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Sam Edelman Pumps

Sam Edelman womens Beth Pump, Soft Beige, 9 US
  • Sam Edelman Pump.100% Leather.Synthetic Sole.Heel Height:3.75...
  • Manufacturer: Sam Edelman
  • Model: H2657L9
  • Style: Beth
Sam Edelman womens Hazel Pump, Black Suede, 7.5 US
  • A classic pump with a modern update, the Hazel is perfect whether you’re...
  • We updated the timeless silhouette with a tall, stiletto heel and low-cut...
  • The perfect pump to complete any outfit: day in the office, bridal,...
  • Heel Height: 3.75 inches
Sam Edelman Women's Hazel Pump, Beige Blush, 9.5 Medium US
  • A classic pump with a modern update, the Hazel is perfect whether you’re...
  • We updated the timeless silhouette with a tall, stiletto heel and low-cut...
  • The perfect pump to complete any outfit: day in the office, bridal,...
  • Heel Height: 3.75 inches
Sam Edelman Women's Classic Dori Pump, Black Leather, 8...
  • Slip-on providing easy wearability
  • Kitten heel providing comfort for all day wear
Sam Edelman Women's Hardy Pump, Rosa Nude, 7
  • Sam Edelman Hardy
  • It's hard to feel like anything other than a superstar with Hardy. Her...
Sam Edelman Women's Jaina Pump, Classic Nude Leather, 7...
  • Slip-on providing easy wearability
  • Available in multiple materials
Sam Edelman Women's Jildie Pump, Black, 9
  • Sam Edelman Jildie
  • Add some vintage glam to your outfit with Jildie, the pumps that command...
Circus by Sam Edelman Womens Marlee Pump, Black Snake Print...
  • Block Heel Pump
  • Pointed Toe
  • Padded Insole
  • Black Snake Print
Sam Edelman Women's Danna Pump, Soft Beige, 9 Medium US
  • Slip-on providing easy wearability
  • Available in multiple colorways and materials
Sam Edelman Women's Toren Pump, Black, 6
  • Sam Edelman Toren
  • Architectural inspired heel shape
  • Slingback closure provides easy wear

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Sam Edelman Pumps

What Is The Purpose Of Sam Edelman Pumps?

Their designs are timeless classics with modern twists. If you're looking for comfortable yet fashionable shoes, these are the ones to go for!

The History of Sam Edelman Shoes

He was inspired by the styles worn by European nobility. His customers loved the quality of his products so he decided to start making shoes too. In fact, he created the first patent-leather shoe ever produced. Soon enough, he became known for his high-quality shoes. Today, Sam Edelman continues to create beautiful shoes that stand the test of time.

How To Choose The Right Pair For Yourself

Choosing the right pair of Sam Edelman shoes isn't easy. There are many different types of shoes available today, including flats, boots, heels, sandals, wedges, loafers, mules, etc. However, there are certain features that you must take into consideration before purchasing a pair.

Choose a style that fits well with your lifestyle.

Consider your foot type. Flat feet require flat shoes while those with higher arches benefit from wider widths. Also, be sure to check whether the heel height suits your needs.

Where Can You Get Them?

Sam Edelman shoes are sold online and offline. Offline stores include department stores, specialty shops, and discount chains. You can also visit local boutiques where you might find a great deal on designer shoes.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Sam Edelman Pumps

Their shoes are known for being comfortable, durable, and fashionable. If you're interested in getting into the fashion industry, you might be wondering why you'd want to invest in a pair of Sam Edelman shoes.

They Are Durable

These shoes are built with leather uppers and soles. Leather lasts longer than other materials because it doesn't stretch out over time. As long as you take care of your shoes, they will last for years. In fact, most Sam Edelman shoes are designed to last for decades!

They Look Great

Sam Edelman shoes are available in many different styles. Whether you prefer flats, heels, boots, wedges, sandals, sneakers, etc., there is something for everyone. With so many options, you can choose the style that fits best with your lifestyle. For example, if you're going to be wearing these shoes outside of the house, you might want to go with more casual styles. However, if you plan on wearing these shoes inside, you might want to opt for something dressier.

They Fit Perfectly

There are no size charts for Sam Edelman shoes. Instead, each shoe comes in multiple widths and lengths. So, whether you're 5'10" or 6', you can rest assured that you'll fit perfectly into a Sam Edelman shoe. Not only does this allow you to customize your shoe to suit your needs, but it makes shopping for Sam Edelman shoes easier. There are no measurements to worry about!

Features To Look For When Buying A Sam Edelman Pumps

The company was founded by Samuel Edelman who started his business with leather goods. Today, Sam Edelman is still owned by the family and continues to produce beautiful handcrafted shoes. Their shoes are known for being comfortable and durable. If you're interested in purchasing a pair of Sam Edelman shoes, here are some features to look for when shopping online.


The design of a shoe is very important because it determines its comfort level. Most companies put more emphasis on style rather than comfort. However, Sam Edelman puts both into consideration. Their designs are classic yet modern and feminine. Each model comes in different colors and styles so there is something for everyone.


Another thing to look for when choosing a Sam Edelman pump is the materials used. Some brands only use synthetic fabrics while others go for natural fibers. Synthetic fabric tends to be cheaper but it lacks durability. Natural fiber lasts longer and feels softer. There are many types of natural fibers including suede, nubuck, canvas, and wool. Nubuck is a type of material found in most luxury shoes. It gives a soft texture and is easy to maintain. Suede is another popular choice among those seeking quality shoes. It's extremely durable and long lasting. Canvas is another great option for men. It's lightweight and breathable which makes it ideal for summertime activities. Wool is a good choice for winter boots. It offers warmth and insulation. All these options give you plenty of choices when selecting a pair of Sam Edelman pumps.


There are two main factors to take into account when considering fit. First, the size of the foot. Second, the width of the shoe. Shoes that are too narrow will cause blisters and chafing. Too wide will leave your feet feeling cramped. Make sure you choose a size that fits comfortably. Also, check the length of the shoe. If you have short legs, you might prefer shorter heels. If you have tall legs, you might prefer taller heels.


Lastly, pay attention to the comfort level of the shoe. Comfort is essential especially if you plan on wearing them throughout the day. Check the heel height and arch support. Pay close attention to the stitching around the toe box.

Different Types of Sam Edelman Pumps

He was inspired by his mother who taught him to appreciate quality and craftsmanship. His designs reflect these values with each pair he creates. The company offers many different styles including loafers, ballet flats, wedges, sandals, boots, mules, sneakers, and more. All of which are designed using high-quality materials and handcrafted techniques. Each style comes in a variety of colors and patterns so there is something for everyone!


The classic loafer is a shoe that never goes out of fashion. Loafers are great because they fit comfortably into most lifestyles. They are versatile enough to be worn casually around town or dressed up for special occasions. Most loafers are slip-on and easy to put on. Some models include laces while others have velcro straps. Many companies make loafers in leather, suede, canvas, mesh, patent leather, vinyl, and other materials. There are several options available depending on the type of material and design you prefer. For example, some manufacturers offer loafers with metal buckles, studded soles, and other interesting details. If you're interested in purchasing a pair of loafers, check out our selection here!

Ballet Flats

These flat, comfortable heels are perfect for everyday wear. Ballet flats are typically low cut and rounded toe. They are generally made of soft leather or synthetic materials. They are very popular among celebrities and trendsetters alike. Ballet flats are ideal for casual outings where comfort is key. They are also appropriate for formal events like weddings, graduations, and proms. To see our collection of ballet flats click here!


Wedges are wedge shaped shoes that are slightly higher than regular flats. Wedge shoes are traditionally associated with summertime activities. However, they are now being seen everywhere. Wedges are extremely fashionable and trendy right now. They are especially popular among young adults and teens. Wedges are great for wearing during warm weather months. They provide support and stability while still allowing freedom of movement. Check out our wide range of wedge shoes here!


Sandals are another option for those who enjoy walking barefoot. Sandals are typically open-toe and lace-up. They are commonly found in bright colors and prints. Sandals are great for going outside and enjoying nature. They are also suitable for indoor activities like yoga classes and aerobics. Sandals are a fun way to dress up your outfit. We carry a large assortment of sandal styles here!


Mules are a cross between a boot and a slipper. Mules are typically made from leather and feature a thick sole. They are known for their versatility and durability. They are excellent for outdoor adventures and hiking. They are also practical for daily wear. Mules are a good choice for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Our selection includes both men's and women's mule shoes here!