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Windsor Chair

Set of 2 Natural & White Finish Windsor Dining Chairs
  • 36"H
  • Dining and Kitchen
  • Dining and Kitchen->Seating->Windsor Chairs
  • Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.
Giantex Set of 4 Windsor Chairs, Wood Dining Chairs, French...
  • 💮【Ergonomic Design】With surface design , which can fit your lumbar...
  • 💮【Solid Construction】This set of 2 kids side chairs are made of high...
  • 💮【H-Shaped Legs】There is a H-shaped structure among the legs, makes...
  • 💮【Easy to Clean& Assemble】 Made of real wood that is waterproof and...
Winsome 29836 Windsor 2-PC Set RTA Black Chair
  • Constructed of Solid Wood
  • Wide, contoured seats
  • Double cross-bar leg support
  • Static weight limit 220 lbs.
Duhome Dining Chairs Set of 2 Wood Dining Room Chair Slat...
  • 1. Everyone knows a good chair takes the whole evening up a notch. These...
  • 2. Inspired by the classic Windsor chair, this chair is updated with fresh...
  • 3. Sturdy and durable: All our materials are stress tested for maximum...
  • 4. Seat Height: 18'', Seat Depth: 16.8'', Seat Width: 17.3'', Weight...
Sunset Trading Selections Windsor Side Dining Chair,...
  • Set includes two fully assembled dining side chairs | You will love the...
  • Neutral colors blend with many decors | Airy and neutral slightly...
  • Perfectly carved, turned legs for optimal appeal and support | Heavy duty,...
  • DIMENSIONS: 41"H x 22"D x 20.5"W | Seat: 18"H x 16"D x 20"W | Weight (2):...
COASTER Hesperia Windsor Dining Side Chairs Natural Brown...
  • Includes set of 4 dining chairs
  • Simple Stylish Design
  • Add Charming Style to your dining area
  • Hardware finish: Spindle back and legs
Sunset Trading Oak Selections Dining Chair, Light Finish
  • ✅ Set includes two chairs | neutral light oak finish
  • ✅ You will love the timeless simplicity of this Windsor style Arrow back...
  • ✅ perfectly carved, turned legs add a touch of elegance
  • ✅ Comfortable smooth, tapered chair back
Set of 2 Autumn Lane Windsor Solid Wood Dining Chairs, Ideal...
  • Ideal for any room, these standard height chairs have an elegant,...
  • Can be used in the dining room, breakfast nook or kitchen
  • Stylish turned-wood legs and back contribute to the sturdy construction
  • Attractive furniture option fits well with any decor, from contemporary to...
Sunset Trading Oak Selections Dining Chair, Light Finish
  • ✅ Set includes two chairs | Beautiful light oak finish
  • ✅ Windsor style chair | Curved, comfort back
  • ✅ Scooped seat | Perfectly carved, turned legs for optimal appeal and...
  • ✅ Factory tested to support up to 350 lbs. | Heavy duty, commercial grade...
Rocking Chair Nursery Glider Rocking Chair for Nursery...
  • ✔️PREMIUM QUALITY-Sturdy construction smooth bearings and smooth...
  • ✔️EASY TO ASSEMBLE-Loose or incorrectly torqued bolts will easily...
  • ✔️VERY COMFORTABLE-The glider and ottoman has enclosed metal bearings...
  • ✔️ELEGANT DESIGN-Windsor glider and matching ottoman in white finish...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Windsor Chair

What Is The Purpose Of A Windsor Chair?

The Windsor chair was invented by Thomas Chippendale in 1754. He created his design based on the shape of the human body. His goal was to create a chair with comfort and ease of movement. Today, there are many different types of Windsor chairs available. Some are more modern while others are traditional. There are also several variations within each type. For example, there are high back Windsor chairs and low back Windsor chairs.

How Does A Windsor Chair Differ From Other Types Of Chairs?

Windsor chairs differ from other styles because they are designed to be comfortable. Most other chairs require users to sit upright. With a Windsor chair, however, most people are able to lean forward and relax into the seat. In addition, the backrest of a Windsor chair is adjustable so that it can fit almost anyone who sits in it. Because of its ability to adapt to the user, Windsor chairs are very popular today.

Where Did The Name "Windsor" Come From?

Thomas Chippendale named his creation after King George II. At the time, he was working for the king as a royal carpenter. The name comes from the fact that the chair resembles the crown of England. However, the original chair did not resemble the crown. Instead, it resembled a large fan.

Who Was Thomas Chippendale?

Thomas Chippendale was born in 1679. He was a British furniture maker and cabinetmaker. He worked for Queen Anne during her reign. After she died, he went on to become the head designer for William III. During this time period, he became known for creating pieces that were elegant and beautiful.

What Are Some Benefits To Using A Windsor Chair?

There are numerous benefits to using a Windsor chair. First, it makes sitting easier for those who suffer from arthritis or other joint problems. Second, it offers great support for the lower spine. Third, it promotes good posture. Fourth, it gives the user a sense of relaxation and well-being. Finally, it has been proven to improve circulation and reduce stress levels.

Are Windsor Chairs Easy To Maintain?

Yes! Windsor chairs are easy to maintain. All you really need to do is wipe down the wood regularly. If you're worried about stains, simply apply a coat of wax. Once again, regular maintenance is key to maintaining these chairs.

Is A Windsor Chair Right For Everyone?

No! Not everyone needs a Windsor chair. People who prefer a more relaxed seating position might find that a recliner works best for them. Others may benefit from a higher backed chair. Still others may enjoy a chair that is taller and wider.

Can You Use A Windsor Chair As An Office Furniture Item?

Absolutely! Many companies now purchase Windsor chairs for their offices. They are perfect for small conference rooms where people need to gather together to discuss business matters.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Windsor Chair

Chairs are essential furniture pieces in our homes. Chairs provide comfort, support, and style. Without chairs, we wouldn't be able to sit comfortably while working, watching television, reading, eating dinner, or relaxing with family members. However, there are many different types of chairs available today, so choosing which type of chair best suits your needs can be difficult. In fact, finding the right chair can sometimes seem more complicated than selecting a sofa!

Windsor Chairs

One of the most popular styles of chairs is the Windsor chair. Often referred to as "English" style, these chairs are characterized by their curved backrest, tapered legs, and high-back design. For example, Windsor chairs are perfect for sitting down during meals, playing games, and lounging around the house.

Benefits of Using a Windsor Chair

There are several benefits associated with using a Windsor chair. First, Windsor chairs are sturdy and durable. Because of their solid construction, Windsor chairs are typically very long lasting. Second, Windsor chairs are comfortable. Their ergonomic design makes them easy to relax into and adjust to fit your body shape. Third, Windsor chairs are aesthetically pleasing. With its classic lines and curves, Windsor chairs create a timeless aesthetic that complements almost any decorating scheme. Finally, Windsor chairs are affordable. Many manufacturers produce Windsor chairs at low prices, making them accessible to everyone.

How To Choose A Windsor Chair

Before you purchase a Windsor chair, take note of the following tips. First, choose a Windsor chair based on the size of your room. If your living room has ample seating options, select a smaller sized chair. Conversely, if your living room lacks adequate seating, opt for a larger chair. Next, determine whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary Windsor chair. Traditional Windsor chairs are generally more formal and elegant. Contemporary Windsor chairs are more casual and modern. Lastly, decide between fabric or leather seats. Fabric seats are easier to maintain and clean, whereas leather seats are more expensive and require regular maintenance.

Where Can You Find Windsors Today?

Today, Windsor chairs are readily available at department stores, discount retailers, and online vendors. Most Windsor chairs are sold in two main colors - black and white. Black Windsor chairs are ideal for those who enjoy a sleek, minimalist appearance. White Windsor chairs are great for adding color and pattern to your room. Regardless of the color, Windsor chairs are always a good choice because they're both functional and attractive.

Features To Look For When Buying A Windsor Chair

The Windsor chair has been around since the early 1900s. The design was created by Thomas Chippendale who wanted to create a chair with a more comfortable seat. He designed the chair so that the backrest could be adjusted to fit anyone's height. The Windsor chair became very popular because of its comfort and ease of adjusting. Today, there are many different types of Windsor chairs available including swivel, recliner, rocker, and glider.

Adjustable Back Rest

One of the most important features of a Windsor chair is the adjustable back rest. Most Windsor chairs have two settings; full extension and half-extension. Full extension gives the user complete freedom of movement while half-extension offers limited motion. If you're purchasing a Windsor chair for someone else, it's best to purchase a model that comes with both options.

Swivel Base

Another great feature of a Windsor chair is the swivel base. Swivels allow the chair to rotate 360 degrees allowing users to face whatever direction they choose. Some models include a locking mechanism which makes sure the chair stays where you put it.

Rocking Mechanism

Some Windsor chairs have a rocking mechanism that allows the chair to rock forward and backward. This feature is especially helpful if you suffer from arthritis or other joint problems. Rocking mechanisms are typically found on higher end models.

Reclining Mechanisms

Most Windsor chairs have a reclining mechanism that lets you adjust the angle of the backrest. Recliners give you the option to sit straight up or lie down. Many models also have lumbar support which helps relieve lower back pain.

Gliding Mechanism

Many Windsor chairs have a glide mechanism that allows the chair to slide along the floor. Glides are useful for those who live in apartments or condos where space is tight.

Cushion Layers

There are three cushion layers in a typical Windsor chair. The topmost layer is called the plush padding. Plush padding is soft foam that protects the body from hard surfaces. Next is the spring core. Spring cores provide support to the cushions and help distribute weight evenly across the entire chair. Finally, the bottommost layer is called the frame. Frame holds everything together and acts as a foundation for the chair.

Seat Height Adjustment

Windsor chairs are known for being extremely comfortable. However, sometimes you might prefer a slightly lower or higher seat height. Seat height adjustment is another feature that Windsor chairs boast. There are several ways to adjust the seat height. One way is to turn a knob located near the front edge of the seat. Another method involves using levers located on either side of the chair.


While armrests aren't always necessary, they certainly make sitting in a Windsor chair more enjoyable. Armrests can be fixed or removable. Fixed armrests are attached directly to the chair frame and cannot be removed.

Different Types of Windsor Chair

The design was created by Thomas Chippendale who wanted to create a chair with a curved backrest which could be folded into a compact form. He did so by using two pieces of wood connected together with leather hinges. In order to fold the chair, he added a mechanism which allowed him to rotate the seat forward and backward. After his death, his son William inherited the patent and continued making these chairs. His sons Henry and George took over the business and expanded its production.

Types of Windsors

Windsor chairs are available in many different styles, colors, materials and finishes.

There are four main categories of windoers: Traditional, Modern, Contemporary and Antique. Each style offers something unique and special. Here we take a closer look at each type of Windsor chair.

Traditional Windsor Chair

This traditional style of Windsor chair features a straight-back frame with a slightly rounded front edge. The legs are tapered and extend below the bottom rail. The top rails are typically flat and the arm rests are attached to the side posts. The seats are padded and covered in fabric. Some models include storage compartments underneath the seat. Traditional Windsor chairs are generally more affordable than other styles.

Modern Windsor Chair

These modern versions of the Windsor chair have a sleek profile and a low slung back. The leg structure is simple and consists of three parts - a base, a middle section and a foot rest. The seat is shaped like a wedge and sits lower than most other styles. The arm rests are angled and the backs are either fully adjustable or fixed. Most modern Windsor chairs are constructed with metal frames and plastic components.

Contemporary Windsor Chair

These contemporary variations of the Windsor chair are designed to blend in with today's decor. Many manufacturers produce both solid and hollow-core furniture. Solid core designs are sturdier while hollow-core ones are lighter weight. Both options provide support and stability. The legs are often tapered and the tops of the legs are finished in a variety of ways including brushed aluminum, chrome plating, polished brass, etc. The seat is typically higher than those found in traditional Windsor chairs. Arm rests are optional and vary greatly depending on the manufacturer.

Antique Windsor Chair

An antique Windsor chair is a classic piece of furniture that looks great in any room. Typically, antique Windsor chairs are handcrafted and built with quality craftsmanship. They're often very heavy and sturdy. The legs are often carved and the seats are often heavily cushioned. The arm rests are typically turned and the backs are often bent. The finish is almost always dark brown or black. The best way to identify an authentic antique Windsor chair is by checking the maker's mark. If there isn't a maker's mark, check the serial number located near the bottom of the chair.

How To Care For Your Windsor Chair

It's important to care for your Windsor chair properly. First, make sure you purchase a high quality model. Second, store it away from direct sunlight. Third, dust regularly. Fourth, vacuum frequently.