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Evo Payments is a merchant service provider best suited for businesses of all types and sizes.

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They specialize in providing payment options to businesses around the globe. In addition to offering a wide range of payment options, they also claim to be able to expertly navigate the complexities of cross-border financing.

Pricing Summary

Setup Fee: $0

Monthly Fee: Undisclosed

Swipe Rate: 1.00% - 4.99%

Keyed-in Rate: 1.00% - 4.99%

Early Termination Fee : $500

Contract Terms:

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Evo Payments has two listed headquarters locations, Melville, NY, and Atlanta, GA. The New York location is the one listed on their website.

According to the hierarchy of their website, Jim Kelly is the current CEO.

The company was founded in 1989.

EVO Payments Overview


Founded in 1989 as a small US based payment processing company, Evo Payments has grown into an international powerhouse in the ensuing years. At the moment they boast of providing options in 50 world markets and across 150 different currencies.

They have remained the company on point as they have acquired over a dozen subsidiary companies in the years since their inception.

Included in those acquisitions are majority shareholder status in the National Bank of Greece and Citibank, and full ownership of tech assets such as PowerPay and Sterling Payment Technologies.

As such a widespread company, they do have their fair share of complaints. According to the Better Business Bureau, they have over 500 complaints in the past three years, 267 of those complaints were successfully closed.

Despite these disputes, the company claims to process over $100 billion annually.

Quick Facts

Head Quarters

Melville, New York

Year Founded



Jim Kelly



Merchant Provider Risk Tolerance

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Industries Served

  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Convenience Store
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Moving Companies
  • Personal Service
  • Property Management
  • Restaurant / Bar
  • SAAS
  • SEO & SEM Services
  • Thrift Store
  • Web Design Services

Business Types Served

  • B2B
  • Ecommerce
  • Enterprise Merchant Accounts
  • Mobile
  • MOTO
  • Online
  • Retail / Card Present
  • Small Business
  • Wholesale

EVO Payments Products & Services


Hardware & Software

Evo Payments functions primarily as an electronic payment processing service that looks to integrate its services to simplify business on a global scale.

Their software works smoothly with most POS systems. In addition, they appear to offer several options for card readers, but the hardware does not seem to be their primary focus.

Value-Added Services

They have four value-added services listed on their website.

Cash advances are offered to qualified merchants. Evo Payments does not list any amount but states that the advance should be large enough to cover equipment or location upgrades.

A merchant dashboard is provided with real-time numbers to help a business operate more efficiently.

The gift card program allows businesses to jump-start sales and helps build brand awareness.

Check acceptance services allow businesses to accept checks while minimizing the risk usually associated with bounced payments.

Supported Payment Types & Services

Evo Payments claims to accept payments in 150 currencies.

They accept:

American Express
Debit Cards
ACH Transfers

EVO Payments Payment Processing

  • ACH Check Transactions
  • Chargeback & Fraud Prevention
  • Check Services
  • Contactless NFC
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Debit Card Processing
  • eCheck & ACH Processing
  • EMV Processing
  • Gift & Loyalty Program
  • Mobile Payments App
  • Payment Gateway
  • POS Equipment
  • Virtual Terminal

EVO Payments Billing & Invoicing

  • Mobile Payments
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Processing
  • Recurring/Subscription Billing

EVO Payments Advertising & Sales

It appears that most of Evo Payments’ marketing is through independent sales agents which have led to a high number of customer complaints in this department. In addition, they have farmed out some of their marketing to subsidiary companies who often give potential customers offers they don’t have the authority to make.

There is little evidence that the company uses marketing strategies beyond this.

Truth in Marketing

Discloses All Important Terms


Public Pricing Available


EVO Payments Pricing, Rates & Fees


There is no information given on the company website as to prices. However, digging on the internet points to their pricing being among industry averages.

They do have early termination fees and the typical industry fees associated with a payment processing company. Advice from several sources says to avoid the equipment leases as they are above average in cost and more expensive than outright purchase.

Pricing at a Glance

Pricing Model

Swiped Rate

1.00% - 4.99%

Keyed-in Rate

1.00% - 4.99%

Mobile Payment Rate

Virtual Terminal Rate

1.00% - 4.99%

Monthly Fee


Payment Gateway Fee


Batch Fee


Early Termination Fee


PCI Compliance Fee

$120 Per Year

Equipment Lease Terms

48 Month (locked)

Address Verification Service (AVS)

Application Fee

Account Setup Fee


Gateway Setup Fee

Annual Fee

Monthly Minimum


Statement Fee

EVO Payments Contract & Terms

No information was provided publicly. Some reports indicate contract terms are among the industry average with a three-year term being the general starting point.

They do not disclose the terms of the contract.

Contract Length

Early Termination Fee


EVO Payments Setup & Support


The basic payment processing software can be up and running within minutes if it integrates with the merchant’s POS. Merchant account underwriting can take several days, but there are mentions of quicker turnarounds.

They do not make any claims on their website as to their timeframes and this information is pulled from third-party websites and customer reviews.

They have phone and email contact support broken down by customer needs. There are customer complaints about their support departments being confusing to navigate.

Setup Highlights

  • Documentation / Knowledge Base
  • Live Online (1-on-1)
  • Recorded Video Training

Support Highlights

  • Domestic Phone Support (Business Hours)

EVO Payments Complaints, Ratings & Reviews

BBB Rating


Evo Payments is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and despite its large number of customer complaints, seems to be maintaining an above-average business satisfaction rate.

Many of the complaints can be due to the large volume of business Evo Payments processes. Reading through the available Better Business Bureau complaints it is easy to see that many of the problems lie in contract technicalities and once explained they seem to make sense to the merchant.

Most of the complaints appear to be settled to the merchant’s approval.

Despite the high complaint volume, it appears Evo Payments does a solid job trying to address each specific issue and work to the best of their ability with the merchant.

Other Online Reviews

Outside the Better Business Bureau, there are close to 200 other reviews to be found. Most of these reviews are negative. They come from both customers and employees. The reviews revolve around hidden fees, poor customer service, and a mediocre work environment.



A but not BBB Accredited. (68 Reviews; 214 Complaints)


3.5 Stars / 131 Reviews






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Total Online Complaints




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