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Cuba Cologne

Cuba Gold By Cuba For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 Ounces
  • Product Type:Personal Fragrance
  • Item Package Dimension:5.842 cm L X5.842 cm W X18.796 cm H
  • Item Package Weight:0.272 kg
  • Country Of Origin: France
Cuba Cuba Trio 1 Men 3 Pc Gift Set 1.17oz Cuba Gold EDT...
  • Launched by the design house of Cuba
  • This woody aromatic fragrance has a blend of bergamot, lavender, vetiver,...
  • It is long lasting fragrance
  • It is recommended for daily use
Cuba Gold 1.17 Oz Eau De Toilette Spray | Fragrance for Men
  • Cuba Gold (M)
  • Eau de Toilette 35 ml Spr.
  • Fragrance notes: warm fresh mint, lavender, orange blossom and woods, manly...
  • Packing may be different from the image the product.
Cuba Royal by Cuba for Men Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.3 Ounce
  • Launched by the design house of Cuba
  • This is masculine fragrance
  • A blend of virginia cedar, vanille, olibanum, and tobacco
  • For all skin types
Cuba Orange By Cuba For Men Edt Spray,3.3 Fl Oz
  • Product Type:Personal Fragrance
  • Item Package Dimension:3.555 cm L X3.048 cm W X18.288 cm H
  • Item Package Weight:0.226 kg
  • Country Of Origin: France
Cuba Variety By Cuba For Men. Set-4 Piece Variety spray With...
  • These are not real cigars
  • Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above
  • Variety Cologne with cuba gold, blue, red & orange
Cuba Cuba Prestige Classic Men 3 oz EDT Spray
  • Launched by the design house of Cuba.
  • Blend of mint and coffee combined with lavender and caramel.
  • Recommended for casual wear.
Cuba Original by Parfums Des Champs Prestige Platinum by...
  • An intriguing combination
  • Cuba Paris always brings you the best quality products whether new releases...
  • This masculine scent blends the freshness and tanginess of citrus with the...
  • Country of origin is France
Champs Cuba City Collection Eau de Toilette Spray Gift Set...
  • Cuba Paris always brings you the best quality products whether new releases...
  • Color - Beige/Red
  • Manufactured in France
Cuba Gold by Cuba for Men - Gift Set - 3.4oz edt Spray,...
  • Product Type:Personal Fragrance
  • Item Package Dimension:16.51 cm L X16.51 cm W X22.86 cm H
  • Item Package Weight:1.021 kg
  • Country Of Origin: France

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Cuba Cologne

What Is The Purpose Of A Cuba Cologne?

Cuba Colognes are perfumes with a Cuban theme. There are many different types of Cubas including Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, San Cristobal, Holguin, etc. Each has its own unique scent. Some are more floral while others are earthy. Most Cubans enjoy wearing these scented oils because they smell good and remind them of their homeland. Many Cubans travel back to visit family members who live there and bring back small bottles of perfume so they can share the aroma with those they love.

Why Do People Wear Cuba Colognes?

Cuban Colognes are worn by men and women alike. In fact, most Cubans prefer to wear these scented oils during the day rather than at night. Women especially enjoy using these oils because they give off a fresh, light scent which makes them feel happy and relaxed. Men also enjoy wearing these oils because they smell great and provide a pleasant scent.

How To Choose A Good Cuba Cologne?

There are several factors to take into consideration before purchasing a Cuba Cologne. First, decide whether you're going to purchase a bottle of oil or a spray. Oil is best applied directly onto clothing whereas sprays are easier to apply and last longer. Second, choose between a citrus-based scent or a woodsy scent. Citrus scents are lighter and fresher smelling while woods scents are heavier and more aromatic. Third, select a scent that appeals to you. If you're a man, go for something masculine and strong. For women, pick a scent that reminds you of a tropical island paradise. Finally, be sure to check the ingredients list. Look for essential oils that contain no synthetic chemicals and are free of animal products.

Where Can You Find Cuba Colognes?

The internet offers numerous websites where you can order your favorite Cuba Colognes. However, it's important to read the reviews written by other customers. You might discover that certain brands aren't worth the money. Lastly, always shop around. Compare prices and see if you can find a cheaper alternative.

Is Cuba Parfum Worth Buying?

Yes! Cuba Parfums are wonderful scented oils that are perfect for everyday use. Whether you're traveling abroad or simply enjoying the comforts of home, Cuba Parfums will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever comes next.

Are Cuba Perfume Oils Safe?

Absolutely! All Cuba Perfumes are 100% natural and safe for human consumption. Because they're made from pure essential oils, they're completely odorless and non-toxic.

Can You Use Cuba Perfumes At Home?

Of course! Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Simply rub a few drops onto your wrists and neck and allow the scent to permeate throughout your body.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Cuba Cologne

Cuba has been known for its fine perfumes since the 19th century. In fact, many famous perfumers started their careers working with Cuban perfume houses. Today, there are still several companies producing high-quality scented products. However, most of these companies produce only limited quantities of each scent. If you're interested in trying a few different scents before deciding which one you prefer, you might be able to find a company that offers samples of their products.

Features To Look For When Buying a Cuba Cologne

Colognes are perfumes which are sprayed onto the skin using a sprayer. Eau de toilette has a light floral aroma with no strong odour. Colognes are available in many different scents including citrus, woody, oriental, spicy, fruity and sweet. There are two main types of colognes; those that are water based and those that are oil-based. Water based colognes contain alcohol and glycerine while oil-based ones contain oils and waxes. Both types of colognes smell good and last longer than other types of perfumes. However, there are certain features to look for when choosing a cologne.


The price of a cologne depends on its quality and popularity. If you're purchasing a popular brand, you might be able to find cheaper versions online. If you're interested in something more unique, however, you might pay a little bit more. Prices vary depending on where you purchase your product. Some stores sell only high end products while others carry everything from expensive designer brands to inexpensive mass produced goods.


Most colognes come in small bottles. Small bottles are easier to store and travel with. Larger bottles take up too much room in your luggage. Most colognes are sold in 50ml bottles although larger bottles are becoming increasingly popular.


Some colognes are designed specifically for men while others are meant for women. Men generally prefer colognes with masculine designs while women enjoy feminine designs. Feminine designs include flowers, butterflies, hearts, stars, etc. While these designs are beautiful, they aren't always practical. Women who choose to wear colognes must remember that they cannot apply makeup over top of them. Also, because colognes are applied directly to the skin, they can cause irritation if worn during hot weather.


Colognes are classified according to their fragrance. Fragrant colognes are known for being long lasting and powerful. Unfragrant colognes are milder and shorter lived. Many unisex colognes fall into this category. Fragrant colognes are great for everyday use since they provide a pleasant scent throughout the day. Unfragrant colognes are perfect for special occasions such as weddings and parties.


There are several ways to determine whether a cologne is of high quality. First, check the ingredients list. Ingredients lists should state exactly what each ingredient is and why it was added. Second, read reviews written by previous customers. Third, look for a company that offers free samples. Finally, ask questions before making a purchase. Ask if the manufacturer uses synthetic chemicals rather than natural materials. All of these factors affect the quality of a cologne.

Different Types of Cuba Colognes

Cuba has been known as a country with rich culture and history since its independence from Spain in 1902. The island nation was once ruled by Spanish colonialists who brought many traditions and customs from Europe to Cuba. One of these customs included wearing perfume. Cubans still enjoy using perfumes today because of the long tradition of wearing scented oils. There are different kinds of Cuban perfumed products available in the market. Some of these include; Havana Club, Habana Vieja, and others. Each type of product has unique characteristics which makes each scent special. Below are more details regarding the different types of Cuban perfumed products available in the market.

Havana Club Perfume

The most popular Cuban perfume is Havana Club. This perfume is named after the famous cigar brand owned by Bacardi Company. In fact, the company owns the trademark rights to the name "Bacardí." The Havana Club perfume is produced by the same company that produces Havana cigars. The aroma of this perfume is very strong and spicy. The smell of this perfume reminds us of the taste of tobacco leaves. However, there are other flavors associated with this scent. For example, we associate the smell of cinnamon with this perfume. We also notice hints of citrus fruits in this scent. The Havana Club perfume comes in two versions; original and limited edition. Both versions contain the same ingredients. The only difference between the two versions is the packaging. Original version contains a bottle while the limited edition version comes in a box.

Habana Vieja Perfume

This Cuban perfume is another well-known product manufactured by the Bacardi Company. This perfume smells sweet and fruity. The aroma of this perfume resembles the flavor of pineapple. The aroma of this perfume is very pleasant and relaxing. Like the Havana Club perfume, the Habana Vieja perfume also comes in two versions; original and limited edition. Both versions contain the same ingredients. The only difference between the two versions is the packaging. The original version comes in a glass bottle while the limited edition version comes in a box.

Cuban Gold Perfume

Another Cuban perfume is Cuban Gold. This perfume is produced by the same company that manufactures Havana Club and Habana Vieja perfumes. This perfume smells fresh and floral. The aroma of this perfume reminds us of the smell of flowers. The aroma of this perfume is very pleasing and soothing. Unlike the previous perfumes, this perfume does not smell like tobacco leaves. Instead, this perfume smells like roses. The Cuban Gold perfume comes in three variations; original, limited edition, and limited edition with rose petals. All three variants contain the same ingredients. The only differences among the three variants are the packaging. The original variant comes in a glass bottle while the limited edition variant comes in a box. The limited edition variant with rose petals comes in a box containing 100% pure rose petals.