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Dietz Lantern

Dietz Original 76 Oil Lamp Burning Lantern Black with Gold...
  • Brand New Oil Lantern
  • Includes Lamp Globe Burner and Wick Strip
  • Great for Camping
  • Burns for 11 hours
Dietz #8 Air Pilot Oil Burning Lantern (Blue with Gold)
  • 13.75 inch height
  • 8 inches wide
  • Burns 27 hours on 31 ounces of fuel
  • 12 candlepower output
Dietz #2500 Jupiter Oil Lantern (Black)
  • Great for camping or emergencies
  • Stands 15 inches tall
  • Burns for 75 hours on 80 ounces of fuel
  • 12 candlepower output
Dietz #2000 Millennium Lantern/Cooker
  • Lantern and cooker combo
  • Great for camping
  • Stands 12 inches tall
  • Burns 23 hours on 17 ounces of fuel
Dietz #20 Junior Oil Burning Lantern (Black)
  • 12" ht
  • 6.85" wide
  • Burns 12 hours on 9 oz of fuel
  • 9 Candlepower
Hurricane Lantern Blizzard Oil Burning Lantern (Black)"
  • 14 3/4 inch height
  • Burns 26 hours on 31 ounces of fuel
  • 12 candlepower output
  • Comes with a 7/8 inch wick
Dietz #90 D-Lite Oil Burning Lantern
  • Stands 13 inches tall
  • Burns 26 hours on 31 ounces of fuel
  • 12 candlepower output
  • Great for camping or emergencies
Dietz #80 Blizzard Oil Burning Lantern (Bronze)
  • Absolutly Stunning, Can be used for decoration or is Great for camping or...
  • Burns 26 hours on 31 ounces of fuel
  • 12 candlepower output
  • Comes with a 7/8 inch wick
Dietz #90 D-Lite Oil Burning Lantern Black and Gold
  • 13 1/2" Height, 7 3/4" Base Diameter
  • 31 oz. Fount Capacity, 27 Hour Burning Time
  • Average 14 Candle Power, 7/8" Wick
  • Great for camping or emergencies

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Dietz Lantern

What Is The Purpose Of A Dietz Lantern?

He created the lantern because he wanted something more efficient than candles which could be dangerous and difficult to light. His design allowed him to create a safe and reliable source of lighting. In addition, the lantern has been around since its inception and remains popular today.

How Does A Dietz Lantern Work?

Dietz lanterns use kerosene fuel to provide illumination. Kerosene is burned inside a glass globe with a wick attached to the bottom. As the flame burns, it heats the air surrounding the globe causing it to rise into the top portion of the globe where it escapes through holes in the top. Once outside the globe, the hot air rises creating a column of smoke. The smoke travels back down towards the globe where it mixes with cooler air and falls back down again. This process repeats itself continuously providing steady heat and light.

Benefits of Using A Dietz Lantern

There are many benefits to using a Dietz lantern including safety. First, there is no chance of fire due to the fact that the lantern does not contain flammable materials. Second, the lantern uses very little electricity making it ideal for camping trips and other outdoor activities. Third, the lantern produces minimal amounts of carbon monoxide and particulate matter compared to traditional methods of lighting. Fourth, the lantern creates a soft glow rather than harsh bright lights. Finally, the lantern lasts longer than candles and is safer to operate.

Types of Dietz Lanterns Available Today

Today, there are several types of Dietz lanterns available. There are portable lanterns that fit in a backpack and travel-sized lanterns that are small enough to carry in a purse. Some lanterns are designed specifically for children while others are meant for adults. Other options include lanterns that burn only oil and those that burn both oil and gas. All these different designs allow users to choose the best option based on their needs.

Where To Find A Dietz Lantern

Finding a Dietz lantern isn't hard. Many stores sell them now. However, if you're interested in purchasing one online, you can visit Here, you'll find everything from lanterns to lantern accessories.

Their lamps are known for being reliable, durable, and long lasting. If you're looking for a great light source for your garden, patio, porch, deck, or anywhere else outdoors, check out these top five reasons why you should purchase a Dietz lantern.


Most other brands of outdoor lights rely on batteries which run down quickly and require frequent replacement. With a Dietz lantern, there is no worry about running out of power because it runs on propane gas. Propane tanks last longer than battery operated units and are more convenient because they don't need to be replaced so frequently.

Long Lasting

Unlike most other types of outdoor lights, Dietz lanterns are designed with longevity in mind. Because they are constructed using heavy duty materials, they are built to withstand years of weather conditions. In addition, they are manufactured by hand, ensuring that each unit is unique and crafted with care. This makes them ideal for those who enjoy spending time outside enjoying nature.


Because Dietz lanterns are constructed using sturdy materials, they are able to stand up to harsh environments. As mentioned above, they are made to endure the elements and are resistant to rust and corrosion. In fact, many of our customers report that their lanterns still function perfectly well after 10+ years!

Quality Materials

Another reason why we love Dietz lanterns is because they are made with quality materials. For example, they are made from brass, copper, zinc, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Each material offers its own benefits and uses depending on the application. Brass is strong and lightweight while copper is soft and flexible. Stainless steel is scratch resistant and easy to maintain.


Finally, Dietz lanterns are versatile enough to fit into almost any setting. Whether you're hanging them indoors or out, they are sure to provide plenty of illumination wherever you decide to put them. They can be hung from trees, fences, walls, ceilings, and anything else you can think of.

Features To Look For When Buying A Dietz Lantern

The best way to choose which lantern is right for you is by considering its features. The following list highlights several important factors to be aware of before making a purchase.

Lamp Type

There are two types of lamps available today: incandescent and fluorescent. Incandescents are the most common type of light bulb found in homes and offices. Fluorescent bulbs produce more lumens per watt than incandescents, so they're generally considered more efficient. However, incandescents last longer because they contain mercury. If you plan to leave your lantern on 24 hours a day, you might prefer fluorescents.

Light Color

Most lanterns come with white lights, but there are many different colors available. White light has been shown to increase alertness and productivity, while other colors promote relaxation. Some companies sell colored filters that allow users to change the color of the light emitted from their lantern.

Power Source

Some lanterns run on batteries, while others require AC power. Batteries are cheaper than AC power, but they must be replaced periodically. AC powered lanterns typically operate between 110 and 240 VAC.


All lanterns sold in the United States must meet certain safety standards set forth by UL Standard 1449. In addition, all lanterns sold in Europe must comply with EN 1332. Both standards address issues related to electrical shock hazards and overheating.


Many lanterns come in small, medium, large, and extra-large size options. Smaller lanterns are easier to carry around, but larger ones provide more light output. Larger lanterns are also easier to store away when not in use.


Lanterns are designed to withstand heavy usage. Many manufacturers claim that their products can stand up to constant use. Others guarantee that their product will remain functional for years to come.


Lanterns are commonly equipped with accessories such as reflectors, stands, bases, and shades. Reflectors direct the beam of light downward toward the ground. Stands support the lantern above a flat surface. Base plates attach to walls or ceilings to hold the lantern upright. Shades cover the light source to block unwanted glare.


Manufacturers issue warranties ranging from 90 days to three years. Warranties vary based on the manufacturer, design, and quality of materials used in manufacturing.

Different Types Of Dietz Lantern

Dietz Lantern - The most common type of lantern sold today. The Dietz lantern was invented by John Dietz who worked for Thomas Edison. He wanted to create a more efficient way to light homes with electricity. His design consisted of two glass globes connected by a wire frame which held a wick inside the globe. The wick burned oil or kerosene and provided light. The Dietz lantern became very popular because it could be operated using either gas or electric power. Its popularity lasted until the 1920s when other designs came along. Today there are many companies making these lamps including Coleman, Philips, Sylvania, GE, and others. There are several variations of the Dietz lantern available. Some versions have only one globe while others have three. Others have no globe at all. Most of the models still use a wick to burn fuel. However, some newer models use LED lights.

Other Types - Other types of lanterns include the following:

Paraffin Lantern - Paraffin lanterns are lanterns that use paraffin wax as fuel. They were originally created during World War II. During the war, paraffin wax was needed to produce munitions.