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Workpro Quantum 9000

WorkPro® Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh/Mesh...
  • Give your office a modern look with this black WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series...
  • Lumbar feature provides lower back support for all-day comfort.
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment enables customization.
  • Mesh material improves breathability to keep you cool.
WorkPro® Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mesh High-Back...
  • Upgrade your office setup with this WorkPro Quantum 9000 series executive...
  • Breathable mesh headrest provides support for your head throughout the...
  • Adjustable height and width arms for upper body comfort.
  • Synchro-Tilt reclines the back at a higher ratio than the seat for proper...
WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mesh/Mesh Mid-Back...
  • Overall Dimensions: 42-3/4 - 52-3/4"H x 25-7/16"W x 27-7/16"D.
  • Weight capacity tested to support 250 lb.
  • Lumbar feature supports your lower back and enhances the natural curve of...
  • Waterfall seat cushion slopes slightly downward to help reduce stress on...
Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, High Back Desk Chair -...
  • 【ERGONOMIC OFFICE CHAIR】- The ergonomic chair provides 4 supporting...
  • 【LARGE MESH SEAT】- The office chair is larger than other chairs, and it...
  • 【ADJUSTABLE FLIP-UP ARMREST】- Folding the armrests up, you can push the...
  • 【BREATHABLE MESH CHAIR】- The mesh back and mesh seat keep air...
Workpro - Chair - 12000 Mesh Mid-Back Chair - Fabric/metal -...
  • Swiveling seat cushion has a waterfall design.
  • High backrest is made with mesh.
  • Adjustable seat height, arm height, back angle, back height, seat back...
  • Tilt adjustment and a tilt lock mechanism.
NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair - Rolling Desk Chair...
  • Conforms to your Life: With it’s 3D Adjustable Armrest and Lumbar System,...
  • Ease into Work, or Play: Mesh Headrest adjusts up and down while the 3D...
  • Soft HD Office Chair: Our breathable ElastoMesh provides optimal airflow to...
  • Heavy Duty: Our 5-Point Base with dual castors gives greater stability and...
WorkPro® 4000 Mesh High-Back Task Chair, Black
  • Elevate your office space with this WorkPro 4000 Series high-back executive...
  • Waterfall seat cushion helps improve circulation to the lower limbs.
  • Meets and/or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA performance standards.
  • Modern 4000 Series mesh/fabric chair in black.
Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair - High Back Desk Chair with...
  • 【Adjustable Office Chair】You can adjust back and lumbar support height;...
  • 【Ergonomic Backrest & Seat】Our adjustable backrest can perfectly fit...
  • 【Unique Metal Armrest】Compared with all other ergonomic desk chairs'...
  • 【Unique Headrest & Quality Mesh】Unlike other high back office chairs'...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Workpro Quantum 9000

What is the Purpose Of A Quantum Ergonomics Series 9000?

The Quantum Ergo-Series 9000 was designed with the user in mind. The design features a unique contoured shape which offers superior comfort and support while working. With its sleek lines and modern styling, the Quantum Ergo-Series 9000 looks great in any environment. Its comfortable form fits into most standard desks and workspaces.

Ergonomic Mesh Back Design

This chair has been engineered using ergonomic principles to provide maximum comfort and support. The seat cushion conforms to the natural curves of the body providing exceptional lumbar support. The armrests are adjustable so that users can adjust the height of the armrests according to their needs. The Quantum Ergo-Series 9000 comes equipped with a tilt mechanism to allow the user to position themselves more comfortably during long periods of sitting.

Adjustable Head Rest

The head rest adjusts vertically to accommodate different sized heads. Users can choose between two positions; high and low. The head rests are also removable allowing users to remove them altogether if desired.

Tilt Mechanism

The Quantum Ergo-Series 9000 features a tilt mechanism which allows the user to reposition themselves throughout the day. The tilt mechanism allows the user to change the angle of the seatback and swivel forward and backward.

Convenience Features

The Quantum Ergo-Series 9000 includes several convenience features including a USB port, power outlet, and speakerphone jack. All these features make the Quantum Ergo-Series 9000 ideal for both personal and business environments.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Ergonomics Mesh Chair

There are many reasons why you might choose to purchase a mesh chair. One reason is because of its ability to provide excellent support while still allowing freedom of movement. Another reason is due to the fact that it has been designed with comfort in mind. If you're interested in learning more about these chairs, read on!


Mesh chairs are known for providing superior support throughout the body. Unlike traditional seating options, mesh chairs allow for proper alignment of the spine by eliminating pressure points along the spinal column. In addition, mesh chairs are able to distribute weight evenly across the entire seat, which eliminates pressure on certain areas of the body. As a result, mesh chairs are ideal for those who suffer from lower back pain.


Another benefit of using a mesh chair is that it offers exceptional comfort. Traditional seats are typically constructed with hard plastic frames and foam padding. While these types of chairs are comfortable, they lack flexibility. Because of this, they cannot be adjusted to fit different sized users. However, mesh chairs are adjustable so they can be customized to suit each individual user. Additionally, mesh chairs are available in multiple colors, making it easy to match the color scheme of your workplace.


Mesh chairs are extremely versatile. Not only can they be used in offices, schools, and homes, they can also be used outdoors. For example, mesh chairs can be placed outside next to a picnic table or near a pool. This versatility makes mesh chairs perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy outdoor activities.


One thing that sets mesh chairs apart from other seating options is durability. Most mesh chairs are built with steel frames and high-quality materials. These features ensure that the chair will last for years to come. Furthermore, most mesh chairs are backed by warranties that cover defects in material and manufacturing.


Mesh chairs are incredibly flexible. They can be used indoors or outdoors, and they can be used in virtually any setting. With this level of versatility, there really isn't anything that mesh chairs can't do.

Features To Look For When Buying A WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mesh Laptop Computer

The WorkPro Quantum 9000 series has been designed with ergonomics in mind. The unique design features a curved screen which makes typing easier and more comfortable. There are two different sized screens available; 13" and 15". Both models include a full-size keyboard and touchpad. The larger model includes a DVD drive while the smaller model does not. The laptops are powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors and have 4GB RAM. The graphics card is Nvidia Quadro FX 570M. The storage capacity varies depending on the model. All models include Windows Vista Home Premium operating system.

Ergonomic Design

This laptop comes with a unique ergonomic design. The curve on the top of the lid gives the user a natural position to type. The bottom edge of the case curves down towards the palm rest giving the user a good grip. The hinge mechanism is very sturdy and durable. The hinges allow the display to tilt forward and backward making it easy to view the screen from either side. The trackpoint is located on the right hand side of the keyboard allowing the user to navigate using only his/her thumb. The left hand side of the keyboard contains three function keys. One key activates the wireless connection and another turns the monitor brightness up or down. The third button opens the battery compartment.

Full Size Keyboard

All models come standard with a full size keyboard. The keyboard is well spaced and offers plenty of room between each key. Each key is large enough so that there is no chance of hitting adjacent keys when typing fast. The layout of the keys is logical and intuitive. The arrow keys are placed next to each other rather than being separated into separate rows. The Enter key is positioned near the center of the keyboard. The F1 - F12 keys are grouped together in the upper left corner of the keyboard. The number pad is located below the main keyboard.

Touch Screen Display

The display is protected by Gorilla Glass. The viewing angle is wide and bright. The colors are vibrant and sharp. The touch sensitivity is excellent. The display supports multi-touch gestures including pinch zoom, rotate, panning, etc. The touch panel is responsive and accurate.

DVD Drive

The larger model comes standard with a DVD burner. The smaller model lacks this capability. However, both models support external drives via USB ports.

Battery Life

The larger model comes standard with a 6 cell lithium ion battery. The smaller model uses 3 cells. Battery life depends upon usage patterns and power management settings. Most users report getting approximately 5 hours of continuous operation.

Dimensions & Weight

The larger model weighs pounds and measures 14.5 inches long, 10.2 inches wide, and 0.

Different Types of Ergonomics Mesh Quantum 9000 Series Back Quantum

The ergonomics mesh quantum 9000 series has been designed with comfort and support in mind. The design features a unique ergonomic mesh which offers excellent ventilation while providing superior support and stability. The ergonomic mesh quantum 9000 series comes in three different colours; black, white and grey.