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Chunky Heels

Over the Toe Strap Ankle Wrap Strap Heel Open Toe Medium...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND LIFTED: We love the block heel to give us the perfect boost...
  • STYLISH ANKLE STRAP FOR A SECURE FIT: Featuring a cute strap that hug your...
  • A TIMELESS DESIGN: Classic design that is sure to compliment every modern...
  • MEASUREMENTS: Heel 2.75”. Runs true to size
Ankis Nude Heels for Women Open Straps on The Ankle Chunky...
  • A must-have in every girl’s closet: The nude shoes with straps on high...
  • Fit well: Are you worried about not fitting? Ankis' high-heeled shoes are...
  • Chunky heels: These nude high heels have a classic thick heel design,...
  • 3 colors: nude, khaki, silver glitter; TPR rubber sole: Good anti-slip...
SODA ACCOUNT ~ Women Open Toe Two Bands Lug sole Fashion...
  • Buy from USA Sellers for Authentic Soda shoes!!
  • Latest Fashion and Trend for Stylish, Sporty & Sexy look
  • Slip-on style with Ankle strap with buckle closure
  • Open Toe Lug Sole Heel Sandals. Fashion Wedge Sandal with Fisherman style...
DREAM PAIRS Women�s Black Nubuck High Heel Ankle Strap...
  • TPR sole
  • Heel height: 3" (approx)
  • Round-toe silhouette
  • Adjustable buckle closures
Soda Womens Open Toe Chunky Heel Ankle Strap Shoes Block...
  • Imported , Heel Height 3.5" Inch
  • Open Toe , Wood look stacked block heel .
  • Adjustable Ankle Strap Closure
  • Various Color to Choose From
VIMISAOI Chunky Block Heels for Women Fashion Square Toe...
  • [NOTE]: Please measure your foot length and width carefully before order,...
  • [High Quality]: Fashion satin platform heels upper material-comfortable...
  • [Measure]: Womens chunky block heels heel height approximately 5.7 inches.
  • [Closure]: Womens dress platform pumps easy to wear and take off,...
DREAM PAIRS Royal Blue High Heels Chunky Block Platform...
  • Sexy trendy design for heels: These sexy Gladiator heels for women have...
  • Elegant and not tired: Heels height: 5.12" (approx 13 cm), you will be free...
  • Multicolor heels for women: Red、Pink、Royal Blue、Black...
  • Cushioned insoles: Memory Latex padded insole, these heels are perfectly...
Vimisaoi Platform Sandals for Women Sexy Square Peep Toe...
  • [NOTE]: Please measure your foot length and width carefully before order,...
  • [High Quality]: Square peep toe pupms upper material-comfortable PU...
  • [Measure]: Womens platform sandals heel height approximately 5.51 inches.
  • [Slip On Closure]: Chunky high heel sandals easy to wear and take off,...
Gibobby Ankle Booties for Women Low Heel Womens Ruffled...
  • women's fringe ankle boots vintage flat bottom increased lace up fall...
  • fringe short ankle booties retro closed toe zip up boots comfy low heel...
  • women fur lined combat boots lace up ankle boots winter warm booties...
  • women's side zipper knee high riding boots women's winter boots warm suede...
Soda Topshoeave Wait Womens Open Toe Chunky Heel Ankle Strap...
  • 100% Man-made
  • Adjustable Ankle Strap Closure
  • Heel High - 3 inches
  • Good for Spring and Summer

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Chunky Heels

What Is The Purpose Of Chunky Heels?

Chunky heels are shoes with thick soles. They're designed to give you more support and stability while walking. If you've ever worn flats before, you know how uncomfortable those thin-soled shoes can be. Thick-soled shoes provide added comfort by giving your feet something to grip onto.

Why Do Women Wear High Heeled Shoes?

Women love wearing high heeled shoes because they make us feel sexy, confident, and powerful. We see these shoes everywhere we go - on celebrities, models, actresses, and other beautiful women. High heels are a symbol of femininity and elegance. Wearing high heels makes us stand taller and gives our legs length. They also make us appear thinner and slimmer.

How To Choose The Right Size For You?

The best way to choose the right size for you is to measure your foot. Then take into account your height and weight. Remember, too, that the higher the heel, the narrower your toes become. So if you want wider toes, opt for a lower heel.

Heel Height

There are two types of heels: platform and wedge. Platform heels are flat platforms that raise your entire foot above the ground. Wedge heels are wedges that lift only partway up your leg. Both styles are available in different heights.

Wedge Heels vs Platform Heels

Platform heels are great for everyday wear. They're comfortable, easy to walk in, and versatile. However, they aren't very practical for certain activities. Wedge heels are ideal for dancing, running, hiking, and working around the house. Because they elevate your whole foot, they allow you to perform tasks that require balance and strength.

Types Of Heels

High heels come in many varieties. Some are strappy, others are open toe, and still others are closed toe. Strappy heels are popular among young girls who enjoy showing off their ankles. Open-toe heels are perfect for casual occasions. Closed-toe heels are most commonly seen on formal events.

Shopping Tips

To ensure that you purchase the correct size, check the label inside the box. Also, remember to pay attention to the measurement chart printed on the back of the box.

Where Can I Find Them Online?

It's easy to shop online for high heels. Just type "high heels" into your favorite search engine. You'll find hundreds of websites selling everything from low-heeled sandals to stilettos.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated With High Heels?

Yes! While there are no known health risks associated with wearing high heels, there are potential dangers. First, high heels put pressure on your knees and hips. Over time, this could lead to arthritis. Second, high heels cause ankle sprains.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Chunky Heels

Chunky heels are a great way to show off your legs while still being comfortable enough to walk around with. If you're shopping for a pair of heels, there are many factors to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Choose thick-soled heels - Thick soles provide stability and support for your feet. Thin soles are more likely to slip and slide across the floor.

Choose low heels - Low heels give you a longer leg line, which makes your calves appear slimmer. High heels accentuate your calf muscles, giving you a larger appearance.

How To Choose The Right Pair For You

There are several different types of heels available today. Some styles are designed specifically for walking, others are meant for dancing, and yet others are designed for both activities. There are also different heights available, ranging from very short to extremely long. Choosing the correct height depends on your personal preference and activity level.

Heel Height

Choosing the proper heel height is important because it affects your posture and balance. Too little heel height causes your weight to shift forward onto your toes, causing strain on your knees and ankles. Too much heel height creates a "heeled" effect, where your entire foot rests on top of the shoe. Both situations cause discomfort and fatigue.

Shoe Width

Your choice of width depends on the type of activity you plan to engage in. Wider shoes allow for increased ankle mobility, so you can perform certain movements more freely. However, too large a shoe size can be uncomfortable and lead to blisters. Shoes with smaller toe boxes are easier to put on and remove, especially for those with arthritis.


Materials vary widely among manufacturers. Leather tends to last longer than synthetic materials, although leather does require maintenance. Synthetic materials are lighter and cheaper, but they tend to stretch out quickly. Rubber lasts longest of all, but it is heavy and slippery.


Colors range from neutral tones to bright hues. Neutral colors go best with most outfits, whereas brighter shades draw attention away from other clothing choices. Black and white are classic options, but you can also experiment with color combinations.


In addition to choosing the right material, fit is another factor to consider. Fit refers to the overall shape of the shoe, including its length, width, and arch support. Shorter lengths are ideal for shorter people, while higher arches suit taller individuals.

Features To Look For When Buying A Chunky Heels

Chunky heels are a great way to spice up your wardrobe. If you're tired of wearing boring flats, these shoes are perfect for adding a little bit of style into your everyday routine. However, there are many features to look for when shopping for chunky heels so that you end up with the best pair possible. Here are five tips to help you choose the right pair of heels for you.

Size Matters

The size of your feet plays a huge role in choosing which type of shoe you should be purchasing. The most important thing to remember is that bigger isn't always better. In fact, it's quite common for women to purchase larger-than-necessary footwear because they think that it makes them appear taller. While this might seem appealing, it actually has the opposite effect. Instead of making you look more attractive, it will only make you look shorter. So before you go running around town trying to find the biggest pair of heels you can find, take note of your current height. Then compare it to the measurements listed on the box. If you fall within those specifications, you'll know that you've found the perfect fit.

Material Matters

While leather is considered by many to be the ultimate material for shoes, other materials are available. Some of the most popular options include suede, mesh, canvas, and vinyl. Each offers its own unique benefits, depending on your lifestyle. Suede tends to hold up well and last longer than other types of material. Mesh and canvas are both breathable and lightweight, while vinyl is durable and easy to maintain. Whatever kind of material you decide upon, make sure that it feels comfortable and fits properly. Also, avoid shoes that are too tight. Not only does this cause discomfort, but it could lead to blisters.

Color Matters

Choosing the color of your shoes is another step towards finding the perfect pair. There are several different colors to choose from including black, brown, gray, white, red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow, tan, and burgundy. Black is probably the most versatile option since it goes with everything. Brown and dark shades of grey are good choices for formal events where you'd prefer something a little dressier. White looks classy yet casual, while red stands out and attracts attention. Purple is a fun choice for springtime, while bright colors like lime green and turquoise are ideal for summer. Orange pairs nicely with jeans and skirts, while light blues and greens are excellent for dressing up a simple outfit. Yellow is a classic color that never fails to attract attention. Burgundy is a bold choice that works well with dresses and suits. Be careful though, because once you start mixing colors together, it becomes difficult to match them again later on.

Style Matters

Finally, pay close attention to the design of your chosen pair. Whether you're interested in traditional styles or trendy designs, there are plenty of options to choose from. Traditional styles are generally timeless and classic, while modern styles are sleek and contemporary. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of style you choose, you must ensure that it complements your personality.

Different Types of Chunky Heels

Chunky heels are very popular among women these days. The reason why women love wearing chunky heels is because of its unique style and design. Women who prefer wearing chunky heels are those who enjoy dressing up with different styles and designs. There are many types of chunky heels available in the market today. Each type has its own features and benefits. Here we discuss different types of chunky heels so that you know which ones suits best for you.

Platform heels are known by their platform sole. The platform sole gives the wearer more height. Usually, platform heels are worn with dresses or skirts. If you're planning to go shopping, then you must choose platform heels that match your dress. For example, if you plan to shop for party clothes, then you must choose black platform heels. Black shoes give you a classy appearance. However, if you're going to attend a wedding ceremony, then you must choose white platform heels. White shoes give you a sophisticated look. So, before choosing your next pair of chunky heels, think carefully about where you're going to be wearing them. Also, remember that you cannot wear platform heels with jeans. Jeans are too casual and inappropriate for platforms.

Wedges are wedge-shaped heels. Wedges are generally designed for formal occasions. Wedges are perfect for weddings and other special events. Wedges are great for evening parties. Wedges are considered as classic footwear. Wedges are ideal for summertime. Wedges are comfortable and easy to walk in. Wedges are suitable for almost everyone. Wedges are versatile and can be paired with anything. Wedges are great for daytime activities. Wedges are good for walking around town. Wedges are great for dancing. Wedges are great for traveling. Wedges are great for running errands. Wedges are great for everyday chores. Wedges are great for working out. Wedges are great for sports. Wedges are great for hiking. Wedges are great for gardening. Wedges are great for playing tennis. Wedges are great for golfing. Wedges are great for swimming. Wedges are great for jogging. Wedges are great for yoga. Wedges are great for Pilates. Wedges are great for aerobics. Wedges are great for fitness classes. Wedges are great for weightlifting. Wedges are great for dance classes. Wedges are great for ballet. Wedges are great for gymnastics. Wedges are great for cheerleading. Wedges are great for volleyball. Wedges are great for basketball. Wedges are great for soccer. Wedges are great for football. Wedges are great for hockey. Wedges are great for baseball. Wedges are great for softball. Wedges are great for lacrosse. Wedges are great for rugby. Wedges are great for cricket. Wedges are great for squash. Wedges are great for badminton. Wedges are great for bowling. Wedges are great for racquet ball. Wedges are great for handball. Wedges are great for ping pong. Wedges are great for billiards. Wedges are great for darts. Wedges are great for pool.