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Flos Lighting

LSE Lighting UV Bulb 11W for Laguna Pressure Flo Filter 700...
  • Brand: LSE Lighting - EPA Est. No. 96823-PA-1
  • Length: 8 3/4" Long
  • Base: 4Pin Lamp T5 Ceramic Base [4pin on one End]
  • Glass Type: Quartz Glass Tube - 11W - Life: 10,000hrs - Provides Superior...
Flos Bellhop Table Lamp LED 2.5W 2700K USB Rechargeable 24...
  • Flos Bellhop LED lamp with rechargeable battery and dimmable light,...
  • Property: 100-240 V
  • Voltaggio in uscita: 5 VOLT DC
  • Lunghezza in mm: 210
LSE Lighting UV Bulb 25W for Laguna Pressure Flo Filter 3200...
  • Brand: LSE Lighting - EPA Est. No. 96823-PA-1
  • Length: 17 1/2" - Base: 4Pin Lamp T5 Ceramic Base [4pin on one End]
  • Glass Type: Quartz Glass Tube - 25W - Life: 10,000hrs
  • This UV Lamp by LSE Lighting Brand is 100% compatible for use with Laguna...
Set Lighting Technician's Handbook: Film Lighting Equipment,...
  • Focal Press
  • Box, Harry (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 616 Pages - 08/02/2010 (Publication Date) - Routledge (Publisher)
Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED Video Light and...
  • Powerful & Versatile Light: With 240 White And 240 Yellow Leds, Each Light...
  • Customizable Lighting: Use The Control Knobs To Set The Brightness From 0...
  • Sturdy Material & Sleek Design: Made Of Aluminum Alloy, The Casing And...
  • Adjustable Light Stand: The Aluminum Alloy Light Stand Is Durable Yet...
BOKT Gold Adjustable Track Lighting 3 Light Modern Ceiling...
  • Design and Material: the ceiling lights are made of metal with a adjustable...
  • Dimensions:the diameter of the light is about 29.5 inches,and the height of...
  • Easy And Quick Installation Design:All our products come with a convenient...
  • Bulb Requirements:Our products are compatible with incandescent, LED, CFL...
ET2 E24591-93PC Swank Metal Band on Clear Acrylic / Frosted...
  • SWANK PENDANT LIGHT DIMENSIONS: 5.5" High (127.75" Max Adjustable Height) x...
  • LIGHTING: 6 Watt PCB Integrated LED Bulb, Bulb(s) Included; Dimmable with...
  • INSTALLATION: Installable on Sloped Ceiling up to 70 Degrees; Hardware to...
  • Approved for DRY Locations
Disney Pixar Cars Flo's V8 Cafe Poster Graphic T-Shirt
  • Officially Licensed Disney Pixar Cars Tee Shirt
  • 18PXCR00003A
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
Lighting for Digital Video and Television
  • Jackman, John (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 294 Pages - 06/03/2020 (Publication Date) - Routledge (Publisher)
Tiella 800CBL5PN, Accent Electronic Low Volt Surface Track...
  • TLA-Accent Cable Kit 5 Head,mn
  • System - Monorail
  • Category - Monorail Hardware
  • Finish - Matte Nickel

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Flos Lighting

What Is The Purpose Of A Florescent Lighting?

Florescent lights are commonly found in offices, homes, schools, restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, factories, and other places where light is needed. Fluorescent bulbs emit low-intensity white light which makes them ideal for reading, working, studying, cooking, and many other activities. Because fluorescent lamps produce very little heat, they're great for areas with high ceilings or large open spaces because there's no danger of overheating.

How Do Fluorescent Lights Work?

Fluorescent tubes contain mercury vapor inside glass envelopes. As electricity passes through these tubes, electrons collide with atoms of mercury causing the mercury atoms to release ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet rays pass through the tube walls into the room creating visible light. Since most of the ultraviolet radiation is absorbed by the mercury atoms, only a small amount reaches the surrounding air. Therefore, fluorescent lights create a soft glow rather than a harsh glare.

Benefits of Using Fluorescent Light

The main benefit of using fluorescents is that they provide more natural light than incandescent bulbs. Incandescents give off a yellowish tint while fluorescents are whiter and brighter. In addition, fluorescent lights last longer than traditional bulbs. Most fluorescent bulbs last 10 years while incandescent bulbs typically burn out within 6 months. Also, since fluorescent bulbs are safer than regular bulbs, they are recommended for children's rooms and bathrooms.

Types of Fluorescent Bulbs

There are two types of fluorescent bulbs available today. CFLs are smaller than LFLs and therefore consume less power. However, CFLs require special ballasts to operate properly. Linear fluorescent bulbs are larger than compact fluorescent bulbs and are designed to be hung above fixtures. Both types of bulbs are widely used in commercial settings due to their efficiency and long lifespan.

Safety Considerations

Although fluorescent bulbs are safe, proper installation is important. If you install a bulb incorrectly, you could cause serious injury to yourself or others. Always read the instructions carefully before installing a bulb. Make sure the fixture has been tested for safety prior to purchasing the bulb. Never touch the hot parts of the bulb during installation. Use caution when removing old bulbs and always dispose of them safely.

Where Can I Find Fluorescent Lights?

Most major retailers sell both compact and linear fluorescent bulbs. For example, Home Depot sells both kinds of bulbs along with replacement bulbs. Check local hardware stores as well. Many cities now require that certain buildings replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent ones. Some states mandate that public school classrooms must switch to fluorescent bulbs.

Florescent lights are very popular because they provide bright light with minimal heat. However, there are many different types of fluorescent bulbs available today. Some of these bulbs produce more light than others. There are several factors to take into consideration before making a purchase. First, you must decide whether you want incandescent or fluorescents. Fluorescent bulbs last longer than incandescents, which makes them a good choice for long-term projects. Incandescent bulbs burn out quickly and require frequent replacement. CFLs are smaller and consume less power than regular incandescent bulbs. Third, you must determine whether you prefer warm white or cool white bulbs. Warm white bulbs give off a yellowish glow while cool white bulbs emit a bluish hue. Finally, you must select the type of fixture you'd like to install. If you're installing a ceiling fan, you'll need a ballast. Ballasts convert electricity to direct current so that fans operate properly.

Lighting Tools

There are two main categories of lighting fixtures: recessed and track. Recessed fixtures are installed inside a hollow wall cavity. Track lighting consists of multiple fixtures connected together by a metal track. Both types of fixtures allow you to adjust the height of the light source above the floor. Adjustable sockets are another option. These sockets allow you to raise or lower the bulb depending on where the socket is located. Another important factor to consider is the wattage rating of the bulb. Bulbs rated higher watts generally produce brighter illumination. For example, 100W bulbs produce approximately 10 times the amount of light compared to 50W bulbs.

Home Improvement

For most homeowners, replacing old lighting fixtures with modern ones is an excellent way to update the appearance of their homes. Many modern styles include sleek designs, glass shades, and LED technology. In addition, many newer models are designed to be dimmable, allowing you to control the brightness of the bulbs according to your needs. Homeowners who live in areas with harsh weather conditions should invest in outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting systems can withstand extreme temperatures and humidity levels. Additionally, outdoor lighting fixtures can be placed anywhere around the house including near windows, patios, porches, garages, and driveways.

Improvement Lighting

In order to create a comfortable environment indoors, you'll need adequate lighting. Whether you're working on a project in your basement, garage, kitchen, or living room, proper lighting is essential. Proper lighting can improve safety, productivity, and overall comfort. To ensure that you've got enough light, measure the square footage of each room in your home. Then multiply the total number of feet squared by eight. That figure represents the approximate amount of footcandles needed per square foot.

Quality vs Price

It's easy to fall prey to low prices when shopping for lighting products. However, you shouldn't compromise quality for price alone. High quality lighting fixtures are built to last. They typically contain sturdy materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and stainless steel.

Features To Look For When Buying A Florescent Lighting

Florescent lights are very popular because they provide bright light with low heat output. However, there are many features to be aware of before purchasing a fluorescent bulb. The following list includes important information regarding these bulbs.

Lighting Type

CFLs are more efficient than incandescents, so they last longer. Incandescents still produce enough light to illuminate rooms, however, they require more electricity to operate. If you're concerned about saving money, choose CFLs.

Color Temperature

The color temperature of a light source determines its appearance. Warm colors appear redder while cool colors appear bluer. Color temperatures range between 2700K-6500K. Most household lights run around 3000K. Cooler colors are preferred by artists who prefer cooler tones. Some people prefer warmer colors, which makes objects appear brighter. There are no rules to follow when choosing a color temperature. Choose whichever looks best to you.

Lamp Life

This refers to the length of time the bulb lasts before needing replacement. Lamps typically last 10 years or more. Many manufacturers claim a lifetime of 15 years or more. In reality, most bulbs fail within three years. Therefore, purchase a quality product that has a long warranty period.


Most homes receive 120 volts AC power. Fluorescent bulbs must be operated using either 12 volt DC or 24 volt DC. If you plan to install a fixture outside, check whether the voltage required is 110 VAC or 220 VAC.


Fluorescent bulbs vary greatly in wattages. The higher the wattage, the greater amount of illumination produced. Bulbs rated 100 watts or lower generally consume less electricity than those rated 200 watts or higher.


Some fixtures allow dimming control. Dimmers reduce the brightness of the bulb by varying the current flow to the bulb. Dimmers are useful for reading or working in areas where ambient light levels are too high.

Safety Rating

Many bulbs contain mercury. Mercury poses health risks if inhaled or ingested. Safety ratings indicate the amount of mercury contained in each bulb. Ratings range from 1 to 4 stars. The higher the number, the safer the bulb.

Energy Star

Energy star products meet strict guidelines set forth by the government. Energy star certification indicates that the product meets certain efficiency standards. Products certified as energy star are designed to conserve energy.


Manufacturers certify products based upon performance criteria. Certification ensures that the manufacturer maintains quality control procedures during production. Certifications include UL, ETL, CSA, CE, FCC, RoHS, and others.


Make sure that the type of socket you intend to use matches the type of bulb you purchased.

Different Types of Florescent Lighting

There are many different types of fluorescent light bulbs available today. The most common type is called "T12" which stands for 12-inch tube. T5 lamps are smaller versions of these tubes. Fluorescent lights are very efficient because they emit more visible light than incandescent bulbs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, CFLs last longer than HIDs and are easier to install. But HIDs produce brighter light with greater color temperature. Metal halides produce the brightest white light with the least amount of heat.

Types of Fluorescent Lights

The main differences between each type of bulb are the shape of the glass envelope, the size of the filament inside, and the way the electricity passes through the bulb.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs - Compact fluorescent lights are small enough to fit into standard fixtures. They contain mercury vapor gas and operate by passing current through two electrodes. One electrode emits electrons while the other collects them. As the electrons pass through the gas, they create ultraviolet radiation. This UV radiation causes phosphors to glow giving off visible light.

High Intensity Discharge Lamp - High intensity discharge lamps are long slender tubes containing argon gas. Inside the tube is a tungsten wire surrounded by another thin coating of molybdenum. An electrical arc jumps across the gap between the wires causing the gases to ionize creating intense light.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lights provide excellent illumination for reading and working. They're easy to replace and maintain. They consume less power than traditional incandescant bulbs. They give off little heat so they aren't harmful to children or pets. They require no special wiring or installation. There are some drawbacks though. Because they generate less heat than incandescent bulbs, they must be placed farther away from objects that could burn. Also, fluorescent bulbs cannot be dimmed. If you need to adjust the brightness of the room, you'll have to change the entire fixture. Another drawback is that they only last around 10 years before needing replacement.