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As per the official website, It's ideal for small businesses (≈ 20 employees), particularly small businesses in the restaurant and retail sectors.

Specializes in

iTransact was initially an electronic check processing company but now it specializes primarily in credit card processing. The firm operates as an online payment gateway for the merchant account provider, Payroc.

Pricing Summary

Setup Fee: $0

Monthly Fee: $25

Swipe Rate: 3.05% + $0.19

Keyed-in Rate:  3.05% + $0.19

Early Termination Fee : $125

Contract Terms:

3 Years
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iTransact was launched in 1994 and acquired by Payroc in 2016. iTransact is a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank (Ohio), Wells Fargo Bank (California), and M.B. Financial Bank (Illinois.) The former CEO of iTransact, Stephen Hall, now sits on the board of managers for Payroc. There are currently no customer complaints against the company, only positive reviews of their prompt support service.


iTransact Overview


As per the official website, iTransact began its journey in 1994 as the first online check acceptance service provider until it was acquired by Payroc LLC in 2016. Today, the firm operates as a merchant account provider and functions as Payroc's online payment gateway.

Quick Facts

Head Quarters

Farmington, UT

Year Founded



James Oberman



Merchant Provider Risk Tolerance

What We Like

No complaints

Sleek virtual terminal

What We Don't Like

Poor customer reviews

Lack of pricing transparency

Industries Served

  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Convenience Store
  • Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Hosting
  • Hunting & Outdoor Equipment
  • Moving Companies
  • Personal Service
  • SAAS
  • Self Defense, Tasers & Stun Guns
  • Thrift Store

Business Types Served

  • Ecommerce
  • High Volume
  • Information
  • Low Risk
  • Mobile
  • Mom & Pop
  • MOTO
  • Retail / Card Present
  • Small Business

iTransact Products & Services


iTransact offers the following services via its official website:

Virtual Terminal: The Virtual Terminal is iTransact's primary service that enables merchants to run simultaneous transaction types using a sleek interface. Other benefits include partial-approval management and an integrated USB card reader for retail situations. Merchants using iTransact can assign custom user roles to control who gets access to which data.

Recurring Payments: The company offers recurring billing on a monthly, weekly, or daily cycle.

EFT Payments: iTransact supports EFT payments via CheckGateway. Moreover, it also supports creating NACHA files, which can easily be uploaded directly to EFT-supported banks. Although EFT transactions are quite expensive, owing to CheckGateway's transaction fees, merchants benefit from avoiding the hassle of uploading NACHA files to their respective bank accounts.


iTransact Payment Processing

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Debit Card Processing
  • eCheck & ACH Processing
  • EMV Processing
  • Mobile Payments App
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Gateway
  • POS Equipment
  • Virtual Terminal

iTransact Billing & Invoicing

  • Billing Portal
  • Mobile Payments
  • Online Invoicing
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Processing

iTransact Advertising & Sales

iTransact primarily promotes its products and services through an in-house sales team and does not employ any independent sales agents.

There are no advertising/sales or general complaints against iTransact to report.

Truth in Marketing

Discloses All Important Terms


Public Pricing Available


iTransact Pricing, Rates & Fees


The complete list of rates and fees for iTransact's Payment Gateway includes:

  • On-file fee: $9.95

  • Monthly fee: $25

  • Annual fee: $59.95

  • Early termination fee (ETF): $125

  • PCI compliance fee: $90-165

Additionally, iTransact charges a base credit rate of 2.19% + $0.20 per transaction for qualified merchants and 3.05% + $0.19 for non-qualified merchants.

Pricing at a Glance

Pricing Model

Flat Rate

Swiped Rate

3.05% + $0.19

Keyed-in Rate

3.05% + $0.19

Mobile Payment Rate

Virtual Terminal Rate


Monthly Fee


Payment Gateway Fee


Batch Fee


Early Termination Fee


PCI Compliance Fee

$90 Or $165 Per Year

Equipment Lease Terms


Address Verification Service (AVS)

Application Fee

Account Setup Fee


Gateway Setup Fee

Annual Fee


Monthly Minimum


Statement Fee

iTransact Contract & Terms

iTransact offers a 3-year standard agreement with automatic renewal for 2-year terms and an early termination fee (ETF) of $125.

However, iTransact works with several large payment processors to provide merchant account services. Thus contract terms and conditions can vary significantly and depend on the merchant's specific situation. 

Contract Length

3 Years

Early Termination Fee


iTransact Setup & Support


Setup Highlights

  • Documentation / Knowledge Base

Support Highlights

  • Domestic Phone Support (Business Hours)

iTransact Complaints, Ratings & Reviews

iTransact currently has a 26-year long operational record but very few online reviews to go with it. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau although they are not a BBB-accredited business.



A+ (0 complaint)








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