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Card Laminate

Scotch Self-Sealing Laminating Pouches, Business Card Size,...
  • Self-sealing laminating pouches
  • Business card size
  • Manufactured in china
5 New Medicare Card Holders Protector Sleeves Clear 6mil
  • 5 clear medicare protector card sleeves, wallet size inserts
  • MADE IN USA, precision made for the new medicare cards
  • Total thickness is 12 mil, fits easily in wallets for men and women,...
  • Easy slide, non-stick, highly protective, crystal clear, 100% card coverage
Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 5 Mil Thick for Extra...
  • Tough, moisture resistant polyester film
  • Preserve and protect keepsake photos and documents
  • Keep frequently used documents neat and legible
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.75 x 2.38 x 4.38 Inches
Everest Self Adhesive Laminating Pouches, Self Sealing...
  • QUICK AND EASY Self Laminating sheets laminate your documents without any...
  • HIGH TRANSPARENCY AND GLOSSY SURFACE Brighten up your pictures, documents...
  • WATERPROOF Self Sealing laminate sheets/Laminating pouches are waterproof...
  • STRONG ADHESION AND DURABLE FINISH Laminating sheets self adhesive is for...
Avery Clear Laminating Sheets, 9" x 12", Permanent...
  • Quickly and easily laminate important documents without a laminating...
  • Easily size important documents using the convenient grid to align and cut...
  • Acid free and archival safe self-adhesive laminating sheets deliver long...
  • Glossy clear laminating sheets are PVC free and are safe for your...
Universal UNV84642 100 per Box Clear Laminating Pouches, 2...
  • Resists extreme temperatures, liquid penetration and rough handling. Bonds...
  • Laminator Supplies-Business Card;Length
  • 3 Packs Of 100 Pouches
Best Laminating - 5 Mil Business Card Therm. Laminating...
  • Trust Best Laminating Brand Supplies For Your Heat Seal Laminating...
  • 5 Mil Heat Seal Laminating Pouches.
  • Business Card Size
  • 100 Pack
USI HD 400 Heavy Duty Pouch Laminator Kit, Laminates Pouches...
  • HIGH-QUALITY, heavy-duty machine that laminates items up to 4 INCHES WIDE...
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Compatible with all brands of thermal laminating pouches...
  • Laminates uses a laminating carrier (included) to keep rollers clean....
Scotch LS851G Self-Sealing Laminating Pouches, 9.5 mil, 2...
  • Business Card size
  • No machine Needed
  • Protect items from damage. Clear professional finish. Photo safe.
  • Great for business cards, library cards, insurance cards, and more
Business Source Government-Size Card Laminating Pouches -...
  • Box of 100
  • Clear laminating pouch is designed to protect government size ID badges
  • Short side is sealed
  • 5 mil pouch offers a medium construction designed for moderate handling,...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Card Laminate

What is the Purpose Of A Card Laminates?

Card laminates are commonly used in offices, schools, hospitals, banks, restaurants, hotels, etc. They are very useful because they allow us to create custom cards quickly and efficiently. We can print our own information onto these laminated cards and then seal them into protective plastic sheets. This way, we can be assured that the information printed on the card remains intact and legible throughout its lifetime.

How To Use Laminated Cards

Laminated cards are extremely versatile. They can be used for many different purposes. For example, they can be used for invitations, thank-you notes, gift certificates, event tickets, menus, brochures, flyers, postcards, and more! All you have to do is print your information onto the card and then seal it inside a protective sheet.

Advantages Of Using Custom Printed Cards

Custom printed cards are ideal for businesses who wish to promote themselves. They are inexpensive, easy to produce, and can be personalized with your brand identity. Additionally, they are durable and long lasting. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and harsh environments. Furthermore, they are eco-friendly since they are recyclable and biodegradable.

Disadvantages Of Using Custom Printed Cards

Although there are numerous advantages to using custom printed cards, there are disadvantages too. First, printing costs can be high depending on the quantity of cards required. Second, it takes time to design and print the cards. Third, the quality of the finished product depends on the printer’s skill level. Finally, the process of designing and printing the cards requires specialized equipment which increases production costs.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Card Laminator?

Laminate cards are essential tools for many businesses today. Whether you run a small business or large corporation, there is no doubt that laminated cards play a vital role in your company’s success. However, while most consumers understand the value of promotional products, few actually take the necessary steps to ensure that their printed material remains intact throughout its lifespan. To avoid costly mistakes, it is important to select a high-quality card laminator that meets industry standards.

How Does Lamination Help Businesses Grow?

In addition to helping promote your brand, laminated cards can be extremely useful for promoting special events, sales promotions, and product launches. For example, if you own a restaurant, you could create custom menus featuring your menu options. Then, you could laminate each menu option and distribute them to customers who visit your establishment. As another example, you could print customized business cards for employees to hand out during trade shows and conferences. Not only does this allow your team members to share information with potential clients, but it also ensures that everyone has access to the same information.

Which Type of Lamination Do You Need?

There are two types of laminate available: permanent and temporary. Permanent laminate is ideal for long-term projects because it prevents ink from fading or smudging. Temporary laminate is perfect for short-term projects because it allows you to change designs quickly. While both types of laminate are effective, permanent laminate tends to last longer. Therefore, if you plan to produce multiple copies of your design, you should opt for permanent laminate.

Is There Any Difference Between Self Seal and Non-Self Sealing Cards?

While non-self sealers are cheaper, they lack the durability of self-sealers. Because self-sealed cards are sealed inside the machine itself, they cannot be opened once they are closed. Thus, they remain secure and durable for years to come. Additionally, self-sealed cards are easy to open and close, which saves valuable time.

Are All Laminators Created Equal?

Unfortunately, not all laminating machines are created equal. Some models are designed specifically for printing, whereas others are intended solely for lamination. Before investing in

Features To Look For When Buying A Card Laminates!

Card laminates are very useful products which are widely used in offices and businesses. There are many different types of card laminates available in the market today. Each type has its own unique features and benefits. So, while choosing a particular type of laminate, you must be aware of these features. Here are some important factors to take into consideration while purchasing a card laminates.


The size of the card laminates plays a major role in deciding whether it suits your needs or not. In general, there are two kinds of card laminates - small sized ones (4" x 6") and large sized ones (6" x 9"). Small sized cards laminates are ideal for printing smaller documents like receipts, invoices etc., whereas large sized ones are suitable for printing larger documents like bills, statements etc. However, both the types of card laminates are equally effective in protecting printed material from fading and smudging.


Another factor to consider while selecting a card laminates is durability. As mentioned earlier, most of the card laminates are made of plastic materials. Hence, they are quite durable and resistant to wear and tear. But, if you plan to print high quality images on the card laminates, then you must opt for those which are made of special UV-resistant polyester films. Such laminates resist fading and discoloration caused due to exposure to sunlight and heat. Moreover, they are easy to handle and maintain.

Print Quality

While choosing a card laminates, you must check its print quality. Most of the card laminates are designed to give crisp and sharp prints. However, if you wish to get professional results, then you must go for those which are manufactured by renowned manufacturers.

Different Types of Card Laminates

Laminate cards are commonly used in many different industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, government, marketing, advertising, and finance. Laminated cards are useful because they allow us to create customized products quickly and efficiently. In addition, laminated cards are durable and long lasting. There are several different types of laminated cards available today. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are three common types of laminated cards:

Self-Sealing Cards - Self-sealing cards are ideal for businesses where there is frequent handling of the product. For example, self-sealing cards are perfect for point of sale applications. Once opened, the liner peels away revealing the print side of the card ready for use.

Foil Stamping Cards - Foil stamping cards are ideal for high volume printing jobs. Foil stamped cards are created by applying foil onto the front and back of the card stock. After printing, the foil is removed leaving behind a beautiful design. Foil stamped cards are very popular among graphic designers due to their unique appearance. However, foil stamped cards require special equipment to apply the foil. Therefore, foil stamped cards are best suited for large scale projects.

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