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Small to mid-sized businesses seeking to lease credit card processing machines and other equipment on a long-term basis.

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Micro-ticket leasing to small and medium-sized businesses.

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MBF Leasing is a DBA of Northern Leasing Systems.

In 2020, Northern Leasing Systems lost a lawsuit where they were accused of fraud and deceitful business practices. They have been ordered to cease providing equipment leases to customers.

The founder and co-president is Jay Cohen.

MBF Leasing Overview


MBF Leasing operated as a DBA of Northern Leasing Systems. The company never operated as a merchant account provider, but instead they were solely responsible for leasing credit card payment processing equipment and other equipment.

A lawsuit was brought against Northern Leasing Systems in 2016. This lawsuit contended that Northern Leasing Systems targeted small business owners and trapped them into overpriced equipment leases that were difficult to get out of.

In 2020 the court found Northern Leasing Systems guilty of fraudulent and illegal conduct. The company was ordered to halt any business in leasing equipment and to provide restitution to those harmed by their deceptive business practices.

In addition to that, another lawsuit was launched against them in 2020, claiming the company had opened up a couple of shell companies in order to still continue doing businesses in equipment leasing, despite the court order. They were also still collecting on leases that had been rescinded.

Northern Leasing Systems still has a website up, with no mention of the fact that they lost their lawsuit and are no longer allowed to engage in equipment leasing.

The current co-president and founder is Jay Cohen.

The company is based in New York City with its current address is listed as 525 Washington Blvd #15, Jersey City, NJ 07310

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525 Washington Blvd #15, Jersey City, NJ 07310

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MBF Leasing Products & Services


Hardware & Software

On their website, Northern Leasing Systems offers leases of:

Credit card processing systems
Other hardware such as electronic signage hardware

Some of the brands they mention providing include Hypercom, Lipman, and Verifone.

Value-Added Services

MBF Leasing seems to have just specialized in leasing equipment. No other types of services are mentioned.

Supported Payment Types & Services

As a credit card equipment leasing provider, the machines available would accept all the most common forms of payment including:

American Express
Debit cards

MBF Leasing Payment Processing

MBF Leasing Billing & Invoicing

MBF Leasing Advertising & Sales

Northern Leasing states on their website that they use independent sales organizations (ISOs).

There are numerous online complaints of pushy sales agents who fail to properly disclose contract terms. This leads to customers getting unexpected charges they are unable to cancel or get out of.

The Northern Leasing Systems website claims competitive rates, quality products, and responsive customer service. Unfortunately, much of the online reviews and the lawsuit they were implicated in seems to contradict these claims.

Truth in Marketing

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MBF Leasing Pricing, Rates & Fees


MBF Leasing appears to have charged thousands of dollars for their leasing contract. The contract locks the customer into a monthly fee for four years and is non-cancelable. Every person leasing from this company would likely end up paying much more for their contract agreement than they would if they had just purchased their own machine outright.

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MBF Leasing Contract & Terms

Customers of MBF Leasing agreed to a four-year, non-cancellable contract. The customer would be asked to pay off the remaining balance of their contract if they try to get out of it early.

Since this contract would be separate from whatever contract they made with their merchant payment provider, some customers may not have realized what they were agreeing to.

The leasing agreement did not include any servicing or support for the equipment. The customer would have to contact the equipment manufacturer for help with broken or malfunctioning machines. This could explain many of the online complaints of faulty machines that MBF Leasing was unhelpful with.

Contract Length

Early Termination Fee

MBF Leasing Setup & Support


Northern Leasing’s website is still online as of today, with customer service numbers available. However, this company has had numerous complaints of poor customer service online.

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MBF Leasing Complaints, Ratings & Reviews

BBB Rating

MBF Leasing does not have a profile on Better Business Bureau. Their parent company, Northern Leasing Systems has an unaccredited BBB profile. The profile has an alert about the lawsuit against the company as well as a notice of high amounts of complaints.

Northern Leasing Systems’ BBB profile currently has a one-star rating. Some of the most common complaints from their customers are aggressive sales tactics, misrepresenting contracts, trouble canceling contracts, and trouble reaching a live customer service representative for help with issues.

Other Online Reviews

MBF Leasing has negative reviews and complaints on websites such as complaintsboard.com and pissedconsumer.com. Some customers report being told they had a monthly lease, only to find out it was a four-year contract when they tried to cancel. There are also complaints of poor customer service and faulty equipment that is not repaired or replaced.







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