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Nine West Heels

NINE WEST womens Pruce Heeled Sandal, Natural Leather, 7.5...
  • Dress sandal with a two-piece silhouette, open toe, and wrapped block heel
  • Ankle strap with adjustable buckle closure.
  • Breathable man-made lining.
  • Lightly padded footbed provides added comfort.
Nine West Women's Tatiana Dress Pump, Natural (Light), 8.5
  • Pointed-toe dress pump with covered heel.
  • Easy slip-on wear.
  • Lightly cushioned man-made footbed.
Nine West Women's FIFTH9X Fifth Pointy Toe Pumps, Black Calf...
  • Leather lined upper for breathability
  • Extra padding for comfort
NINE WEST womens Astoria 9x9 Pump, Black Leather, 7.5 US
  • Slip-on style with leather lining and footbed, genuine suede or leather...
  • Features 9x9 comfort technology.
Nine West Women's Flax Pointed Toe Dress Pump, Black...
  • Pointed-toe pumps.
  • Available in a variety of different uppers including synthetic and leather...
  • Lightly cushioned man-made footbed.
  • Wrapped stiletto heel.
NINE WEST Women's FOLOWE Pump, Teal Blue Suede, 8
  • The Folowe pointed toe d'orsay pump is going to be a wardrobe essential for...
  • Pointed Toe
  • Slip on Closure
  • Imported
Nine West Women's PINA3 Heeled Sandal, Blush, 10
  • Simple yet trendy, the Pina heeled sandalsl are a must have for dressing up...
  • Open Toe
  • Ankle Wrap Closure
  • Imported
NINE WEST Women's SAIDSO Pump, Black, 7.5
  • Turn heads in the Saidso open toe pump. This trendy and sexy take on the...
  • Peep Toe
  • Slip on Closure
  • Imported
Nine West Women's PAXX Heeled Sandal, Black, 10
  • Simple yet stylish, the Paxx square toe dress sandal is perfect for any...
  • Square Open Toe
  • Buckle Closure
  • Imported

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Nine West Heels

What is the Purpose Of A Nine West Heels?

The 9 West Women's Heel has been designed with comfort in mind. The heel height is medium which gives you the perfect amount of support while walking. The leather upper ensures durability and long lasting quality. The sole is cushioned so you can walk comfortably in these shoes. The soft lining makes sure your feet stay comfortable throughout the day.

How To Wear Them

Wear them with jeans or skirts. If you're going somewhere formal, pair them with a dress or skirt. For everyday casual outfits, go with slacks and shorts. Don't forget to style them with a belt or scarf. Make sure to match your outfit with the color of your shoes.

Where Can I Get Them?

They are available online at You can also visit your local shoe store to purchase them.

Why Do People Love Them So Much?

There are many reasons why people love wearing 9 West Shoes. First, they provide great comfort. Second, they are durable. Third, they last longer than other brands. Fourth, they are affordable. Fifth, they are easy to maintain. Sixth, they give you a fashionable statement. Seventh, they are versatile. Eighth, they are classy. Ninth, they are timeless. Tenth, they are elegant.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Nine West Heels

Heels are a part of our daily lives. We put them on before we leave the house and take them off once we reach our destination. If you're planning on wearing high-heeled shoes, there are certain factors you must be aware of so you can purchase the right pair of shoes. Here are three important tips to remember when shopping for a pair of high heeled shoes.

Know Your Size

It's very easy to lose track of your shoe size while trying to fit into different pairs of shoes. To avoid making costly mistakes, always measure your foot with a tape measure. Then compare those measurements to the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Once you know your size, you can shop confidently knowing that you've found the perfect pair of shoes.

Choose a Comfortable Pair

Your feet deserve comfort too! High heel shoes are known to cause blisters, calluses, and other painful conditions. Choose a comfortable pair of shoes that fits well and feels good on your feet. Avoid shoes that pinch, rub, or chafe your toes. Also, choose a style that flatters your figure. For example, if you have long legs, opt for a stiletto; if you have short legs, go for a kitten heel. Whatever type of shoe you choose, make sure it looks great on you. Don't let fashion dictate your choice. Wear something that makes you happy.

Purchase Shoes That Fit Properly

Shoes that don't fit properly can lead to serious health problems. Make sure the shoes you purchase are designed specifically for your body shape. Look for shoes that are narrow enough to allow your toes room to spread wide. Also, check the length of the shoe. Too little height between the toe box and the ground could result in soreness and discomfort. Too much height could cause your ankle bone to bend awkwardly. Lastly, make sure the width of the shoe matches your foot. If you have a wider foot, select a narrower shoe. Conversely, if you have a smaller foot, choose a larger shoe.

Features To Look For When Buying A Nine West Heels

The most important thing to know before purchasing a pair of high-heeled shoes is whether or not you're comfortable wearing them. If you've never worn high-heeled shoes before, start with something simple like wedges or peep toe sandals. Once you become accustomed to the feeling of walking around in these types of footwear, you can graduate to more complicated styles. The key is to ease into the experience by starting small and building up gradually.

Heel Height

It's best to choose a heel height that fits comfortably within your shoe size range. Generally speaking, the higher the heel, the smaller the shoe size needed to accommodate it. So, if you normally wear a 7 1/2 inch wedge, you might be able to go down to a 6 3/4 inch heel. However, if you typically wear a 9 1/2 inch pump, you'd probably need to stick with a 10 inch heel.


There are many different materials available for making high-heeled shoes. Leather is still considered the standard material, although synthetic leather is becoming increasingly popular. Synthetic leather tends to be lighter weight and easier to maintain than leather. Some manufacturers also offer faux leather options which are very durable and easy to care for. Rubber soles are another option, especially if you plan to walk a lot while wearing your shoes. Rubber soles are great because they provide traction and grip on hard floors. But, they aren't recommended for indoor environments where there are carpets or other soft flooring.


High-heeled shoes come in many different designs. There are platform heels, stiletto heels, kitten heels, block heels, and so forth. Platform heels are flat platforms that extend above the sole of the shoe. Stilettos are pointed toes that accentuate the wearer's leg. Kitten heels are rounded toes that create a feminine appearance. Block heels are wedge shaped and give the illusion of being taller than they actually are. Each design has its advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to check out each style carefully before deciding which ones suit you best.


Most high-heeled shoes come in black, brown, red, blue, white, tan, or silver. Black is the classic color choice, but you can also find pink, purple, green, orange, yellow, gray, and metallic colors. Metallic hues are particularly fashionable right now. Many designers are offering shoes with glittery finishes, or shoes with gold accents. Gold is a traditional favorite among ladies who enjoy dressing up. Women who prefer darker shades of nail polish can opt for jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, and topaz yellow.


Before you purchase a pair of high-heeled shoes, take note of the fit. High-heeled shoes are designed to hug the foot tightly, creating a snug fit. Most stores carry several pairs of shoes in varying widths and heights. Try on a few pairs to see which one feels the most comfortable. Also, pay attention to the length of the shoe.

Different Types of Nine West Heels

The company was founded by Edward J. Filene who wanted to create fashionable yet comfortable shoes for working men. Today, the brand continues to be popular among celebrities and trendsetters alike. In addition to being a well-known shoe designer, Edward J. Filene is credited with creating the department store concept. His flagship store opened in Boston in 1913 and became famous for selling quality clothing and accessories at affordable prices.

Heel Height

The heel height of a pair of shoes refers to the distance between the bottom of the foot and the top of the shoe. However, there are many different styles of heeled shoes available including platform, wedge, block, stiletto, peep toe, and kitten heels. Platform shoes are designed so that the wearer appears taller and more slender. Wedge style shoes are typically worn with dresses or skirts while block style shoes are perfect for casual attire. Stilettos are extremely tall and pointy shoes that accentuate the female figure. Kitten heels are very small and flat shoes that are suitable for wearing with jeans or shorts. All these styles of shoes provide comfort and support for the feet.

Materials Used To Make Shoes

There are several materials used to manufacture shoes including leather, suede, canvas, plastic, mesh, and fabric. Leather is considered the most durable material because it lasts longer than other materials. Suede is soft and supple and is generally preferred by those who prefer a softer shoe. Canvas is another common type of material found in shoes. Mesh is a lightweight material that makes shoes breathable. Fabric is a flexible material that is commonly used in athletic shoes. Plastic is a synthetic material that is resistant to water and chemicals.

Types Of Shoe Design

Shoes can be classified into two categories based on design; open toe and closed toe. Open toe shoes are characterized by having no laces or fasteners tying together the front of the shoe. Closed toe shoes are tied together using shoestrings or laces. Both designs allow the wearer to adjust the fit of the shoe depending on the occasion. There are many variations of each category including slip on, lace ups, loafers, mules, wedges, sandals, boots, sneakers, and slippers. Slip on shoes are easy to put on and take off. Lace ups require the user to tie the laces before putting the shoe on. Loafers are classic dress shoes that are ideal for formal occasions. Mules are a combination of both open toe and closed toe shoes. Sandal and boot styles are great for warm weather activities. Sneakers are light weight running shoes that are appropriate for everyday wear. Boots are heavy duty winter boots that are ideal for outdoor activities. Slippers are loose fitting socks that cover the entire foot.