Best Church Credit Card Processing Companies

If your church doesn’t have a credit card processor in place, it should.

Payment processing is vital for any growing church. It allows you to collect tithes, offerings, and other financial contributions from your members or visitors via credit card. You can also direct payments to certain campuses, ministry departments, programs, or fundraisers.

You may already have a credit card processing system in place at your church. We highly recommend you read on to make sure there isn’t a company that could better serve your needs or saves you money!

Our Top Recommendations for Church Credit Card Processors

Easy Pay Direct
EPD is proven to facilitate growth in the businesses and corporations they partner with. Reliable and easy to work with whether your business is new or matured, Easy Pay Direct is our top recommended credit card processing company.
Domestic accounts have zero early termination fees.
Variable contract terms.
High risk tolerance.
Single point of contact for multiple merchant accounts.
Public pricing is available.



Best for

E-commerce companies, SaaS companies, "high-risk businesses", & established small/medium businesses ($500,000+ in annual sales)

Specializes in

Easy Pay Direct has unique gateway software and banking solutions to optimize payments for eCommerce, SaaS, information products, supplements, and CBD amongst other verticals.

Pricing Summary

Setup Fee:  $99

Monthly Fee: $24.95

Swipe Rate: 1.59% + $0.17

Keyed-in Rate:  2.39% + $0.29

Early Termination Fee: $0 (domestic accounts)

Contract Terms:

1 Year 3 Years
Dharma Merchant Services
Dharma boasts of offering reasonable terms and providing the tools and services needed to accept payments with ease. They also offer eliminating credit card fees with surcharging
No early termination fee.
Month to month contract.
No annual fee.
Interchange plus pricing offered.
Discounted pricing for qualified non profit companies.



Best for

Dharma's website caters its services to small-sized businesses with up to twenty employees, in verticals such as restaurants, non-profits, and e-commerce platforms.

Specializes in

Dharma Merchant Services provides mobile phone processing and tablet-based POS options for merchants courtesy of Clover. Moreover, Dharma offers the Clover Mini station, which includes Clover's PRO software set. The company also resells the Clover POS solution, including a full cash drawer, built-in fingerprint scanner, and printer.

Pricing Summary

Setup Fee: N/A

Monthly Fee: $20

Swipe Rate: N/A

Keyed-in Rate: N/A

Early Termination Fee: None

Contract Terms:

Like Easy Pay Direct, PaymentCloud works with low, mid, and high risk businesses. They adjust their offered features to each business based upon their history.
No setup fee.
No monthly fee.
Every business has a dedicated account manager to serve them.
Merchants have access to around the clock seven day a week support.
Account setup within twenty-four hours.



Best for

High-Risk Merchants

Specializes in

High Risk

Pricing Summary

Setup Fee: None

Monthly Fee: None

Swipe Rate: Unknown

Keyed-in Rate: Unknown

Early Termination Fee: Unknown

Contract Terms:

What is Church Credit Card Processing?

Church credit card processing opens endless doors to giving from your congregation and community. Churches can process payments in much the same way other businesses do.

Church credit card processing helps community members to transfer payments, tithes, or donations to a church through a credit card transaction. It also allows churches to issue refunds, if ever necessary.

When you work with a payment processor, they can help you accept credit, debit, and even alternative forms of payment, such as mobile wallet payments through services like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Two bank accounts are necessary for your church to process credit card payments—your church bank account, and a church merchant account.

Merchant accounts act as a payment safety net. After a transaction, the merchant account holds the payment temporarily until it arrives in the church’s business bank account.

Many merchant services providers offer both the merchant account and payment processing services. Together, their job is to ensure your funds make it safely to your bank account.

With many moving parts, credit card processing is highly complex for any business or organization. Church credit card processing is no different. That’s why hiring a company you trust to handle the process is so important.

How Could Your Church Benefit from Credit Card Processing?

Convenience for Members

Giving is something many churchgoers already struggle with wanting to do. If the process is complicated, they surely won’t go out of their way to contribute.

Conversely, many church members would love to give but may be deterred by an overly complicated process. Adding credit card processing will simplify giving for everyone.

Convenience for Staff

As a church, you are always accepting financial contributions. Through tithes, offerings, donations, and fundraisers, processing payments is an ongoing part of running a nonprofit.

When giving is done through a card transaction instead of cash, your team will save hours counting and budgeting every dollar. Not to mention, every card payment will be automatically counted and processed for you.

Increased Giving

Many people don’t carry cash anymore. It is not uncommon for the only things in someone’s wallet to be an ID and a credit card.

You may miss out on financial support if you don’t provide an updated payment method.

Accepting credit card payments doesn’t mean you can’t accept cash. It just provides options for your givers according to their payment preferences.

Options for Church Payment Processing

Credit card processing can go far beyond simply allowing your church to process credit card transactions.

Credit card processors can offer you many services that allow your congregation to give in many ways. Here are some options.

Online Giving

Some people don’t make it to church every week or prefer watching at home. When your church offers online giving as an option, these members will be able to give even when they aren’t able to attend services in person.

Another benefit of online giving is the additional privacy it offers. Some churchgoers prefer not to drop their offerings into the plate because they don’t want others to see what they’re giving. It’s good to provide an option for these modest givers.

Your processing company can set up a way for people to give directly through your website. If you want to sell merchandise through your site as well - such as T-shirts or books - you can do that too.

There are ways to designate congregants’ offers to go toward certain funds or projects your church is working on, and everything can be customized according to what you need.

Mobile Donations

Mobile options are also available for churches that want to streamline their giving and provide alternative donation solutions to their members.

Most churches won’t need a mobile card reader, but they will greatly benefit by offering a text-to-give option.

With text-to-give, church members can easily give with their cell phone providers’ texting services. They’ll need to set up an account first, and include their credit or debit card information. But once that’s done, giving is as easy as texting a dollar amount to the right number.

Recurring Giving

Your church can also set up recurring giving through your website, which a lot of congregants prefer.

With recurring giving, your members will set everything up, including their payment information, the amount they want to come out, and how often they want to give.

Recurring offering capabilities give your church a way to never miss giving their tithes or offerings. People enjoy the convenience, and you’ll enjoy always having an idea of how much money will come in to cover your church’s expenses.

e-Check Giving

Not everyone wants to use a debit or credit card when they give offerings at church, and for many, checks are the preferred option. But remembering to bring checks to church each week can be challenging in the digital world we live in.

Electronic checks, or e-checks, offer an alternative that works the same way. Your members’ checking accounts will be debited for the amount they choose when they use this option.

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Church Payment Processing Company


It’s common for credit card processing companies to not disclose very much information on their website, especially regarding payments, until you commit to them.

This makes it difficult to budget and should raise awareness as to why. Make sure you understand what you’ll be paying and what services are included.

Cost and Fees

To ensure as much money as possible is used for the donation’s purpose, choosing the most cost-effective company is crucial. Look out for early termination fees, hidden cancellation fees, transaction fees. You should also know the costs of any needed equipment before committing.


It’s important to check company ratings and read reviews before committing to a company. Not only should you read reviews from business owners, but find out what experiences other churches and nonprofits have had with this payment processor.

Company Support

It may be an adjustment for your church to use your new payment processor. Consider working with a company that won’t leave you high and dry.

Help hotlines, live chats, and instructional videos are important features for a company to offer.

Choosing the Best Processor for Your Church’s Specific Needs

The credit card payment processing company your church chooses should have all the functions you’ll need it for within your budget. Conversely, there is no need to pay for additional features that don’t serve your church.


People generously supporting your church should never have their personal information compromised. Ensure the safety of their payment information by confirming what fraud risk management solutions are available through each company you’re considering.

Services Offered

Your church may be looking for a “text-to-give” system, a way to sell t-shirts as a fundraiser, or a way to accept online payments. Or, your church may only need a simple in-person credit card processor to sell coffee on a Sunday morning.

Not all payment processors service every payment method in every way. Make sure the one you choose fits your needs!


Make sure the payment processing company you select supports easy-to-use equipment, and a simple payment process. If it is not convenient for people to donate, they are less likely to make their contribution toward your church.

Cost of Service

Every church is on a different budget, and that’s ok! Credit card processing companies vary greatly in cost depending on the services and equipment you need. It’s possible to find a great processor in your price range!

Additional Tips & Considerations

Choose a Transparent Company

Make sure you understand what you’ll be paying and what services are included.

Choose a Versatile Company

Make sure you choose a company that will not only get you started but promotes growth. If you choose a payment processor that only works with small businesses or churches, you will eventually have to find a new one when you outgrow it.

Stay in Budget

With so many credit card payment processors and so many customizable plans, your options are endless. You don’t have to break the bank to get the service you need.


It can feel overwhelming to undertake something new and unfamiliar. We hope you’ve been given all the information you need to make an informed decision on choosing a church credit card payment processor.

Setting up a credit card processor is likely to increase the amount of giving at your church, by making it a more convenient process. No more missing out on donations from those who wish to give but don’t have any cash on hand!

In addition, you’ll save time by adding a credit card processor to your giving system. Your team of staff or volunteers will have less cash to count at the end of each service, as every card payment will be accounted for automatically.

Our Recommendations for the Top Church Merchant Account Providers

Though there are many great companies that could process payments for your church, it’s important to find one that most closely meets your needs and price range. Many payment processing companies would work with you, but not many will serve your organization the same regardless of growth or stature.

Remember to glance at our recommendations on this article once more before making your final decision on a payment processor. You’re sure to love accepting payments when you trust your processor!