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Best for

Menusifu is best for the restaurant and hospitality industry businesses of all sizes, focusing on restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bars, food trucks, cafes, and nightclubs.

Specializes in

Menusifu specializes in offering cloud-based POS systems, including tablet POS, mobile and web ordering platforms, tertiary services such as staff, inventory, reservation management, reporting functionality, a gift card program, and payment processing for debit and credit cards.

Pricing Summary

Setup Fee: $0

Monthly Fee: Variable

Swipe Rate: 1.00% - 4.99%

Keyed-in Rate: 1.00% - 4.99%

Early Termination Fee : Variable

Contract Terms:

3 Years
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Menusifu was founded in 2013, and William Wang currently leads the 100–employee company as its CEO. Menusifu is headquartered in Manhattan, New York.

The company partners with multiple merchant account processors, including Fiserv, TSYS, WorldPay, and Heartland.

MenuSifu Overview


Menusifu was founded in 2013 in New York and serves the restaurant and hospitality industry. As per the company's website, it aspires to a one-stop solution for all restaurants' operational needs of all sizes.

Menusifu offers an entire suite of services to the merchants ranging from payment processing through partners, proprietary integrated POS solutions, and tertiary services such as website and order page design, labor, inventory, and order management tools.

There have been some complaints about the company springing up unexpected charges, however, it does have a comprehensive Menusifu University client help section for a quick set up and 24/7 customer support.

Quick Facts

Head Quarters

New York, NY

Year Founded



William Wang



Merchant Provider Risk Tolerance

What We Like

Zero set up fee.

Domestic telephone support during normal business hours.

Documentation and knowledge base available.

Has a gift card program.

Serves the restaurant and hospitality industry.

What We Don't Like

Variable monthly fee.

Early termination.

Three year contract.

Public pricing is not available.

Does not disclose all terms.

Industries Served

  • Convenience Store
  • Personal Service
  • Restaurant / Bar

Business Types Served

  • High Volume
  • Information
  • Low Risk
  • Mobile
  • MOTO
  • Online
  • Retail / Card Present
  • Small Business

MenuSifu Products & Services


Point of Sale (POS) Solutions


Menusifu POS: Multiple conventional and tablet POS available with both cloud-based and local storage to process orders that can sync in real-time with the kitchen, manage inventory, and reporting and analytics to oversee restaurant performance and labor management.

Menusifu's tablet POS is available with either the Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems that have added e-menu and kiosk management functionality.

Menusifu highlights on the company website that its POS solutions are available in 28 different languages.


Payment Processing

Menusifu offers payment processing solutions with Fiserv and proportional to that merchant processor's terms and rates. The company's mobile payment offering also supports Apple Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, along with EMV integration.


Tertiary Services

Menusifu Traffic Booster: The company offers merchants their own cloud-based customizable order platform integrated into merchants' POS solutions. Menusifu also proposes to build a fully designed website for merchants.

Mobile Ordering – allows restaurants to set up functionality where customers can order by phone using a QR code scanner, without having to download an app.

Restaurant Management Suite – integrates all devices that serve as e-menu, kitchen order management, kiosks, and order windows to update and track inventory, staffing, sales, and availability and wait times.

MenuSifu Payment Processing

  • Gift Card Management
  • POS Equipment
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Shopping Cart Provided

MenuSifu Billing & Invoicing

  • Mobile Payments
  • Online Invoicing
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Processing

MenuSifu Advertising & Sales

There have been no complaints of Menusifu employing aggressive sales tactics. Our research uncovered complaints about unexpected charges that weren't discussed before the contract signing, both on online forums and BBB's website.

Menusifu markets itself through a combination of resellers, a referral program, and an in-house sales staff.

Truth in Marketing

Discloses All Important Terms


Public Pricing Available


MenuSifu Pricing, Rates & Fees


Menusifu is mainly a reseller of Fiserv's payment processing services. Merchants also have the option to choose TSYS and WorldPay. The terms offered to merchants closely resemble the rates offered by those payment processors. Some range of charges include;

Swiped Rate and Keyed-In Rate – 1.00% - 4.99%

Early Termination Fee – $495

Equipment Lease Terms – depends on the type of equipment and number of units.

Most payment processors usually charge PCI compliance fees, Gateway fees, and Virtual Terminal charges. Menusifu does not disclose any details about those fees on the company's website, nor were we able to find any information in online discussions.

Pricing at a Glance

Pricing Model


Swiped Rate

1.00% - 4.99%

Keyed-in Rate

1.00% - 4.99%

Mobile Payment Rate

Virtual Terminal Rate


Monthly Fee


Payment Gateway Fee

Batch Fee


Early Termination Fee


PCI Compliance Fee


Equipment Lease Terms


Address Verification Service (AVS)

Application Fee

Account Setup Fee


Gateway Setup Fee


Annual Fee

Monthly Minimum


Statement Fee

MenuSifu Contract & Terms

The company's processing rates are not the most competitive given the number of merchant processors available to serve the restaurant and hospitality industry. Furthermore, since Menusifu specializes in POS equipment, merchants must be cautious about the type of agreements they sign and review any legal contracts presented carefully.

Furthermore, merchants need to be careful with long-term locked-in equipment lease agreements as they are a much more expensive option than an outright purchase of POS equipment.

First Data contracts are typically a 3-year agreement and may have covenants for auto-renewals.

Early Termination Fee of $495 is standard for First Data contracts but may vary based on specific merchant processor businesses choose through Menusifu.

Contract Length

3 Years

Early Termination Fee


MenuSifu Setup & Support


Setup Highlights

  • Documentation / Knowledge Base

Support Highlights

  • Domestic Phone Support (Business Hours)

MenuSifu Complaints, Ratings & Reviews

Menusifu is assigned a C rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company has only two complaints in the last two years and zero complaints in the previous twelve months.

We did uncover some customer complaints on other internet platforms. Like the complaint found on BBB's website, those complaints also stemmed from customer dissatisfaction from pricing issues where merchants believed they were either charged too much or additional charges arose after signing the contract.



C (2 complaints)




2.3 Stars / Based on the opinion of 3 people




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