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Kerosene Lamp

Stansport 127 Hurricane High Oil Lantern (Red, 12-Inch)
  • Durable 12 inch hurricane lantern is both decorative and functional for...
  • Classic glass globe lantern with protective wire, metal construction and...
  • Includes wick with control knob for fully adjustable brightness
  • Metal bail carry handle for easy portability attached hanging loop
Spuik Rustic Oil Lamp, Large Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp...
  • Glass product,10.3 inch tall,3/4'' inch flat wick.
  • Household necessity during power outages, holds 12 -ounce of fuel.
  • Thick glass Oil lantern with glass chimney, good light transmission and...
  • Oil lamps great choice for indoor use creating a romantic atmosphere!
Dietz #76 Original Oil Burning Lantern (Blue)
  • Brand New Oil Lantern
  • Includes Lamp Globe Burner and Wick Strip
  • Great for Camping
  • Burns for 11 hours
Lamplight Chamber Oil Lamp, White
  • Household necessity during power outages
  • Burns for up to 25 hours
  • Holds 12 -ounce of fuel
Shop4Omni Black Hurricane Kerosene Lantern Wedding Hanging...
  • Size: 12 Inches Tall (without handle up), Base Diameter is 5 1/2"
  • Glass Globe
  • Metal Body
  • Includes Long Wick
Shop4Omni Silver Hurricane Kerosene Oil Lantern Emergency...
  • Compact Size 8" Tall Kerosene Oil Lantern
  • Metal Body with Glass Globe
  • Adjustable Wick - Long Lasting
  • Great for Emergencies and Outdoor Parties
Rustic Oil Lamp Lantern Vintage Glass Kerosene Lamp...
  • ★Classic Rural kerosene lamp, Transparent glass lamshade, good light...
  • ★12.5'' Height vintage oil lamp great for creating everyday ambiance, A...
  • ★Holds 10 oz of fuel and oil lamp lantern burns for up to 24 hours.
  • ★Kerosene or standard lamp oil recommended, do not overfill, wick uses...
Oil Lamps for Indoor Use,Kerosene Lamp with Hurricane Glass...
  • 【Specifications and Materials】3.14×12.6 inches (bottom...
  • 【Easy to Use】The lampshade is made of hurricane glass,good light...
  • 【Recommended Fuel】Do not add more than 70% of the capacity to prevent...
  • 【Retro Design】The classic golden lamp holder and transparent windproof...
Lamplight 52664 Farmer's Lantern, Black, Original Version,...
  • Household necessity during power outages
  • Burns for up to 15 hours
  • Holds 5 -ounce of fuel
DNRVK Large Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp Lantern Vintage Oil...
  • ★Transparent glass lamshade, good light transmission and easy to clean.
  • ★Oil lamp great for creating everyday ambiance, A household necessity in...
  • ★Holds 11.19 oz of fuel and oil lamp lantern burns for up to 15 hours.
  • ★Composed of three parts,the body is very easy to fill, lamp body...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Kerosene Lamp

What Is The Purpose Of A Kerosene Lamp?

Kerosene lamps are very useful because they provide light during the night hours. In fact, these lamps are so important that we still use them today. People who live in rural areas rely heavily on kerosene lamps for lighting purposes. However, there are many other uses for kerosene lamps besides providing illumination. For example, kerosene lamps can be used as lanterns, flashlights, and signal lights.

How Do Keroese Lamps Work?

The most common type of kerosene lamp has two parts: the wick and the chimney. As the flame heats the wick, the heat travels down into the base of the lamp. Then, the hot air rises up the chimney which forces the smoke out of the top of the lamp. This creates a steady stream of smoke that fills the room with a pleasant aroma.

Benefits of Using a Kerosene Lamp

There are several benefits associated with using a kerosene lamp. First, kerosene lamps produce more light per unit of fuel than candles or oil lamps. Second, kerosene lamps are inexpensive compared to electric bulbs. Third, kerosene lamps last longer than either candles or oil lamps. Fourth, kerosene lamps burn cleaner than both candles and oil lamps. Fifth, kerosene lamps are safer than candles or oil lamps. Finally, kerosene lamps are easy to operate. All you need to do is fill the tank with kerosene and turn the wick clockwise until the flame appears. Once the flame turns blue, you know that the lamp is ready to go.

Types of Kerosene Lamps

There are three types of kerosene lamps available today: the paraffin lamp, the alcohol lamp, and the propane lamp. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Paraffin Lamp

This is probably the oldest form of kerosene lamp. Paraffin lamps consist of a glass jar filled with kerosene. To start burning, you simply pour kerosene into the bottom of the jar and set the wick upright inside the jar. The wick slowly starts to absorb the kerosene and begins to glow. After the wick glows brightly enough, you remove the wick and replace it with another piece of wood. This process continues until the entire jar is empty.

Alcohol Lamp

These lamps are popular among campers and outdoorsmen. Alcohol lamps are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are typically made of metal and include a glass chimney. An alcohol lamp consists of a glass container with a wick placed inside. The wick absorbs the kerosene and produces a bright flame. Unlike a paraffin lamp, an alcohol lamp does not require refilling. Instead, you must only refill the reservoir once the wick becomes too short to properly ignite the kerosene.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Kerosene Lamp

Kerosene lamps are very useful because they provide light during the night hours. If you're going camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, or anything else where you might be outside at night, a good kerosene lamp is essential. There are many different types of kerosene lamps available today, so choosing the right type depends on several factors. First, you must decide whether you plan to use the lamp primarily indoors or outdoors. Outdoor lamps typically require more power than indoor ones. Second, you must choose between a standard lamp with a reflector and a spotlight. Finally, you must determine whether you prefer a tall lamp or a short one. All these decisions affect which kind of lamp you select.

Types of Lamps

There are two main categories of kerosene lamps: those designed for outdoor use and those designed for indoor use. For example, there are lanterns, oil burners, and portable camp stoves. Lanterns are ideal for lighting paths and trails while camping. Oil burners are great for cooking food outdoors. Portable camp stoves allow you to cook inside tents and other shelters.

In addition, there are three kinds of kerosene lamps: standard, spotlight, and tall. Standard lamps produce a broad beam of light; spotlights create a narrow cone of light; and tall lamps produce a long, thin beam of light.

Most kerosene lamps are designed for either outdoor or indoor use. Some outdoor lamps include a windscreen to block rain and snow. Others include a chimney to direct smoke away from the flame. Most indoor lamps have no special features. However, some indoor lamps have a glass lens that protects the flame from dust and dirt. Other indoor lamps have a metal hood that directs heat upward and prevents moisture from condensing onto the bulb. Still others have a metal base that holds the lamp securely in place. Some outdoor lamps have a metal base that makes them easier to carry around. Many outdoor lamps have a wick-type fuel tank that stores enough fuel to last for weeks. Some outdoor lamps have a built-in regulator that controls the amount of gas released into the burner. Some outdoor lamps have a thermostat that automatically turns the lamp off when the temperature drops below freezing.

Lanterns and oil burners are both standard lamps. Spotlights are designed specifically for outdoor use. They are smaller than standard lamps and have a narrower beam of light. Because of their size, spotlights are best suited for illuminating small areas. Tall lamps are generally too large to fit comfortably in most vehicles. Therefore, they are mainly used by hikers and hunters who wish to illuminate larger spaces. Tall lamps are also suitable for use indoors. They are commonly found in homes and offices.

Some kerosene lamps are tall and slender. Others are shorter and thicker. Tall lamps are generally preferred by hobbyists and collectors. They are also popular among photographers and videographers. Short lamps are more convenient for everyday use. They are easy to handle and transport. Short lamps are also safer to operate because they are easier to control.

Features To Look For When Buying A Kerosene Lamp

Kerosene lamps are very popular because they provide light with little effort. The main drawback of these lamps is that they produce smoke which makes them hazardous to breathe. However, there are many features that you must be aware of before purchasing a kerosene lamp. Here are some tips to help you choose the right lamp for your needs.

The Size

Before choosing a size, think about where you plan to put the lamp. If you're going to hang it on the wall, make sure it has enough room for hanging. Also, check whether the base fits into the socket properly. Make sure that the bulb doesn't fall out during operation.


Check the safety features of the lamp. Some lamps include a glass chimney while others have no chimneys. Check the type of wick and see if it burns well. In addition, ensure that the flame does not go beyond the top of the chimney. Finally, make sure that the lamp cannot be turned on accidentally by children or pets.

Lighting Quality

Look closely at the quality of lighting provided by the lamp.


Make sure that the lamp is durable.


Don't pay more than necessary. Remember that you can always purchase another lamp later on.

Different Types of Kerosene Lamp

Kerosene lamps are still very popular among many households today because of its low price and ease of operation. However, there are different kinds of kerosene lamps available in the market.

Paraffin Lamps - Paraffin lamps are commonly known as "candle" lamps. The main advantage of paraffin lamps is that they burn more efficiently than other kerosene lamps. Also, they produce light with lower heat output compared to other lamps. But, the disadvantage of using paraffin lamps is that they require frequent refilling due to evaporation of the fuel.

Alcohol Lamps - Alcohol lamps are another type of kerosene lamps which uses alcohol as a fuel source. Unlike paraffin lamps, alcohol lamps generate higher heat output and therefore consume less oil per hour. In addition, unlike paraffin lamps, alcohol lamps cannot be operated by wind power alone. Therefore, they must be equipped with a chimney to draw air into the flame chamber.

Types of Kerosene Lamps

There are two major categories of kerosene lamps: portable and stationary. Portable kerosene lamps are designed to be carried around while stationary ones are fixed to the wall. Both of these categories are further divided into several subcategories based on design features.

Candles - Candles are generally small and round shaped kerosene lamps. They are ideal for indoor use. Candles are inexpensive and easy to operate.

Flashlights - Flashlights are large sized kerosene lamps that are designed to provide illumination outdoors. They are mainly used during camping trips, hunting expeditions, fishing excursions, etc.

Benefits of Using Kerosene Lamps

The benefits of using kerosene lamps are numerous. First, kerosene lamps are relatively safe to use since they emit only smoke rather than fire. Second, kerosene lamps are affordable. Third, kerosene lamps are environmentally friendly. Fourth, kerosene lamps are efficient. Fifth, kerosene lamps are simple to operate. Sixth, kerosene lamps are long lasting.