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Tv Table

Furinno Turn-S-Tube Wide TV Entertainment Center,...
  • Simple stylish design comes in multiple color options, is functional and...
  • Material: engineered wood, PVC tubes.
  • Fits in your space, fits on your budget; Green label product
  • Sturdy on flat surface; Easy no hassle no tools 10-minutes assembly even a...
Casual Home 5 Piece Tray Table Set, Espresso
  • Set of 4 folding TV tables and matching storage stand for easy storage
  • Great for living room get togethers when you need that extra table space
  • Solid wood construction for increased durability and longevity with light...
  • Tray Stand Dimensions: 30.25 inches high x 11.25 inches wide x 12.25 inches...
DMAITH TV Stand with LED Lights, Modern Gloss Entertainment...
  • Modern Style: Simple high gloss fronts and matte texture body make this tv...
  • Large Storage: 63" W x 14" D x 18" H. This TV stand with 2 drawers and open...
  • Adjustable LED System: With 16-color LED lights and 4 flash effects, ideal...
  • Solid Material: Made of high-grade (E1) MDF, tempered glass, and...
Winsome Alex 2-pc Set TV Table, Natural
  • Made of Solid Wood
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Fully assembled
  • Ships in 1 box
Walker Edison Portsmouth Classic 2 Glass Door TV Stand for...
  • Dimensions: 24” H x 15.75” D x 70” L, Open storage cubby: 9.5” H x...
  • Top surface supports up to 150 Ibs. and 3 adjustable shelves support up to...
  • Supports TVs up to 80” and cord management ports keep cables tidy
  • 3 adjustable shelves for customizable organization
Amazon Basics Classic TV Dinner Folding Trays with Storage...
  • Set of four folding trays with matching storage rack
  • Sturdy wood construction with wide table top surface
  • Enjoy dinner or snacks in front of the TV, use as a work or playtime...
  • Each tray folds flat and fits into storage rack for convenient,...
Binrrio Modern TV Stand with 16 Colors LED Light for TV up...
  • 【Modern Design】 Crafted from high-grade particle board and tempered...
  • 【High Quality】The material of the product adopts MDF + high gloss...
  • 【Large Storage Space】: The LED tv stand features one large center...
  • 【Décor Your Space】This LED TV stand with LED lights is ideal for home...
Walker Edison Wren Classic 4 Cubby TV Stand for TVs up to 65...
  • Dimensions: 23.375” H x 15.75” D x 58” L, Open storage cubby:...
  • Top surface supports up to 150 Ibs. and 2 adjustable shelves support up to...
  • Supports TVs up to 65 Ibs.
  • 4 cord management ports keep cables tidy
Adjustable TV Tray Table - TV Dinner Tray on Bed & Sofa,...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL TRAY TABLE: This TV tray is practical and ideal for...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT & ANGLES: The TV tray can be adjusted from 20.8" to 28"...
  • STABILIZING ROD: Design includes an additional base rod to help make this...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: TV tray can be folded to a more compact size and stored next...
Yaheetech TV Stand for 65 inch TV Console Table with Storage...
  • 【RUSTIC INDUSTRIAL APPEAL】: Brimming with rustic industrial charm, this...
  • 【AMPLE SPACE FOR STORAGE & DISPLAY】: This TV stand offers 2 middle open...
  • 【SOLID CONSTRUCTION】: Constructed from 0.6” thick engineered wood and...
  • 【VERSATILE CONSOLE TABLE】: This 55-inch long table serves perfectly as...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Tv Table

What Is The Purpose Of A TV Table?

The television has become a part of our lives. We watch movies, play games, surf the internet, and more while sitting down on the couch. But we still need somewhere to put our electronics so that we can enjoy these activities comfortably. That’s where the TV table comes into play.

TV Tables Are Used For Many Different Purposes

There are many different types of tables available today. Some are meant to be decorative pieces while others serve practical purposes. In fact, there are several reasons why someone might choose to purchase a TV table.

For those who prefer to sit on the floor, a TV table can provide a comfortable seat for watching videos or playing video games.

Some people simply like the idea of displaying their favorite movie posters or photos on the wall behind their entertainment center.

How Do TV Tables Help Us Watch Television Comfortably?

One thing most people know about TVs is that they require a lot of room. If you're lucky enough to live in a large house with plenty of living spaces, chances are good that you already have a dedicated spot for your TV. However, if you're renting an apartment or condo, you might not have anywhere near the amount of space necessary to accommodate your TV. Fortunately, a TV table can solve this problem by providing additional seating.

Where Can I Find One?

While there are many options available online, you probably won't find a TV table that fits your needs exactly. Instead, you'll likely end up purchasing something that looks great but doesn't quite fit your lifestyle. To avoid this situation, start shopping early. Make sure you take measurements before heading to the store. Also, think about whether you'd rather have a smaller piece of furniture or a larger one. Finally, ask yourself whether you plan to set up your TV table permanently or only occasionally.

Are There Any Downsides To Using A TV Stand?

Of course, there are always downsides to using anything. While a TV table does allow us to watch television in comfort, it isn't perfect.

They aren't very stable. Because they lack legs, TV tables are prone to tipping over.

They don't blend well with existing decor. Most TV tables are designed to match the style of your décor. So, if you've got a modern design scheme, you'll probably want to stick with a contemporary TV stand.

Do You Need A TV Stand?

Before making a final decision, remember that no matter which type of TV table you decide to purchase, you'll eventually have to mount it onto the wall. Before doing so, however, you should consider whether you really need a TV stand.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality TV Table

But there are many different types of television tables available today. Some are designed with specific purposes in mind while others are simply meant to be decorative pieces. If you're shopping for a new television table, here are some important factors to take into consideration before making your purchase.


There are two main categories of television tables - small and large. Smaller models are generally more portable and easier to store. Larger ones provide ample room for larger televisions and other entertainment devices. In general, smaller tables are best suited for bedrooms and living rooms where space is limited. However, you might prefer a larger model if you plan to entertain guests frequently.


Many people enjoy using traditional style tables. Others prefer modern designs which incorporate sleek lines and bold colors. While these styles vary widely, most manufacturers include a variety of options so you can choose something that fits your personal taste.


Some manufacturers produce television tables made entirely of wood. Others opt for metal frames and glass tops. Still others combine materials to create unique combinations. For example, you could select a solid oak base topped by a glass top. Or maybe you'd rather go with a steel frame covered in leather. Whatever type of material you decide upon, remember that each has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood tends to hold up well over time and offers excellent stability. Metal is lightweight and easy to transport. Glass is durable and attractive. Leather is soft and comfortable. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses, so weigh those pros and cons carefully before choosing a particular design.


Most television tables are built to support a flat screen television. Depending on the size of your television, however, you may wish to invest in a taller version. Taller versions allow you to position your television closer to the wall behind it. This makes viewing movies and shows easier because you don't have to lean forward as far. Also, tall television tables give you more legroom around the sides of the set.


Finally, think about whether you intend to use your television table primarily for display or storage. Many people use their television tables as both displays and storage areas. That way, they can showcase their favorite artworks or collectibles while still being able to access them quickly. Other people use their television tables solely as storage spaces. They hang pictures and knickknacks on hooks attached to the underside of the table.

Final Thoughts

As you shop for a new television table, remember that no matter what kind of table you end up selecting, you'll always benefit from investing in a sturdy piece of furniture. Whether you're planning to use it as a dining table, coffee table, bedside table, or anything else, a high-quality television table will last you years and serve you well.

Features To Look For When Buying A TV Table

There are many different types of tables available today. Some are designed specifically for television viewing while others are meant to be general-purpose pieces of furniture. The type of table you choose depends largely upon your needs and preferences. If you're planning to watch movies with friends or family members, you might prefer a larger tabletop so everyone has plenty of room to spread out. However, if you plan to sit alone watching television, you might prefer a smaller table where you can comfortably fit into a chair. In either case, there are several features to consider before making your purchase.


The size of your television set plays a large role in determining which kind of table you need. If you have a small screen, you probably only require a small table. Larger screens demand more space, so you'll likely need something bigger. Most manufacturers provide measurements along with each model. Make sure you know exactly how big your television is before purchasing a table.


Most modern televisions are flat panel displays. While CRTs are still around, most consumers now opt for flat panels because they are lighter and easier to transport. Because of these advantages, flat panels are becoming increasingly popular among both homeowners and businesses alike.

Manufacturers typically sell their products in two materials: wood and plastic. Wood tends to be heavier and pricier than its plastic counterpart. Plastic is generally cheaper, however, it doesn't hold up well to moisture and heat. Therefore, you'll want to avoid using plastic unless you live in a very humid environment. Many manufacturers offer both options, allowing you to pick whichever best suits your needs.


Many manufacturers offer a variety of designs. There are round tables, square tables, rectangular tables, oval tables, and even triangular tables. Each design offers unique benefits depending on your intended usage. Round tables are great for group settings since they allow multiple viewers to see the same image simultaneously. Square tables are ideal for single person viewing. Rectangular tables are good for placing next to other furniture. Oval tables are perfect for those who enjoy sitting back and relaxing. Triangular tables are useful for creating a cozy reading nook. Regardless of your preference, remember that the shape of your table shouldn't dictate the style of your decor. Choose a table based on function rather than form.


One of the biggest drawbacks of a standard television table is that it lacks storage space. Unless you have a lot of stuff lying around, chances are you'll end up storing everything else on top of the table itself. That's why it's important to select a table with built-in shelves. Shelves are especially helpful if you frequently host parties or gatherings. They give guests somewhere to put drinks, food, and decorations. Additionally, they enable you to store additional electronics such as DVD players, VHS tapes, and game consoles.


Televisions aren't known for being durable. After years of heavy use, televisions can begin to show signs of age.

Different Types of TV Table

There are many different kinds of television tables available today. Some are designed specifically for televisions while others are more general purpose. The most common type of television table is called a console table. Console tables are typically rectangular shaped with four legs. There are two main styles of consoles. One style has three legs and the other has five. Most consoles are constructed using wood although there are some metal versions available too. Another popular design for television tables is the pedestal table. Pedestals are generally taller than standard tables and are sometimes referred to as "stand-up" tables. In addition to being tall, these tables are often very heavy due to the weight of the top itself. Other types of television tables include coffee tables, end tables, sideboards, etc. Each of these designs offers its own unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, a coffee table might be perfect for displaying small objects yet it could be difficult to store larger pieces of furniture underneath. An end table might be great for storing large items but it might be hard to access smaller ones. Sideboard tables are ideal for holding dishes and serving trays. However, they're not always easy to transport around because they take up so much room. Many companies now sell custom built television tables which allow customers to choose exactly what features they desire. Custom built tables are especially useful for those who wish to create a special piece of furniture that no other company makes.

Types of Television Tables

Console tables - Consoles are the most common type of television table. They are rectangular in shape and typically have 4 legs. Two leg consoles are usually found in homes where there is limited floor space. Three legged consoles are usually found in areas where there is ample floor space. Five legged consoles are usually found in commercial settings.

Pedestal tables - Pedestals are taller than standard tables and are often referred to as "stand-up" tables. They are generally square in shape and are often made of glass or marble.

Coffee tables - Coffee tables are round in shape and are often made of wood. They are usually placed near a sofa or chair and serve as additional seating options.

Benefits of Using a TV Stand

Using a television stand is beneficial for several reasons. First, it frees up floor space by allowing you to put away your television set.