, both stand-alone (Clover and SwipeSimple) and integrated
Cash online
Digital wallet (Skrill and Neteller)
Integrated payment for business needs
Online payment

Value-Added Services

Publisher’s Marketplace - Paysafe offers a unique digital platform to help connect advertisers/brands with new customers. Using their system, Paysafe can match the right pairings to benefit both parties.

Supported Payment Types & Services

Paysafe covers 200 payment types over 40 currencies. They accept the following payment types:

American Express

Merchant’s Choice Payment Solutions (PaySafe) Payment Processing

Merchant’s Choice Payment Solutions (PaySafe) Billing & Invoicing

Merchant’s Choice Payment Solutions (PaySafe) Advertising & Sales

Much of Paysafe’s advertising comes through subsidiaries, such as Paysafecard, Skrill, and Netbanx. They use their diversity to attract customers. In addition to mainstream media, Paysafe has utilized social media platforms to reach out to younger consumers.

Paysafe does not use independent sales contractors like Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions. This is the main reason for the drop in customer complaints previously cited.

Truth in Marketing

Discloses All Important Terms

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Merchant’s Choice Payment Solutions (PaySafe) Pricing, Rates & Fees


Paysafe boasts customizable rates that help a merchant find a plan that works for them. With varied services offered, Paysafe is able to competitively offer a variety of plans that will fit each individual merchant’s needs.

The merchant needs to apply to get an accurate quote. The one thing mentioned in reviews is that higher volume clients seem to pay lower overall fees.

Pricing at a Glance

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Merchant’s Choice Payment Solutions (PaySafe) Contract & Terms

There are no listed contracts and terms. What is advertised is a custom-based plan that will be tailored to each client, ranging from month to month all the way up to three years.

The main complaint in the company reviews lies in the lack of transparency in their pricing and contracts. However, the company seems to be very upfront about those prices varying based on the quote given to individual companies.

Overall, it seems that Paysafe is intent on providing a customized approach to each client. Their about us page claims “In a nutshell, it is our ability to combine scale and global reach with flexibility and agility – and to leverage this for both businesses and consumers.” This seems to be the case with their approach to contracts and merchant interactions.

Contract Length

Early Termination Fee

Merchant’s Choice Payment Solutions (PaySafe) Setup & Support


There is no timeframe given for the contract offer.

Setup varies by software and hardware chosen. However, according to their website, they have techs on hand to help walk you through the process as you install the necessary software. As long as all hardware is compatible, the setup should provide a running system within a few minutes of plugging in your API key.

Support is limited to email and business hours phone. No onsite technical help is offered. Most reviews indicate support responds within 24 hours and there is no indication that issues remain unresolved.

Setup Highlights

Support Highlights

Merchant’s Choice Payment Solutions (PaySafe) Complaints, Ratings & Reviews

BBB Rating

Paysafe has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. That jumped up from a B+ rating when Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions was absorbed into the Paysafe family.

Other Online Reviews

Paysafe has mixed reviews online, with most complaints stating lack of pricing transparency as their major issue. There are a few complaints about tech support, but there are more positive reviews that rave about the company.

As previously stated, Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions reviews were poor with complaints across the board. When merging with Paysafe, those earlier complaints were immediately rectified.







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