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Windsor Heels

Over the Toe Strap Ankle Wrap Strap Heel Open Toe Medium...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND LIFTED: We love the block heel to give us the perfect boost...
  • STYLISH ANKLE STRAP FOR A SECURE FIT: Featuring a cute strap that hug your...
  • A TIMELESS DESIGN: Classic design that is sure to compliment every modern...
  • MEASUREMENTS: Heel 2.75”. Runs true to size
DREAM PAIRS Women's Black Suede Open Toe Cross Strap High...
  • Latex padded insole for added comfort
  • Crossed strap design with adjustable buckle closure
  • Heel height: 3" (approx)
  • Bouncing TPR outsole provides steady support when walking
Herstyle Rosemmina Womens Open Toe Ankle Strap Chunky Block...
  • MEASUREMENTS: approx. Heel height 3.75". True to size Fit.
  • THE PERFECT SHOE: This stunning pair of heels is ideal for weddings,...
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT There high heels come with an extra pad insert that lets...
  • Ankle strap with adjustable buckle closure.
Women's Strappy Chunky Block Sandals Ankle Strap Open Toe...
  • Standard US Size,true to size fit,both in length and width
  • Height:Heel measures approximately 10CM (approx 4 Inches).comfortable block...
  • Safe Material:Made of safe Man Made material composed of PU upper,latex...
  • Easy ON/OFF:Adjustable ankle strap with buckle closures,Take it on/off...
Steve Madden Women's Shaye Heeled Sandal, Black, 8
  • Steve Madden
  • Stiletto Sandal
  • Skinny Single Toe Strap
  • Skinny Ankle Strap with Buckle Closure
Aniywn Women Flat Sandals,Women's Crystal Open Toe...
  • native shower shoes women gym shoes for women ballroom shoes women floral...
  • women women's bohemia beach flat sandals casual open toe ankle crystal...
  • espadrilles beige wedges espadrilles black wedges for women espadrilles...
  • women's mid-calf boots women high heeled boots shoes casual lace up leather...
Amazon Essentials Women's Nola Heeled Sandal, BLH, 9 B US
  • Leather-like material with soft and smooth touch
  • Button-front closure
  • Elastic ankle strap
  • An Amazon brand
IDIFU 5 inch Platform Heels for Women IN5 Sabrina Sandals...
  • 5 INCH PLATFORM HEELS SANDALS: Heel Height is 5 inches(approx), platform is...
  • DRESS ANKLE STRAP HEELS WITH SQUARE BUCKLE: Be the sparkly lady of the...
  • SUITABLE SIZE & HIGH QUALITY: Dressy sandals are true to standard US size:...
  • COLORFUL IDIFU & U: Refuse single or boring colors, we offer you many...
DREAM PAIRS Women's Chunk Silver Glitter Low Heel Pump...
  • Buckle at ankle closure.
  • Heel height: 3" (approx)
  • Platform height: 0.15" (approx)
  • TPR rubber sole

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Windsor Heels

The company still uses traditional methods of handcrafting each product with meticulous attention to detail. Their products include everything from boots to bags to accessories. In addition to being known for their footwear, Windsor Heel’s is also well recognized for their unique style. While most other shoe companies produce shoes that are meant to be worn only once, Windsor Heels strives to create shoes that last forever. Each pair of Windsor Heels lasts longer because of their superior craftsmanship. The company prides itself on using only the finest materials available. All of their leather comes from American cattle raised on family farms. The cows are fed organic feed and given no antibiotics or hormones. The hides are tanned in small batches using natural tanning agents. Once the hides are finished, they undergo several steps to ensure that the leather retains its softness and flexibility. After the final step, the leather is polished to perfection before it goes into production. The result is a beautiful piece of art that will last for generations. While many people think of Windsor Heels as simply a manufacturer of shoes, they actually manufacture more than just shoes. Every single item produced by Windsor Heels is designed to serve a specific function. For example, the company makes belts, wallets, purses, backpacks, luggage, briefcases, and messenger bags. Most of these items are handmade and crafted with care so that they can withstand years of daily use. Some of the items are even waterproofed to allow users to take them anywhere without worrying about getting wet. In addition to producing durable products, Windsor Heels also produces fashionable ones. Many of their designs are inspired by classic styles while others incorporate modern trends. Whether you prefer something simple or something elaborate, there is sure to be a Windsor Heel design that fits your lifestyle perfectly. If you're interested in purchasing a pair of Windsor Heels, you can visit their website at There, you can browse through hundreds of different options including men's, women's, kids', and infant's shoes. You can choose between solids, prints, colors, and patterns. Whatever you decide, you can rest assured knowing that you've chosen a pair of shoes that will last for decades. About Windsor Heels She started her business by selling ladies' gloves. Over the next few years, she expanded her line to include hats, scarves, and jewelry. Eventually, she decided to branch out and start manufacturing shoes. Her goal was to provide customers with comfortable, attractive, and affordable footwear. Today, Windsor Heels continues to operate under the same mission statement. However, the company now manufactures more than just shoes.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Windsors Heels

Women love wearing high-heeled shoes because they give us height and confidence. However, there are many types of high heel shoes available today. Some are very expensive while others are quite affordable. In fact, most women prefer to purchase low-priced heeled shoes rather than spending more money on higher priced ones. Is it really worth paying more for a pair of high-heeled shoes? Let’s take a closer look at these questions.

Is High-Heel Shoes Worth Buying?

High-heeled shoes are definitely something that we cannot live without. Whether we're going shopping, attending social events, or working, we always seem to be carrying around our favorite pairs of heels. We might think that we could never go back to flats again once we've tried on those sexy stilettos. There are several reasons why we continue to wear flat shoes despite the fact that we know that high-heeled shoes are comfortable and fashionable.

Are Women Really More Comfortable With Flat Shoes?

Although flat shoes are certainly easier to walk in, they are actually not necessarily more comfortable. Many women who wear flat shoes complain of foot pain. If you suffer from chronic foot problems, you must consult with your doctor before making any changes to your shoe choices. For instance, if you have arthritis, bunions, plantar warts, hammer toes, etc., you should avoid walking barefoot. Instead, you should wear supportive footwear that offers arch support and good shock absorption. Also, remember that flat shoes are not meant to last forever. Therefore, you should replace them regularly. Finally, flat shoes are not suitable for long distance walks or running.

Do Women Wear High-Heeled Sandals Because They Are Fashionable?

Many women believe that they only wear high-heeled sandals because they are fashionable. While this may be true, it is important to note that high-heeled shoes are not merely a fashion statement. Rather, they provide additional comfort and stability. Moreover, high-heeled shoes are designed to enhance our posture. As a result, we stand taller and appear slimmer. Thus, high-heeled shoes are truly functional and beneficial.

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Heels

There are many different styles of high-heeled shoes available today. From strappy sandal wedges to platform platforms, you can find a variety of options. Before deciding which type of high-heeled shoe to purchase, you should carefully examine your feet. All of these factors affect the size of your high-heeled shoes.

Features To Look For When Buying A Windsors Heels

Heel height is another important factor to take into consideration when choosing a pair of Windsor heels. The heel height determines the length of the shoe. If you're tall, you might prefer a higher heel because it gives more support. However, if you're short, you might be happier with a lower heel so that you don't feel too high-heeled.

The Shape Of The Footbed

Windsor heels are designed to fit comfortably around the foot. There are two types of foot beds available - platform and wedge. Platform style has a flat bottom while wedges have a rounded shape. Wedge styles are generally considered to be more comfortable because they provide greater stability.


There are many different materials used in making Windsor heels. Some are leather, others are synthetic. Leather tends to last longer than synthetics. Synthetic materials are lighter weight and easier to care for.


Another thing to think about when shopping for Windsor heels is color. Or perhaps you'd rather go for neutral shades. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Different Types of Windsors Heels

There are many different types of Windsor Heels available today. The most common type of Windsor Heel is the classic style which has been around since the early 1900’s. The classic style is still very popular with both men and women. There are other styles of Windsor Heels available including platform, wedge, peep toe, square toe, and more. Each style offers its own unique benefits and features. For example, platform heeled shoes provide support and stability while providing a sleek appearance. Wedge heel shoes are great for those who prefer a higher heel height. Peep toe shoes are perfect for dressier occasions. Square toe shoes are ideal for casual events. All these styles are available in numerous colors and designs so there is something for everyone!

Classic Style

The Classic style is by far the most popular style of Windsor Heels. The classic style was originally designed to be worn with dresses and skirts. However, due to its popularity, it now comes in a variety of colors and materials. The classic style is typically constructed using leather uppers and soft suede soles. Leather is durable and easy to maintain. Suede is softer and more flexible than leather making it easier to walk in. Both options are comfortable and versatile enough to be worn during almost any occasion. Many stores sell only classic style Windsor Heels because they are considered timeless and elegant. If you're interested in purchasing a pair of classic style Windsor Heels, check out our selection here!

Platform Heeled Shoes

Platform Heeled Shoes are extremely fashionable and trendy. Platform Heeled Shoes are known for being sexy and feminine. Some platforms are flat topped while others have a stiletto-like shape. Most platforms are between 1/2" - 3/4". Although they are generally considered high fashion, they are actually quite practical. Platform Heeled Shoes give added height to your feet which makes walking easier. Platform Heeled Shoes are also incredibly stable and supportive. Because of their design, they are excellent choices for dancing and exercising. Platform Heeled Shoes are also great for wearing with jeans and shorts. Check out our selection of platform Heeled Shoes here!

Wedge Heeled Shoes

Wedge Heeled Shoes are another popular choice among women. Wedges are slightly wider than regular heels and are typically between 2"-5" wide. Wedges are suitable for formal attire and business meetings. Wedges are also great for adding height to your legs and giving you a longer stride. Wedges are especially useful for dancers and runners. Wedges are also great for everyday wear. Our wedges collection includes a variety of colors and patterns. We carry wedges in a range of widths and heights. Check out our selection of wedge Heeled Shoes here!

Peep Toe Heeled Shoes

Peep Toe Heeled Shoes are cute and fun. They are also extremely comfortable and convenient. Peep Toe Heeled Shoes are ideal for daily wear and casual outings. They are great for shopping, running errands, and going to parties. Peep Toe Heeled Shoes are also great for working out.