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Dr Scholls Boots

Dr. Scholl's Shoes womens Teammate Ankle Boot, Black Smooth,...
  • Be Energized insole with all-day comfort, cushioning and shock absorption...
  • Slip-on fit with stretch twin gore panels for extra flexibility
  • Micro suede upper
  • STYLE: Sleek and versatile silhouette with a 2 inch block heel
Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Dakota Boot, Black Microfiber...
  • Faux suede ankle boot with lace-up vamp and stacked wedge heel
Dr. Scholl's Shoes womens Rate Ankle Boot, Black Perforated...
  • Memory Foam Cool Fit insole designed for all-day comfort.
  • Deep chop outs at side and back tab for easy fit.
Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Trix Ankle Boot, Black, 7.5
  • SUSTAINABLY CRAFTED: Eco-conscious fabric toe box, linings and topcloth...
  • MATERIALS: Faux leather or microfiber made from recycled bottles with soft,...
  • FIT: Slip-on fit with inside zip and back pull tab for easy on/off.
  • SUSTAINABLE COMFORT: Insole Technology with anatomical cushioning, comfort...
Dr. Scholl's Shoes womens Laurence Ankle Boot, Black...
  • SUSTAINABLY CRAFTED: Soft linings and microsuede made from recycled...
  • MATERIALS: Microsuede or fabric made from recycled bottles with soft,...
  • FIT: Lace-up front with back zip and pull tab.
  • SUSTAINABLE COMFORT: Insole Technology with anatomical cushioning, comfort...
Dr. Scholl's Shoes womens Brilliance Riding Boot, Whiskey,...
  • Memory foam cool fit insole
  • Inside full zip with finished pull
  • Decorative matte finish buckle
  • Available in wide calf
Dr. Scholl's Shoes womens Create Ankle Boot, Black...
  • Be Energized insole with all-day comfort, cushioning, shock absorption...
  • Flexible, durable sole.
  • 2 and 1/4 inch stacked wedge heel.
Dr. Scholl's Shoes Men's Charge Slip-Resistant Work Boot,...
  • Cushioning insole designed for comfort with gel cushion at the heel for...
  • Durable and lightweight outsole.
Dr. Scholl's Shoes womens Brief -Ankle Ankle Boot, Black...
  • Memory Foam Cool Fit insole.
  • Elastic and side zip for easy fit
Dr. Scholl's womens Rate Zip Booties Ankle Boot, Black...
  • Perforated faux suede or printed faux suede upper
  • Pull-on
  • Be free Energy Technology insole

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Dr Scholls Boots

What Is The Purpose Of A Dr Scholls Boots?

Their products include running shoes, hiking boots, snowboard boots, tennis shoes, and more. In fact, Dr Scholls was the first company to introduce a shoe with a polyurethane sole. Today, Dr Scholls makes many different types of footwear including athletic, casual, dress, and winter styles.

Why Do People Wear Dr Scholls Shoes?

People choose to wear Dr Scholls because they know that these shoes provide comfort and support. There are so many reasons why people love wearing Dr Scholls shoes. For starters, Dr Scholls offers a wide variety of styles and colors. If you're looking for something comfortable yet fashionable, Dr Scholls has got you covered! Another reason people love wearing Dr Scholls shoes is because they fit well. Many customers report that Dr Scholls shoes fit true to size. No matter what type of foot shape you have, Dr Scholls shoes will be perfect for you. Also, Dr Scholls shoes are extremely durable. Most customers say that their Dr Scholls shoes last longer than other brands. Finally, Dr Scholls shoes are affordable. Unlike most companies who charge high prices for their shoes, Dr Scholls sells its products at reasonable rates.

How To Choose A Pair Of Dr Scholls Shoes

There are several factors to take into consideration before purchasing Dr Scholls shoes. First, you must decide whether you prefer a low-top style or a mid-top style. Next, you must determine which color best suits your personality. Lastly, you must think about the price tag. Remember that Dr Scholls shoes aren't expensive, but they are worth every penny.

The Benefits Of Wearing Dr Scholls Shoes

Wearing Dr Scholls shoes gives you a lot of benefits. One benefit is that Dr Scholls shoes give you great support. Since Dr Scholls uses a special material called "polyurethane", your feet will stay dry and warm during cold weather conditions. Additionally, Dr Scholls shoes are very flexible. As long as you follow proper care instructions, your Dr Scholls shoes will remain in good condition. Finally, Dr Scholls shoes are easy to put on and remove. Because there isn't a lacing system, you can simply slip your foot inside the shoe. Once you've laced up the shoe, you can walk around freely without worrying about getting tangled up.

Where Can You Find Dr Scholls Shoes?

Today, Dr Scholls shoes are available online and in retail stores across North America. However, if you live outside of North America, you might have trouble finding Dr Scholls shoes. Fortunately, you can purchase Dr Scholls shoes directly from their website. Just visit From here, you can browse by category and select the pair of Dr Scholls shoes that you'd like to order.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Dr Scholls Boots

Their products include hiking boots, trail runners, casual sneakers, dress shoes, and more. If you're interested in owning a pair of Dr Scholls' boots, here are a few reasons why you should purchase a high-quality pair.

They Are Made With Care

All Dr Scholls' boots are handcrafted with great care. Each pair is carefully inspected before being shipped to ensure that each shoe meets its customers expectations. In addition, Dr Scholls offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products so that you know that you can always return your product if something goes wrong.

They Have Good Durability

Dr Scholls makes sure that their boots last by using only premium materials. All of their leather uppers are tanned in Italy while their soles are crafted in Spain. Because these materials are chosen specifically because of their durability, you can be assured that your Dr Scholls boots will stand the test of time.

They Offer Great Comfort

Dr Scholls knows that comfort is important. That's why they design their boots to fit comfortably right away. Whether you're wearing your Dr Scholls boots around town or during long hikes, you'll enjoy walking in a comfortable pair of Dr Scholls boots.

They Look Stylish

Dr Scholls understands that fashion plays a big role in our lives. So, they've designed their boots to match many different styles. From classic black lace ups to trendy slip ons, there's a style for everyone!

They Can Be Worn Anywhere

Whether you're going camping, running errands, or heading into the city, Dr Scholls boots allow you to go anywhere comfortably. No matter where you plan on taking your Dr Scholls boots, you can count on them to provide excellent support and comfort.

Features To Look For When Buying A Dr Scholls Boots

Their products include hiking boots, running shoes, tennis shoes, sandals, and more. The company was founded by George W. Scholl who wanted to create comfortable walking shoes with superior traction. He succeeded and his business grew into a global brand. Today, Dr Scholls continues to be a leader in comfort and style.

The Best Shoes For Hiking

Hikers love Dr Scholls because of its durability and versatility. Whether you're going on a day hike or a multi-day trek, these shoes will provide support and cushioning where needed while still being lightweight enough to carry around. If you're planning on spending hours outside, these shoes will give you the best foot care possible.

Best Running Shoe Brands

Running is great exercise and can improve your health. However, it takes proper shoe selection to ensure that you stay safe and injury free. Dr Scholls offers several styles of running shoes including stability, motion control, and performance models. All of these shoes are designed to meet the needs of runners of different abilities and goals.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dr Scholls

Most other brands only offer minimal support which makes them uncomfortable for long periods of standing. They are constructed using durable materials and tested extensively before leaving the factory.

How Do You Know Which Model Is Right For You?

There are three main types of Dr Scholls shoes: Stability, Motion Control, and Performance. Each type is designed for a specific activity. Stabilization shoes are ideal for those who walk slowly and stand for extended periods of time. Motion control shoes are designed for quick movements and sprints. Performance shoes are meant for speed and agility.

Stability vs Motion Control

Motion control shoes are generally lighter weight and easier to run in than stabilization shoes. Stability shoes are heavier and require more effort to maintain balance. Both types of shoes are suitable for beginners.

Performance Vs Stability

Performance shoes are generally higher priced than stability shoes. Performance shoes are designed for fast movement and jumping. Stability shoes are designed for slow speeds and steady footing.

Different Types of Dr Scholls Boots

The company was founded by Edward Scholl who wanted to create comfortable walking shoes with superior arch support. His goal was achieved when he created his "Scholl" shoe which became very popular among doctors and nurses during World War II. Today, Dr Scholls offers many different styles of shoes including running, hiking, tennis, basketball, cross training, casual, dress, and more!

The Original Dr Scholls Boot

In the early 1900s, Dr Scholls introduced its famous "Original" style of athletic shoe. The original design featured a leather upper, reinforced toe box, and an adjustable lace closure. In addition, these shoes offered excellent traction and stability while providing comfort and support. Over the years, Dr Scholls continued to innovate and improve upon the original model. For example, the "Classic" line features a durable synthetic sole and a padded collar around the heel. Other models include the "Sprint, " "Racer Lite, " and "Basketball." All of these styles provide great performance and durability.

Women's Shoes

As Dr Scholls continues to grow, so does its collection of women's shoes. Women's shoes are available in a variety of styles including flats, loafers, sandals, wedges, pumps, mules, sneakers, and boots. Some of the most popular styles include the "Lace Up, " "Cork Heel, " "Slip On, " "Pump, " and "Wedge." Each pair of women's shoes comes complete with a removable footbed and cushioned insoles.

Hiking & Outdoor Shoe Collection

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, Dr Scholls makes several styles of outdoor shoes. Hikers love the lightweight and breathable nature of these shoes. Many hikers prefer the classic styling of the "Mountain" series. However, there are other options including the "Cross Country, " "Trail Runner, " and "Golf." Whether you're going for a hike or playing golf, Dr Scholls has a shoe for you!

Casual Footwear

Whether you're heading to school, hanging out with friends, or working, Dr Scholls Casual Footwear offers a wide range of choices. From slip-on loafers to canvas sneakers, Dr Scholls Casual Footwear is sure to fit into your lifestyle.

Dress Shoes

Dr Scholls Dress Shoes are perfect for formal occasions. Available in black, brown, tan, gray, blue, red, white, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, and navy, each pair of Dr Scholls Dress Shoes includes a soft lining and a flexible shank.

Kids' Shoes

Children's shoes are designed specifically for kids. Kids' shoes are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Most children's shoes are constructed using quality materials and offer exceptional comfort and support. Children's shoes are available in both boys and girls sizes.