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Resala Arabian Oud

Resala By Arabian Oud | Unisex | Eau De Parfum EDP Spray |...
  • 100ml (3.4 oz) Eau de Parfum Spray Unisex For Men and Women
  • NOTES: Top Notes: Saffron | Heart Notes: Rose, Madagascar Vanilla | Base...
  • SCENT TYPE: Warm, Sweet, Gourmand, Woody, Oriental
  • Like a decadent oriental sweet, this deep strong fragrance seduces your...
Arabian Knight By Arabian Oud | Unisex | Eau De Parfum EDP...
  • 100ml (3.3 oz) Eau de Parfum Spray For Men
  • NOTES: Top Notes: Citronella, Jasmine | Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Rose | Base...
  • MAIN NOTES: This fragrance opens up with fragrant hints of citronella and...
  • SCENT CHARACTER: Warm, Earthy, Woody, Oriental | An elegant composition of...
SWISSARABIAN Shaghaf Oud - Luxury Products From Dubai -...
  • SHAGHAF OUD: YOUR NEW SIGNATURE SCENT. Opens with finest notes of Oud and...
  • LONG LASTING EAU DE PARFUM QUALITY. The superior, long lasting, high...
  • THE PERFECT MIX OF CULTURES AND PERFUMES. Carrying a legacy rooted in a...
  • TOP NOTES Apple Blossom, Peach HEART NOTES Pineapple Blossom BASE NOTES...
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood Eau De Parfum Spray,...
  • Fine fragrances containing a high dose of natural ingredients can be...
  • We deal exclusively with 100% Authentic items, sourced direct from brand...
  • Packaging may vary. It is not uncommon for a brand to update packaging....
  • Remember, we are here to make you happy! If you have any questions,...
Woody Intense By Arabian Oud (100ml) Eau De Parfum Spray
  • Top Notes - Blackcurrant, Green Apple
  • Heart Notes - Moroccan Rose, Jasmine
  • Base Notes - Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood
  • Woody Intense by Arabian Oud is an exquisitely beautiful perfume right from...
Arabian Oud Sehr Al Kalemat (Black) for Men and Women...
  • Top Notes: Frankincense, Basil
  • Middle Notes: Vanilla
  • Base Notes: Oud, Amber
Rosewood by Arabian Oud (100 ml) Eau De Parfum Spray Unisex
  • 100ml (3.4 oz) Eau de Parfum Spray Unisex For Men and Women
  • NOTES: Top Notes: Cambodian Oud | Heart Notes: Madagascar Vanilla | Base...
  • SCENT TYPE: Warm, Incense, Eastern, Woody, Oriental | An exciting scent of...
  • Like a bed of delicate rose flowers, this perfume waits to reveal its...
Haramain Amber Oud Gold Edition Eau De Parfum 2.0 oz
  • How-to-Use: For long-lasting effects fragrance should be applied to the...
  • These include the wrist, behind the ear, crease of your arm and knee, and...
  • Pulse points give off more body heat as this is where blood vessels are...
  • Item Package Dimension: 4.0" L x 5.0" W x 4.0" H

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Resala Arabian Oud

Ouds are fragrant oils extracted from trees grown in the Middle East. There are many different types of ouds, each with its own unique scent. Some of these include sandalwood, rosewood, patchouli, cedar wood, frankincense, myrrh, ambergris, musk, vanilla, and more. Each type has its own distinct aroma and character. While there are many different kinds of ouds available, most are expensive due to the high demand for this product. However, there are several inexpensive options available which still provide great value.

Resala Oud - An Unusual Fragrance Oil

This oil was originally created by the ancient Egyptians who used it to perfume themselves and their homes. Today, it is primarily used in perfumes because of its distinctive fragrance. Its name comes from the Arabic word "resala" meaning "to smell". If you're interested in trying this unusual oil, here are some tips to ensure you purchase a quality product.

How To Choose The Best Resala Oud

First, choose a reputable supplier. Look for companies that sell only authentic products. Avoid those sellers who sell fake versions of the same product. Second, be sure to read reviews online before making a purchase. Third, avoid using synthetic scents. Synthetic scents are cheaper and easier to produce, but they lack the depth and complexity of natural ingredients. Shipping costs can really add up if you order large quantities of a single item.

Tips For Using Resala Oud

Once you've purchased your resala oud, follow these simple steps to enjoy the benefits of this exotic oil.

Use sparingly. Too much of this oil could cause headaches and other unpleasant side effects.

Additional Uses For Resala Oud

While this particular oil is best known for its ability to create beautiful fragrances, it can also be used for aromatherapy purposes. Here are some ways you might benefit from adding resala oud to your daily routine.

Ouds are fragrant oils extracted from plants. The word "oud" comes from Arabic meaning "fragrance". There are many types of ouds including citrus, floral, spicy, woody, fruity, herbal, balsamic, leathery, minty, sweet, and vanilla. Each type has its own unique scent and character. Ouds are commonly used in perfumes, soaps, shampoos, lotions, candles, bath salts, and body products. In addition to being used in cosmetics, ouds are also found in cooking and medicine. Some popular uses include adding fragrance to food, making soap scented with essential oils, using in aromatherapy, and creating perfume blends.

How Do Ouds Differ From Other Fragrances?

The main differences between ouds and other fragrances are the way they smell and the ingredients used. Ouds contain no synthetic chemicals; rather, they're composed of natural plant-based materials. Most ouds are produced by steam distillation which involves heating oil to high temperatures. As the heat breaks down the molecules within the oil, volatile compounds evaporate into the air. The resulting vapors condense back onto the heated surface where they cool and solidify. Once cooled, these crystals are separated from the liquid phase and dried. Drying removes water content leaving behind only the purest form of the original oil.

Types of Ouds

There are several different kinds of ouds available.

Here we will discuss three common ones: citrus, floral, and aromatic. Citrus ouds are known for their freshness and bright aroma. Floral ouds have notes of lily, rose, jasmine, honeysuckle, gardenia, tuberose, and mimosa. Aromatic ouds are characterized by their warm, earthy, musky, spicy, and exotic smells.

Citrus Ouds

These ouds are generally light bodied and refreshing. Citrus ouds are most commonly associated with orange blossom and lemon. Orange blossom is very delicate and feminine while lemon is more masculine. Both are great additions to a variety of perfumes and colognes. Lemon is also good for skin care because it contains vitamin C which promotes cell regeneration.

Floral Ouds

Flowers are nature's perfect combination of color and shape. Flowers are beautiful and fragrant. They represent love, beauty, joy, hope, peace, and happiness. Many flowers are symbolic of certain emotions. Roses symbolize passion, friendship, and romance. Jasmines signify femininity, purity, and innocence. Lavender represents serenity, spirituality, and relaxation. Geraniums symbolize strength, courage, and optimism. Lily signifies elegance, grace, and charm. Tulips represent youthfulness, cheerfulness, and vitality. Hyacinths represent modesty, gentleness, and humility. Iris symbolizes nobility, dignity, and wisdom.

Different Types Of Resala Oud

Oud is one of the most popular scented oils in the Middle East. The name "oud" comes from the Arabic word meaning "sweet". In fact, many perfumes sold today include oud because it has a sweet scent with a hint of spice. There are different types of ouds available depending on where they're produced. For example, there are two main types of ouds found in the Arabian Peninsula - Omani and Yemeni. Both are very expensive due to the scarcity of these precious materials. However, both types of ouds are widely considered among connoisseurs to be superior to other types of ouds.

Types of Resala Oud

Each type has its own unique characteristics. Here we discuss each of the three types of ouds.

The First Type Is From Yemen

Yemeni ouds are known for being extremely rare. Only a few hundred kilograms of pure oud oil are harvested annually by hand. Because of their rarity, Yemeni ouds command high prices. Most Yemeni ouds contain no additives and are only lightly blended with perfume oils. Their aroma is described as spicy, warm, earthy, woodsy, floral, fruity, musky, and rich.

The Second Type Is From Oman

Unlike the Yemeni ouds which are rarely seen outside of Arabia, Omani ouds are more common. Although they are still quite scarce, they are easier to obtain. Unlike the Yemeni ouds, Omani ouds are heavily processed using chemicals. As a result, they smell sweeter and lighter than the Yemeni ouds. Their aroma is described as fresh, citrus-like, green, herbaceous, flowery, fruity, and soft.

The Third Type Is From Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian ouds are the least expensive of the three types. They are typically mixed with synthetic fragrance oils and are inexpensive. Their aroma is described as light, sweet, floral, fruity, and refreshing.

How To Use Resala Oud

Resala ouds are best applied directly onto the skin. If you apply too much, it could cause irritation. Also, avoid applying ouds near your eyes. Instead, dab a small amount into your palms and rub gently between your hands before applying to your body.

Where Can You Find Resala Oud?

Most stores selling traditional products carry resala ouds. However, you might have trouble finding authentic ones. Many retailers sell fake versions of resala ouds. Some unscrupulous sellers will mix cheaper fragrances with genuine ouds. Others will simply substitute cheaper ingredients for the true oud.