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Maxxair Fan

Maxx Air 00-07500K MaxxFan Deluxe with Remote - Smoke
  • Powerful 10-speed intake and exhaust fan
  • Thermostat to control room temperature
  • Provides over 900 CFM to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Fits all standard 14" x 14" roof openings. Open and close the vent lid by...
Maxxair 00-05100K MaxxFan Ventillation Fan with White Lid...
  • It has controls at ceiling
  • Thermostat
  • Built-in Rain shield
  • 10 fan speeds; Intake and exhaust
MAXXAIR 0007000K MaxxFan Deluxe Fan with Remote and White...
  • Powerful 10-speed intake and exhaust fan
  • Thermostat to control room temperature
  • Provides over 900 CFM to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Fits all standard 14" x 14" roof openings
Maxxair Vent Corp 00-06401K Maxxfan DLX Vent 12V Smoke
  • Fan Speed: 4 Speed
  • Lid Opening: Manual
  • Controls at Ceiling
  • Exhaust Only
Maxxair (00-04000K) 12V Roof Top Fan/Vent
  • Remote control models now include backup controls at ceiling, a MaxxFan...
  • Fan runs with lid closed to circulate air (Ceiling Fan Mode)
  • Flush mounted, easy to clean keypad controls fan speed, thermostat, air...
  • Installs into all standard 14 inch x 14 inch RV roof openings
Maxxair 00A04401K Smoke Roof Top MaxxFan with Mounting Tabs
  • Operates with lid closed to circulate air (Ceiling Fan Mode). Flush mounted...
  • Installs into all standard 14" x 14" RV roof openings
  • Powerful 4 speed motor
  • Provides over 900 CFM to keep you cool and comfortable
Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan, Commercial Grade for Garage, Shop,...
  • EXTREME OUTPUT - This is not your typical cheap wall mount fan. Made from...
  • EASY TO USE - With new frustration free packaging and easy assembly you...
  • RUGGED - Powder coated steel construction, premium motors, and tough...
  • SAFETY FIRST - OSHA compliant grills, 10 foot grounded power cords, 180...
Maxxair Corp 00A04301K Maxxfan Vent Std 14" Manual
  • Fan Speed: 4 Speed
  • Lid Opening: Manual
  • Controls at ceiling
  • Exhaust only
MaxxAir High Velocity Industrial Belt Drive Barrel Fan....
  • BELT DRIVE DRUM FAN: This 42 in. belt-drive fan from MaxxAir is a prudent...
  • HIGH VELOCITY FAN: It removes stale air and odors from the barn, gym,...
  • 2-SPEED PRO DRUM FAN: It is made of a rugged, 22-gauge steel powder-coated...
  • HEAVY DUTY FAN WARRANTY: It has dual ball bearing drive with reinforced...
MaxxAir BF30DD REDUPS 30-Inch Direct Drive Commercial Fan,...
  • 2-speed, thermally protected 1/3 HP PSC motor with a CFM of 5500/3850
  • Rugged, 22-gauge steel powder-coated housing
  • Rust resistant powder-coated grills
  • Convenient handle for easy portability

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Maxxair Fan

What is the Purpose Of A MaxxAir Fan?

MaxxAir fans are designed to be placed near the ceiling of rooms where air circulation is needed. The design of these fans creates a vortex effect which draws warm air down into the room. As the hot air rises, cool air moves in to replace it. In addition, the blades of the fan create a breeze which makes the room more comfortable.

How Does A MaxxAir Fan Work?

The main function of a maxxair fan is to circulate air around a room by creating a wind tunnel. Air flows downward through the center of the fan and upward along its sides. Because of the way the airflow works, the air inside the room becomes cooler and fresher. If there is no movement of air within the room, heat builds up and causes discomfort. With a maxxair fan, the air circulates so that the temperature remains constant throughout the room.

Benefits of Using a MaxxAir Fan

There are many benefits associated with using a maxxair fan. One benefit is that it reduces the amount of electricity required to run the unit. Another benefit is that it saves money because it does not require heating or cooling systems. Yet another benefit is that it improves indoor air quality. Indoor air pollution has been linked to numerous health problems including asthma, allergies, sinus infections, headaches, fatigue, and other respiratory ailments.

Where Can I Use a MaxxAir Fan?

Because of its ability to reduce humidity levels, a maxxair fan can be useful in areas where high humidity exists. For example, a maxxair fan could be beneficial in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, attics, bedrooms, closets, and storage spaces.

Is There Any Drawbacks To Using a MaxxAir Fan?

Although a maxxair fan is effective in reducing humidity levels, it cannot eliminate moisture entirely. Therefore, it is important to remember to open windows periodically during periods of heavy rain or snowfall. Also, if the room being cooled contains flammable materials, the maxxair fan must be turned off before turning on the lights.

Can I Install My Own MaxxAir Fans?

Yes! Although installing a maxxair fan is relatively easy, it is recommended that you hire someone who knows what he or she is doing. Installing a maxxair fan incorrectly can cause serious injury or death.

Are There Other Types of Fans That Are Similar To A MaxxAir Fan?

No. However, there are several types of fans that are similar to a maxxair fan. Some of these include ceiling fans, portable fans, and wall-mounted fans.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality MaxxAir Fan

MaxxAir fans are designed to be quiet and efficient. If you're looking for a fan with great features, then you've found the right product! With its sleek design and high-quality construction, the MaxxAir has everything you could ask for.


This fan comes equipped with many useful features including a built-in sensor which automatically adjusts speed according to room temperature. The fan is also equipped with three different modes; automatic, manual, and timer. In addition, there is a convenient LED light included so you can see exactly where the air is being blown. All these features ensure that you enjoy optimal comfort while using this fan.


With its durable material, this fan is sure to last for years to come. Its aluminum frame makes it sturdy enough to withstand daily usage, and its brushed finish ensures that it looks good too. The blades are constructed from stainless steel, making it strong and reliable. The motor is protected by a long lasting plastic housing, ensuring that it lasts longer than most other models.


Not only does this fan provide excellent performance, it is also very versatile. Thanks to its adjustable mounting bracket, you can mount the fan almost anywhere you'd like. Whether you choose to hang it on the wall, ceiling, or stand it upright, the MaxxAir offers maximum flexibility.


However, it doesn't skimp on quality either. For example, it includes a 5-year warranty, which is more than enough to cover any potential problems. Moreover, the manufacturer backs this model with a 1-year free replacement guarantee. So, whether you purchase this fan today or tomorrow, you know you'll receive top notch service.

Customer Service

In case you ever encounter any issues with your MaxxAir, customer support is always ready to assist you. Representatives are standing by 24/7 to answer any questions you might have regarding this product.

The features of a good air conditioner depend on its intended usage. If you're planning to install an AC unit in your house, there are certain factors you must take into consideration before making a purchase. The following are some of the most important aspects to think about when choosing an air conditioning unit.


It is very important to choose a size that suits your needs. Air conditioners with larger capacities are more efficient because they consume lesser power. However, smaller units are easier to handle and maintain. In addition, large capacity units require bigger spaces which might be inconvenient for homeowners who live in small apartments.


An air conditioner with high efficiency ratings consumes lower amounts of electricity. Higher SEER ratings mean that the machine uses less electrical power during summer months. Therefore, it saves money by using fewer kilowatt hours per month. Also, these models produce less noise and emit low levels of carbon dioxide. Hence, they are considered eco-friendly.


Before purchasing an air conditioner, check whether it comes with installation instructions. Most manufacturers provide detailed manuals that include step-by-step guides for installing the product. Make sure that you follow the manual carefully so that you avoid damaging the interior walls of your room. Moreover, ensure that the manufacturer offers warranty service for free repairs.


Check whether the air conditioner is durable enough to withstand frequent use. Some machines are designed to last longer while others are meant to serve only once. Choose a model that meets your requirements.


Finally, compare prices among different brands and models available in the market. There are many online stores where you can shop for quality products at affordable rates. Check the reviews posted by other customers regarding the performance of each brand. Then, decide based on your budget.

Different Types Of MaxxAir Fan

MaxxAir fans are designed with different features depending on the type of room where they're installed. The most common models include ceiling fans, wall mounted fans, floor standing fans, and portable fans. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we discuss the pros and cons of each type of MaxxAir fan so that you can choose which one best suits your needs.

Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan is probably the most popular type of air conditioner because it offers many benefits. First, these fans provide cooling by circulating cool air throughout the entire room. Second, they allow you to control the temperature of the room using only a single switch. Third, they eliminate drafts caused by open windows. Fourth, they give you more options when choosing the right size for your room. Finally, ceiling fans are easy to install and maintain. However, there are drawbacks too. For example, ceiling fans require electrical power, which could be expensive. Also, ceiling fans aren't very quiet. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, ceiling fans might disturb others. In addition, ceiling fans are hard to hide. Lastly, ceiling fans are difficult to remove and reinstall.

Wall Mounted Fans

Wall-mounted fans are great for rooms that are small or large. Wall-mounted fans are ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. They are also good choices for offices and living rooms. Because they hang directly above the room, wall-mounted fans circulate cool air evenly across the whole room. Unlike ceiling fans, wall-mounted fans are quieter and easier to install. However, they are harder to conceal. Also, wall-mounted fans take up more space than ceiling fans. Therefore, if you plan to put several fans in a room, you'd better go with ceiling fans.

Floor Standing Fans

Floor standing fans are perfect for larger spaces such as dining rooms, family rooms, and game rooms. Floor standing fans are typically taller than other types of fans. As a result, they create a stronger breeze that blows away dust particles and dirt. Also, floor standing fans are generally louder than smaller fans. Thus, if you want to enjoy a strong breeze while watching TV, listening to music, or reading, floor standing fans are the way to go.

Portable Fans

Portable fans are ideal for outdoor areas such as patios, balconies, porches, garages, and decks. Portable fans are also great for homes that lack central AC units. With portable fans, you can set the desired temperature and leave the rest to nature. Portable fans are also inexpensive and easy to store. However, they are not as powerful as ceiling fans or wall-mounted fans. Also, portable fans are loud and produce a lot of noise. So, if you plan to use portable fans outdoors, you'd better turn down the volume before going outside.

Remote Depth Control

With remote depth controls, you can adjust the speed of your fan according to the distance between the fan blades and the ground. Remote depth controls are especially useful for fans located near walls or ceilings. Most remote depth controls are equipped with two buttons.