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Hourglass Mascara

Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara. Defining and...
  • UNLOCKED INSTANT EXTENSIONS MASCARA. Get the look of lash extensions in an...
  • FEATURES. The molded brush targets every individual lash delivering instant...
  • HOW TO USE. Starting at the base of the lashes, pull mascara brush through...
  • FORMULATED WITHOUT. Hourglass products are formulated without harmful...
Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara (Black) - .12 oz....
  • Packaging: Unboxed, individually bagged
  • Condition: Brand NEW
Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara. Volumizing and...
  • CAUTION EXTREME LASH MASCARA. An all-in-one mascara that delivers endless...
  • FEATURES. The 4D Amplifier brush combines 2 brushes in 1 to deliver volume,...
  • HOW TO USE. Starting at the base of the lashes, pull mascara brush through...
  • FORMULATED WITHOUT. Hourglass products are formulated without harmful...
Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara Onyx 0.35 oz
  • Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara Onyx 0.35 oz
Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer | 2-in-1...
  • New look, same great formula; packaging may vary
  • Award-winning, bestselling double-sided mascara plus lash primer for...
  • Ophthalmologist Tested
  • Cruelty free
Maybelline Sky High Volumizing & Lengthening Washable...
  • Lengthening Mascara: This volumizing washable mascara formula is infused...
  • Lash Extension Brush: Features our exclusive Flex Tower mascara brush that...
  • It's All in the Eyes: Subtle lines, smokey vibes, custom brow looks,...
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Vivienne Sabó Paris - Classic Everyday Mascara Cabaret...
  • THE SECRET TO FRENCH BEAUTY. This everyday classic mascara provides DEFINED...
  • CLUMP FREE & LIGHTWEIGHT for a soft, natural look. SMUDGE PROOF & LONG...
  • EASY TO APPLY with our petite wand that coats every lash. EASY TO REMOVE...
  • CRUELTY FREE: Our products are NEVER tested on animals.
ILIA - Limitless Lash Mascara | Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free,...
  • A Clean Mascara That Goes Above + Beyond The Expectations Of Any Mascara
  • Buildable + Flake-Free, Limitless Lash Mascara Lifts, Curls, Lengthens &...
  • This Lightweight + Nourishing Formula Is Made With A Blend Of Organic Bee +...
  • 99% Naturally-Derived, 25% Organic, Cruelty-Free

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Hourglass Mascara

What Is The Purpose Of An Hour Glass Mascara?

An hour glass mascara is designed to give lashes volume and length. In addition to lengthening lashes, these mascaras also thicken lashes by adding more pigment to each individual lash. Most hour glass mascaras contain ingredients that promote growth, which makes them ideal for women who suffer from thinning hair.

How Does An Hour Glass Mascara Work?

Hour glasses mascaras contain pigments that coat each individual lash with color. As the eye moves across the lash line, the colors blend together creating a beautiful effect. Because of its unique design, an hour glass mascara gives your eyes a fuller appearance while still maintaining natural-looking eyelashes.

Benefits of Using An Hour Glass Mascara

The benefits of using an hour glass mascara include increased thickness and fullness of lashes. Many women report seeing results within days of applying the product. Another benefit of using an hour glass mascara is that it doesn't clump or flake. If you're tired of smudging mascara throughout the day, an hour glass mascara is perfect for you because it stays put during the day.

Where Can You Find An Hour Glass Mascara?

This type of mascara is available online and in department stores. Some brands sell both regular and hour glass versions of the same mascara. For example, Maybelline has two different types of mascaras called "Lash Blast" and "Lash Surge." Both products are designed to create thickening effects on lashes.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using An Hour Glass Mascara?

While many women enjoy the added volume and length that comes along with using an hour glass mascara, others experience problems with clumping. If you notice clumps forming around your eyes, simply remove them with makeup remover before reapplying the mascara.

Tips for Applying An Hour Glass Mascara

To apply an hour glass mascara, start at the base of your upper lashes and brush upward toward the outer corners of your eyes. Make sure to avoid brushing too close to your eyebrows. Next, sweep downward toward the inner corner of your eyes. Finally, repeat the process on the lower half of your lashes.

Which Type Of Lash Curler Do You Prefer?

There are several different types of curlers available today. One popular option is the wand style curling iron. However, there are other options including heated plates, plastic rods, and brushes. Each method works differently so choose the one that best suits your needs.

Do You Have Questions About Which Type Of Curl Iron Works Best With Your Hair Texture?

Ask our experts! Our team members are here to answer questions about everything related to curly hair care. We've been helping customers since 2006 and we know exactly what works best for your curls.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Hourglass Mascara

Mascaras are important tools in women’s beauty arsenal because they give us the ability to create beautiful eyelashes. However, there are many types of mascaras available today and choosing the right type of mascara depends largely upon personal preference. There are two main categories of mascaras; water-based and oil based. Water-based mascaras contain ingredients which allow the product to be applied with ease and quickly dry into a long lasting formula. Oil-based mascaras provide more volume and length to lashes. Both types of mascaras have pros and cons. For example, oil-based mascaras tend to clump together while water-based ones flake off too soon. In order to choose the best mascara for your needs, here are five tips to follow when shopping for a good mascara.

Waterproof mascaras are ideal for those who suffer from allergies or sensitive eyes. If you experience eye irritation, redness, or swelling, these products are perfect for you. While most mascaras claim to be waterproof, only a few actually deliver on their promise. To ensure that your mascara stays put throughout the day, opt for a waterproof formula. Some brands include “water resistant” on the label, so check carefully before making a purchase.

There are several different styles of brushes available. Most mascaras come packaged with either a single large round brush or multiple small individual bristles. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Large round brushes apply the product evenly across the entire lid. Smaller bristle brushes are great for creating defined curls and separating lashes. If you prefer natural looking lashes, go with a smaller brush. If you want dramatic results, go with a larger brush. Make sure to test each brand of mascara by applying it onto a piece of paper towel. Then, gently rub the brush back and forth along the paper towel to see how well the mascara coats the fibers. Do not use a makeup remover to remove the mascara. Doing so could cause the fibers to become tangled and difficult to separate.

Features To Look For When Buying An Hourglass Mascara

An hourglass shape is one of the most popular mascaras because it gives lashes length and volume while still maintaining natural-looking curls. The best hourglasses are those with long wand tips so that you can apply more product per stroke. If you're going for a dramatic effect, opt for a black color; however, if you prefer subtlety, go for a light pink shade.

How Do You Know Which One Is Right For You?

The key features to look for when choosing an hourglass mascara include brush size, number of coats, and applicator type. Brush size refers to the diameter of the bristles on the brush. Larger brushes allow you to coat each individual lash, giving you a fuller appearance.

Coat Number

Most brands recommend two coats of mascara. However, there are exceptions. Some mascaras only require one coat, while others suggest three. In general, though, a second coat is recommended.

Applicator Type

There are several types of applicators available. Most mascaras have round wands, although some have tapered ones. Tapered wands are great for creating a soft curl. Round wands create a bolder curl. Both styles are useful depending on what kind of look you're trying to achieve.

Where Can You Find Them?

Mascaras are sold in department stores, drugstores, beauty supply shops, and online retailers. Make sure you read reviews before purchasing.

Different Types of Hourglass Mascara

Hourglass mascaras are great because they give volume with no clumping. The best part is that these mascaras last longer than other brands. There are many different kinds of hourglass mascaras available today. Some contain more ingredients while others have fewer. All of them promise to create long lasting lashes. Let’s take a closer look at each type of hourglass mascara.

Volume Mascaras

These mascaras are designed to coat the eyelashes evenly so that they appear thicker and fuller. They are perfect for those who want to achieve dramatic results. Volume mascaras typically contain synthetic fibers that trap air between the strands of hair making them appear larger. Most of these products include polymers and waxes that hold onto moisture and seal in color. Many of these mascaras also contain preservatives to extend shelf-life. However, there are several drawbacks to using volume mascaras. First, most of them leave behind a sticky residue that makes eyes watery. Second, they can be difficult to remove. Finally, they only provide temporary coverage. If you plan to go swimming or sweating, you might end up with smudged makeup.

Lash Lifting Mascaras

This type of mascara is ideal for women who want to lift their lashes. Lash lifting mascaras are formulated to separate individual lashes. They are generally thinner than volume mascaras. Their main ingredient is silicone oil. Silicone oils are known for being gentle and non-irritating. Because of this, they are safe for sensitive skin. In addition, silicone oils are very effective at separating lashes. As a result, they are able to lengthen lashes by creating a natural separation between them. While these mascaras are easy to apply, they require frequent reapplication. To avoid smudging, it is important to apply the product before going outside.

Mascara Primers

Primer is another name for basecoat. Basecoats are thin layers of liquid applied directly to the eye prior to applying mascara. They allow the mascara to adhere properly. They also reduce flaking and smearing. Since primers are thin, they are easier to blend into the roots of the lashes. They are especially helpful for those who experience dryness around the eyes. For instance, if you suffer from allergies, you might notice redness around your eyes. This could indicate that your lashes are suffering from dryness. Using a primer will ensure that your lashes stay moisturized throughout the day.

Smudge Proof Mascaras

Smudge proof mascaras are specially formulated to resist running and smudging. They are particularly useful for those who travel frequently. Smudge proof mascaras are also good for those who sweat a lot. They are waterproof and resistant to heat. Even though they are waterproof, they still let you see where you put them. That way, you know whether you've got enough product left.