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Chandelier Light

Hardware House H10-4029 Dover Chandelier, 22" x 22" x 17",...
  • 22-inch by 16-3/4-inch
  • 60-watt light
  • Satin Nickel Finish
  • With Alabaster Glass
J&E Home 12-Light Lantern Tiered Pendant Light...
  • 【Sophistication and Design】12-light Tiered Lantern shape inspired...
  • 【Height Adjustable Stem and Easy Installed】Assemble the 6 rods freely...
  • 【Bulb Type】Requires 12 x E12 base bulbs (Max.60W). Bulb not included
  • 【Quality Service】We provide free glass shade replacement for u, if your...
EDVIVI Marya Drum Crystal Chandelier, 4 Lights Glam Lighting...
  • GLAM DESIGN: This luxurious modern chandelier features an intricate crystal...
  • AMBIENT LIGHTING: The 4-Light beaded crystal chandelier design ensures that...
  • BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME: This drum pendant light would beautifully adorn any...
  • FIXTURE DIMENSIONS: 17 in. Dia x 20 in. H with crystal hanging, Drum...
32inches Remote Dimming Chandelier Living Room Modern K9...
  • ❀Silver ceiling lamps Size : L32'' x W32'' x H22'' , Voltage: 85V-256V....
  • ❀ Bulb and Remote Control: including Remote and LED bulbs Dimmable...
  • ❀Energy Saving: Quality imported LED integrated light source, LED Bulbs...
  • ❀This stylish modern crystal chandelier, using K9 crystal, Silver mirror...
Melissa Crystal Chandelier
  • Setting: Indoor
  • Fixture finish: Chrome
  • 5 lights, Bulbs not included in package, Wattage : 60 watts
  • Dimensions : H22-Inch X W18-Inch
Westinghouse Lighting 6227400 Sylvestre Five-Light Interior...
  • Five-light interior chandelier
  • Brushed nickel finish; frosted seeded glass
  • 18-1/2 Inch high; 20-5/8 Inch in diameter; 36-inch chain; 120-inch wire
  • Uses five medium-base bulbs, 60-watt maximum (not included)
Meenyo Modern Led Chandelier Lighting Dimmable Gold...
  • [Luxury Ring Chandelier] Getting tired of very common chandelier? This...
  • [Large Chandelier]: Diameter 39.3"+31.5"+23.6"+15.7"+9.8". Extra Long...
  • [Dimmable with Remote]This chandelier lighting is fully dimmable.The...
  • [Perfect Fits] This modern chandelier is atmospheric and chic, very...
SZXYKEJI 12-Light Glass...
  • Mid Century Chandelier Size: 9.84 "h * 33.85" W, 4.72 "W This chandelier is...
  • Sputnik Light Fixture Bulb Type: bulb (E 26) recommended maximum 60 W (per...
  • Installation scene: modern lighting style is suitable for living room,...
  • Black and Gold Chandelier Simple Installation: small parts need to be...
Wood Farmhouse Chandelier, 5-Light Rustic Hand-Painted...
  • FARMHOUSE CHANDELIER - Distressed wood chandelier, especially designed to...
  • APPLICATION: Perfect for entryway, bedroom, kitchen island, living room,...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: All mounting hardware required for installation are...
  • DIMENSION: φ17.3*H 22.8 inches; Canopy: φ4.72*H 0.98; Adjustable Height:...
Canarm ICH320A03ORB20 Monica 3-Light Chandelier, 20.5" x...
  • Monica 3 Bulb Chandelier adds style and warmth with its unique design and...
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish - Uses 3 100W A bulbs (not included)
  • Dimensions: 17 1/2" H 20 1/2" W 20 1/2" D
  • Includes 5 foot chain with 6 foot cord

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Chandelier Light

What is the Purpose Of A Chandelier Light?

Chandelier lights are decorative lighting fixtures with long chains suspended from the ceiling. The chain hangs down into the room where it has multiple bulbs attached to it. Chandelier lights are typically found in dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas where there is a lot of natural light. Chandelier lights provide ambient lighting throughout a large part of the house. Some people prefer these types of lights because they're more romantic and elegant than traditional lamps.

Why Do People Use Chandelier Lights?

People choose to install chandelier lights because they give off a warm glow and create a beautiful ambiance. Many people enjoy using chandelier lights because they allow them to decorate their homes while adding beauty and elegance. In addition, many people love the way chandelier lights illuminate a room. For example, most people who live in apartments love the way chandelier lights brighten up their small spaces.

How Does A Chandelier Light Differ From Other Lighting Fixtures?

Most people think that chandelier lights are only meant for kitchens and bathrooms. However, chandelier lights can be installed anywhere in the house. Most people install chandelier lights in their master bedroom, living room, family room, den, kitchen, and dining room. If you'd rather avoid installing chandelier lights, you could always opt for another type of fixture. There are several different styles of lighting available including pendant lights, wall sconces, recessed lights, track lighting, and flush mount lights. Each style offers its own benefits depending on which room you plan to install them in.

Benefits of Using Chandelier Lights

There are numerous advantages to choosing chandelier lights over other forms of lighting. First, chandelier lights are extremely versatile. You can hang them almost anywhere in the house. Second, chandelier lights are easy to install. Third, chandelier lights are very affordable. Fourth, chandelier lights are designed to last. Fifth, chandelier lights are safe. Finally, chandelier lights are aesthetically pleasing.

Types of Chandelier Lights

The two main categories of chandelier lights include those that are hung directly above a floor and those that are mounted onto walls. Chandelier lights that are hung directly above a floor are called pendants. Pendants are generally smaller than chandelier lights that are mounted onto walls. Chandelier lights that are mounted onto walls are known as wall sconce. Wall scones are larger than pendants and are commonly placed near windows. Both pendants and wall scones are great options for illuminating a wide variety of rooms in the house.

Where To Install Chandelier Lights

Many people decide to install chandelier lights in their living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. If you'd rather avoid placing chandelier lights in certain rooms, you might want to consider hanging them elsewhere. For instance, you could put chandelier lights in a hallway or bathroom.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Chandelier Light

Chandelles are beautiful lighting fixtures that bring elegance into homes. There are many different types of chandeliers available today. Some are more expensive than others while others are cheaper. However, there are certain features that must be considered before making a purchase.


One important thing to think about is size. If you plan on using your chandelier in a large room with high ceilings, you might want to opt for a larger fixture. Larger chandeliers will give off more light and provide a bigger impact. Smaller ones will only fit into smaller rooms and spaces. For example, if you're planning on hanging a small chandelier above a dining table, you'd probably want something around 10-12 inches tall. Anything taller could overwhelm the table and its surroundings.


Another factor to take into consideration is style. Modern styles are sleek and simple; however, they lack character. Traditional styles are classic and elegant. Both options are great choices depending on your preference. If you're unsure which type of design you prefer, ask friends and family who've purchased chandeliers before. They can tell you whether they liked the style or not.


There are two main finishes that you can choose from when shopping for chandeliers. One finish is matte and the other is shiny. Matte finishes are typically darker colors and shinier finishes are lighter. Most chandeliers sold today are finished in both ways so it really comes down to personal taste. Shiny finishes are easier to maintain because dirt doesn't stick to them as well as mattes. Matted finishes require regular dusting and polishing to stay fresh and shiney. In addition, mattes are generally pricier than shiny finishes. So, if you're going for a budget friendly option, go for a shiny finish.

Light Color

Most chandeliers are designed to emit warm white light. Warm whites are ideal for creating ambiance and adding warmth to a room. Cool whites are perfect for accentuating furniture and artwork. To create the right effect, you'll need to match the color temperature of your chandelier lights to the rest of the room. If you're decorating a living room, you'll want to pick a cool white chandelier. If you're working with wood paneling, you'll want to select warmer tones. Matching the color of your chandelier to the walls and floors of your house creates a cohesive environment.

Fixture Type

Lastly, you'll want to decide between a pendant or flush mount chandelier. Pendants hang directly below the ceiling and are attached by chains. Flush mounts sit on top of the wall and are connected by brackets. Depending on where you live, you may need permits to install either kind of fixture. Make sure to check with local building codes before installing anything.

Features To Look For When Buying A Chandelier Light

Chandelier lights are very popular lighting options because of their versatility. There are many different styles available including pendant lights, wall sconces, flush mount lights, recessed lights, track lights, downlights, and more. The style you choose depends upon where you plan to put it, whether you prefer traditional or modern design, and other factors. If you're shopping around for a chandelier light, here are some features to look for.


The most common type of chandelier light is the pendant. Pendants hang from ceilings by chains or wires and provide a soft glow. Pendants are typically suspended above dining tables or living rooms so they can be seen while sitting at the dinner table or watching television. Some models include dimmers which allow you to adjust the brightness of the light. Most pendants are adjustable so you can change the height of the fixture according to the size of the room.

Wall Scones

Another popular option is a wall sconce. Wall scones are designed to sit on top of walls and illuminate small areas. They generally have a smaller diameter than pendants and are intended for indoor use only. Many wall scones have built-in dimmers to control the amount of light emitted.

Flush Mount Lights

Flush mount lights are another great choice for lighting a specific spot. Flush mounts are installed directly into a wall with no visible mounting hardware. They can be placed anywhere in a room and are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms, and closets. Like wall scones, flush mount lights have built-in dimmers allowing you to adjust the intensity of the light.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is another excellent way to brighten a particular area. Recessed lights are mounted inside a hollow box that sits below the ceiling. They are commonly found in kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, garages, and basements. Recessed lights are easy to install and require little maintenance. Because they are hidden, they blend well with existing decor.

Track Lights

Track lights are perfect for large spaces. Track lights consist of several bulbs connected together by metal tracks. They are hung from the ceiling using brackets and can be adjusted to shine in multiple directions. Track lights are versatile and can be used in almost any room. They are especially useful in larger homes since they can be positioned throughout the house to create a uniform appearance.


Downlights are similar to track lights except that they are aimed downward rather than upward. Downlights are best suited for medium sized rooms. They are particularly helpful in bathrooms and entry ways. Downlights are inexpensive and easy to install. However, they must be carefully chosen to ensure proper placement and wiring.

Suspended Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a wonderful addition to any room. They circulate air and reduce humidity levels. Suspended ceiling fans are a good choice for both residential and commercial applications. They are simple to install and maintain.

Different Types of Chandelier Light

Chandelier lights are decorative lighting fixtures suspended by chains from ceilings. The most common type of chandelier light has three tiers with glass globes hanging down from each tier. There are many different styles of chandelier lights available today. Some chandelier lights incorporate crystal prisms while others use colored bulbs. Most chandelier lights are designed to be hung above dining tables and other areas where food is served. However, there are chandelier lights that are designed specifically for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Types of Chandelier Lights

Ceiling Lamps - Ceiling lamps are typically placed directly overhead. In addition to being attractive, these lamps provide ample illumination. If you're planning to hang a chandelier light in your bedroom, choose a lamp that offers dimmer switches so you can adjust the brightness of the bulb according to your needs.

Pendant Lights - Pendants are chandelier lights that hang from chains attached to the ceiling. Although pendant lights are more expensive than other chandelier lights, they are very popular because they allow you to create unique designs. For example, you could hang several pendant lights together to form a large circular shape. Or you could string multiple pendant lights along a wall to create a dramatic effect.

Flush Mounted Lighting - Flush mounted lighting is another option for creating interesting patterns. With flush mount lighting, the fixture hangs right next to the ceiling. Because the fixture doesn't extend far beyond the walls, it creates a sleek appearance.

How To Choose Chandelier Lights

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing which chandelier light is best suited for your room. First, think about whether you plan to use the chandelier light primarily for decoration or for practical purposes.

Safety Considerations

The last thing you want is to purchase a chandelier light only to discover later that it poses a health risk. Before purchasing a chandelier light, check its electrical rating. Make sure the chandelier light meets local codes regarding safe working conditions. Also, ensure that the chandelier light complies with federal regulations concerning child-proofing.

Light Quality

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the light emitted by the chandelier light. Look for a chandelier light that produces soft, warm light. Soft light is ideal for reading, relaxing, and watching television. Warm light is great for cooking, entertaining guests, and enjoying meals outdoors.

Color Options

Some chandelier lights come equipped with color options. Depending upon the style of the chandelier light, you might select from red, blue, green, yellow, white, or black.