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Pull Chain Light Fixture

Design House 519264 Traditional 1-Light Indoor Ceiling Flush...
  • Made of formed steel, white opal glass and finished in oil rubbed bronze
  • Rated for 120-volts and uses a 60-watt medium base incandescent bulb
  • Measures 6-inches (L) by 7-inches (W) and weighs 1.1-pound
  • UL and cUL listed for safety and quality assurance
Leviton R50-08827-CW4 1-Piece Top Wired Lamp Holder with...
  • Item Weight: 0.29 lb
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Brand name: Leviton
  • Item Dimensions: 18.25"L x 12.25"W x 7.37"H
Leviton 9726-C One-Piece Glazed Porcelain Outlet Box Mount,...
  • Perfect for closets, basements, Utility rooms
  • 2 Terminal screws - side wire with grounded outlet
  • Fits 3-1/4" or 4" Outlet Boxes
  • Fits outlet box sizes 3-1/4 or 4 inch
Farmhouse Close to Ceiling Light with Pull Chain, 3 Lights...
  • [Vintage Retro Design] Kitchen ceiling light with pull chain features metal...
  • [Adjustable Pull Chain on-off Switch] Max length 48 inches pull string, it...
  • [Dimension] 12" D x 7.125" H. Includes all mounting hardwares and...
  • [Easy Installation] E26 industrial pull chain lights are done in-house, it...
E26 Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture Surface Mount LED...
  • Excellent reliability of long term usage💡 As the years go by, ACOHOOK...
  • 1300LM Light💡 Flush mount ceiling chandelier is cool and crisp without...
  • Safety Defender💡Ceiling light fixture flush mount High quality of...
  • Your Monthly Electric Cost will be lower and lower💡Flush ceiling light...
KSANA Gold Chandelier with Pull Chain On/Off Switch, 2 in 1...
  • 【 ADJUSTABLE PULL CHAIN SWITCH 】Comparing to the common sputnik...
  • 【 2 in 1 Multi-functional Design 】This modern light fixture can be used...
  • 【 CONTEMPORARY FASHION 】The modern chandelier is characterized by its...
  • 【 SUPER EASY INSTALLATION 】The whole installation will take up to 15...
Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Extension, Made from All Copper...
  • Great extension chain for high ceiling fans and light fixtures,
  • 59-inch long in length and come with 6 matching connectors
  • Made of rust-proof copper, durable and strong in long time use
  • Diameter of 3mm beaded chain, easy to cut and install
Patriot Lighting Talia Matte Black 2-Light Flush Mount...
  • The Talia flush mount ceiling light is an excellent addition to any room
  • It features a pull chain that gives you the option of turning on the light...
  • Includes mounting hardware and installation manual
  • Requires (2) 60W bulbs (not included)
BULBEATS 7" LED Ceiling Light Round Flush Mount Light with...
  • 【Long-lasting& Energy-saving】12W LED Flush Mount light provide 1300LM,...
  • 【Modern Design Light】This 7’ LED ceiling lights design with E26 base...
  • 【Eye Care & Useful Lighting】Professional eye care, no glare, uniform...
  • 【Stable Light & Safe for use】The LED bulb provides a flicker-free and...
Sunco Lighting 12 Pack LED Utility Shop Light, 4 FT,...
  • Top Rated Linkable LED Utility Shop Light with Frosted Cover
  • ✅ COMMERCIAL GRADE - We uphold the highest standards for all our products...
  • ✅ SIMPLE INSTALL - Follow our installation guide for a quick and easy...
  • ✅ LINKABLE - Easily daisy chain the LED shop light to create an...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Pull Chain Light Fixture

What Is The Purpose Of A Pull Chain Light Fixture?

Pull chains are a type of lighting fixture which has been around since the early 1900’s. In fact, these fixtures are so old fashioned, they still exist today! There are many different types of pull chain fixtures available; however, most of us know them by their more modern name – “light pulls”. Light pulls are very popular because they provide a simple way to illuminate a room with minimal effort. However, there are other benefits to using a pull chain light fixture too. For example, pulling the chain releases the bulb inside the fixture, allowing it to shine brightly. Also, pull chain fixtures are inexpensive and easy to install. If you're interested in adding a pull chain light fixture to your home, here are some reasons why you might choose to go with a pull chain light fixture.

Lighting Up Rooms With Ease

Pull chain light fixtures are great for illuminating rooms where traditional bulbs aren't practical. For instance, pull chain fixtures are perfect for hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, closets, and bedrooms. Since pull chain fixtures require no electricity, they are ideal for areas where electrical outlets are scarce. Furthermore, pull chain fixtures allow you to control the amount of light shining into a particular area. So, if you'd rather dim the light in a specific part of your house, simply pull the chain to lower the brightness level. Another advantage of pull chain fixtures is that they are extremely versatile. Because they only require a single wire connection, they can be installed anywhere in your home. That makes pull chain fixtures a good choice for homes with limited wiring options. Finally, pull chain fixtures are affordable. Therefore, you can purchase several fixtures to cover multiple locations throughout your home.

Easy To Install

Another reason that pull chain fixtures are so popular is that they are relatively easy to install. All you really need is a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time. Once you've finished installing the fixture, you'll probably notice that it looks pretty attractive too. Many pull chain fixtures include decorative finishes that give them a sleek appearance. Some designs even incorporate LED technology to create a brighter glow. Regardless of whether you opt for a standard model or a high-tech version, pull chain fixtures are sure to brighten up your home.

Versatile Lighting Options

Since pull chain fixtures are designed to fit almost anywhere, they are a great option for creating a variety of lighting effects. Whether you prefer soft ambient lighting or dramatic spotlight beams, pull chain fixtures let you achieve both simultaneously. Additionally, pull chain fixtures are excellent choices for multi-purpose spaces. For example, you could use a pull chain fixture to highlight a dining room table while providing additional illumination for a living room. Or, perhaps you'd like to illuminate a hallway leading to a bedroom. No matter what kind of lighting effect you desire, pull chain fixtures are ready to deliver.

Low Maintenance

Finally, another benefit of pull chain fixtures is that they are low maintenance. Unlike conventional incandescent bulbs, pull chain fixtures don't require frequent replacement. Instead, they operate continuously thanks to the internal battery.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Pull Chain Light Fixture

Pull chains are essential fixtures in homes and businesses alike. For many years, these decorative lighting devices have been popular with homeowners because of their ability to bring charm and style into any room. However, there are several factors to be considered before making a purchase. In order to ensure that you're getting the best possible product, here are three important questions to ask yourself prior to making a decision.

Does my current lighting situation require additional lighting?

Many times, we think our existing lighting needs are enough, but sometimes they aren't. If you currently have a dimmer switch, but it doesn't provide adequate illumination throughout your house, it might be worth considering adding another light source. Adding more light could mean replacing old bulbs with brighter ones, installing motion sensors, or simply changing the position of your existing lamps. Whatever option you choose, it's always wise to consult with a professional electrician before undertaking any major electrical project.

How does my budget affect my choice?

There are so many different types of pull chain lights available today, each offering its own unique benefits. Some models are designed to illuminate large areas while others are meant to brighten small spaces. Depending on where you plan to install your new lighting fixture, it's important to know which type of model will fit your specific needs. All of these questions must be answered before deciding whether or not you'd like to invest in a particular brand.

Is my location suitable for hanging a pull chain light?

It's easy to forget that pulling chains are generally hung indoors, meaning that outdoor locations may pose problems. Outdoor lighting fixtures are typically mounted above ground level, which makes them vulnerable to weather conditions. As a result, most manufacturers recommend that outdoor pull chain lights be installed inside a garage or shed. Even though these rooms are protected from rain and snow, they still receive plenty of sunlight during the day. Therefore, it's important to take this factor into consideration when choosing a pull chain light fixture.

Features To Look For When Buying A Pull Chain Light Fixture

Pull chain lighting fixtures are very popular because they're easy to install and maintain. However, there are many different types of pull chain light fixtures available today. If you plan to purchase a pull chain light fixture, here are several features to be aware of before making your final decision.


The size of the pull chain light fixture you choose depends upon where you intend to put it. The most common type of pull chain light fixture is the standard three-light chandelier. There are other styles of pull chain light fixtures available, including four-, five-, six-, seven-, eight-, nine-, ten-, eleven-, twelve-, thirteen-, fourteen-, fifteen-, sixteen-, seventeen-, Some pull chain light fixtures are designed with multiple bulbs per lamp, while others have only one bulb per lamp. Regardless of which style you prefer, you must decide whether you want a single-lamp model or a multi-lamp model. Single-lamp models generally provide more illumination than multi-lamp models. Multi-lamp models typically require fewer electrical outlets. In general, however, a pull chain light fixture does not require additional wiring beyond what is required by its individual lamps. Therefore, unless you know exactly how many bulbs you will need, you might opt for a single-lamp pull chain light fixture.

Lamping Options

There are two main options for pulling down a pull chain light fixture: incandescent and halogen. Incandescent pulls are inexpensive, but they produce low amounts of heat. Halogens produce high levels of heat, so they are best suited for areas near radiators or air conditioners. Both types of pulls emit light, although incandescents give off a softer glow than halogens. Most pull chains include both incandescent and halogen pulls. Depending on the manufacturer, these pulls may be interchangeable. If you plan to hang your pull chain light fixture outdoors, you may wish to select a pull that has a weatherproofing coating. Weatherproofed pulls are resistant to moisture and humidity.

Mounting Options

Most pull chain light fixtures are mounted using screws. Screw mounting is quick and simple; however, screw mounting is not recommended for outdoor installations. Outdoor environments are subject to extreme temperatures and conditions. Because of this, screw mounting is prone to loosening over time. Also, screw mounting is difficult to remove once installed. Instead, pull chain light fixtures are commonly attached using adhesive strips or brackets. Adhesive strip mounting is fast and convenient, but it is not suitable for outdoor applications. Bracket mounting is ideal for outdoor uses because it offers superior stability and security. Brackets are secured to walls, ceilings, and floors using screws or nails.

Light Bulbs

Many pull chain light fixtures contain either fluorescent or LED bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are economical and long lasting, but they consume large amounts of electricity. LEDs are smaller, brighter, and last longer than traditional bulbs. Although LEDs are expensive initially, they pay for themselves quickly.

Different Types of Pull Chain Light Fixture

Pull chains are a great way to illuminate dark areas. There are many different styles available. The most common type has a single bulb with a metal housing attached to the wall by a wire rope. Other designs include multiple bulbs connected together by wires, which gives more illumination than a single bulb design. Some models have a decorative appearance while others are sleek and modern. If you're interested in adding lighting to your room, pull chains are a good choice because they provide ample light and are easy to install.

Types of Pull Chains

There are several different kinds of pull chains. Single-bulb pull chains are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. Multiple-bulb pull chains are typically installed in hallways and stairwells. Decorative pull chains are popular in living rooms and bedrooms. Modern pull chains are designed to be sleek and streamlined. All these options give homeowners plenty of choices when choosing a pull chain light fixture.

Installation Tips

Installing a pull chain light fixture is simple. First, measure where you'd like the light to go. Next, cut the wire rope so that it fits snugly around the ceiling joist. Then, attach the hook end of the wire rope to the ceiling using screws. Finally, connect the other end of the wire rope to the electrical box. Once everything is wired correctly, screw down the cover plate and enjoy the added light!


Pull chains are versatile fixtures that fit into almost any room. Their ability to brighten up a dim hallway makes them ideal for stairs and entryways. In addition, they create a unique atmosphere in a bathroom or kitchen. Many homeowners choose pull chains because they are inexpensive and easy to install.