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Breakfast Nook

Linon Home Ardmore Accents, by Linon Kitchen Nook Set,...
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • White & Natural finish
  • Set includes five pieces; side bench; table and long and short benches with...
  • Contrasting finishes on this corner nook give it a traditional farm house...
MUSEHOMEINC Traditional Style 3 Piece Solid Wood Breakfast...
  • ✅[Perfect For Compact Areas] With 3 in 1 corner nook kitchen table set ,...
  • ✅[Modern Design] This Breakfast Nook Dining Set Has Been Designed For...
  • ✅[Guaranteed Material] This Breakfast Nook Table Set Has Been Built to Be...
  • ✅[Safe Design] This nook table ser can easily fit three people...
Linon Lucy Coffee Nook - White
  • Traditional style
  • Includes corner unit, table and Bench
  • Corner: 66.25" x 50.25" x 34.5; table: 42.875" x 27.375" x 29.375"; Bench:...
  • Perfect for small spaces
Linon Jackie Solid Wood 3 Piece Conversation Indoor Kitchen...
  • Can configure in either left or right handed to conform to your unique...
  • Table Top and seats are in a rich wood plank look and feel
  • Includes Corner Unit, Table and Bench
  • Perfect for Small Spaces
SUNNY DESIGNS Sedona Breakfast Nook Set w/ Side Bench 4PC...
  • Sunny Designs
  • Color-Brown
  • Assembly required
  • 0219RO
Linon Home Decor Sadie Antique White Nook
  • Coner: 66. 14"W x 50. 45"D x 33. 85"HBench: 43. 30"W x 12. 20"D x 17. 25"H
  • Can configure in either left or right handed to conform to your unique...
  • Table Top and seats are in a rich pine wood plank look and feel
  • Includes Corner Unit, Table and Bench
Carriage House Breakfast Nook
Linon Lucy Charcoal Nook
  • Traditional style
  • Includes corner unit, table and Bench
  • Corner: 66.25" x 50.25" x 34.5; table: 42.875" x 27.375" x 29.375"; Bench:...
  • Perfect for small spaces
Carriage House Breakfast Nook with Side Bench and Single...
  • Hidden storage in long and short benches
  • Weathered crème fronts and frames
  • Reversible
Riverbay Furniture Pine Wood Indoor 3 Piece Kitchen Corner...
  • Crafted from Solid Pine Wood and MDF
  • Natural Wax Finish
  • Seats flip up to hidden storage area
  • Can configure in either left or right handed to conform to your unique...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Breakfast Nook

What Is The Purpose Of A Breakfast Nook?

The breakfast nook is a small room located near the kitchen where guests can sit down to eat while watching television or reading a book. It is typically found in homes with large kitchens because it gives families more privacy during meals. In addition to providing additional seating, the breakfast nook offers other benefits including saving money by reducing food preparation times and allowing children to watch TV while eating.

Benefits of a Breakfast Nook

There are many reasons why you might choose to include a breakfast nook in your home.

It saves time - If you're short on time, adding a breakfast nook to your kitchen could be the perfect solution. Instead of spending hours preparing dinner and washing dishes, you can simply prepare breakfast foods and serve them right away. No longer will you have to worry about cooking or cleaning up afterwards.

It makes mealtime easier - For busy parents who struggle to cook healthy meals, a breakfast nook can provide a quick and easy way to feed hungry kids. Children love sitting around a table enjoying snacks and watching cartoons while mom prepares her morning meal. There's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy these same benefits!

How To Create An Effective Breakfast Nook

Creating a successful breakfast nook doesn't require expensive renovations or fancy design elements. All you really need is a few simple additions to your existing kitchen. Below we've listed several ways you can transform your current kitchen into a functional breakfast nook.

Add a comfortable chair - Chairs are essential for creating a relaxing atmosphere, especially when there aren't many seats available elsewhere in the house. Choose chairs that match the style of your kitchen decor and ensure they fit comfortably within the space. Add cushions to soften the hard edges of your seat.

Install a flat screen TV - Flat screens allow you to maximize the amount of viewing space in your breakfast nook. Make sure you select a model that fits well within your budget and matches the rest of your décor. Look for TVs that are wall mountable to avoid unsightly wires hanging across the floor.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Breakfast Nook

In today's busy lifestyles, we're always running around trying to accomplish everything before our day ends. We might be working long hours during the weekdays, and still have to take care of household chores and other responsibilities on weekends. With so many tasks to complete, sometimes it seems impossible to fit in anything else. But with the right tools, you can actually manage to squeeze in a few minutes here and there to relax and enjoy yourself. One of these tools is a good-quality breakfast nook.

Benefits of Buying a Good-Quality Breakfast Nook

There are several benefits associated with owning a good-quality breakfast nook. For starters, it makes cooking more convenient since you no longer have to go outside to prepare food. Also, by using a breakfast nook, you can save money because you no longer have to purchase expensive meals while eating out. Furthermore, a breakfast nook gives you the opportunity to eat healthier foods. In fact, you can cook healthy dishes inside your house rather than going out to restaurants where unhealthy options are available. Lastly, a breakfast nook offers convenience because you can simply grab something to eat whenever you want.

How To Choose A Good-Quality Breakfast Nook

Choosing a good-quality breakfast nook isn't very difficult. All you really need to know is whether you prefer a traditional style or modern design. Traditional styles include those that resemble a kitchen countertop. Modern designs, however, are sleek and minimalist. If you plan to put your breakfast nook near your dining room, choose a traditional model. However, if you'd like to set up your breakfast nook in another part of your house, select a modern model.

Tips for Choosing a Good-Quality Breakfast Nook

Look for a breakfast nook that has plenty of storage space. Make sure that the shelves and drawers are spacious enough to accommodate whatever you intend to store inside.

Consider the size of your family. Then, you should opt for a larger breakfast nook. Or maybe you only have small children, and therefore, you should pick a smaller version.

Lastly, check the warranty period. Some manufacturers provide warranties ranging between 1 month to 3 years.

The most important thing to think about when choosing a breakfast nook is whether you're going to be using it primarily as a dining room table or more as a casual eating spot. If you plan to eat meals there regularly, then you probably want something with a sturdy construction so you can sit down comfortably. But if you only intend to use it occasionally, then you might prefer something lighter-weight and easier to set up and take apart.

Sturdy Construction

One way to tell if a piece of furniture has good quality is by checking its weight. The heavier the piece, the higher the price tag. So if you see a heavy breakfast nook online, chances are it's built well enough to last you many years. However, if you see a light breakfast nook online, you shouldn't expect too much durability.

Easy Set Up/Take Down

Another factor to consider is ease of setup and takedown. Some breakfast nooks are designed to fold flat while others require assembly. Also, some tables include legs that can be removed, while others must be assembled before sitting down. Make sure you know which type of breakfast nook you'd like before ordering.

Storage Space

Finally, check to see if the breakfast nook includes storage space underneath the seat. Most modern designs include drawers and shelves beneath the seats. Storage options like these allow you to store dishes, silverware, and other small items right where they belong.

Light Weight

Some breakfast nooks weigh very little, making them easy to transport around the house. Others are quite hefty, weighing several hundred pounds each. If you're planning to move the breakfast nook frequently, choose the lightweight option.


Lastly, always remember that the cheapest breakfast nook isn't necessarily the best choice. In fact, sometimes the priciest model doesn't provide the features you really need. Consider the features listed above along with the price of the breakfast nook you're considering. Then decide which features are most important to you and go from there.

Different Types of Breakfast Nooks

The breakfast nook has been around since ancient times. The Romans called these areas "cubicularia" which translates into "little rooms." In fact, there was once a law passed by King Henry VIII that required all kitchens be built with cubicles so he could watch his cooks while eating. Today, we still call these little rooms where food is prepared "breakfast nooks".

Types of Breakfast Nooks

There are many different styles of breakfast nooks available today. Some are designed specifically for children, others for teens, and yet others for adults. There are also several different materials used to build these spaces including wood, metal, glass, stone, tile, and more.

Children's Breakfast Nook - Children love to eat breakfast in bed. However, most parents aren't willing to let their kids sleep in the kitchen. So, they've created a special room for them to enjoy breakfast before school. This type of breakfast nook is typically small, brightly colored, and filled with toys and games. Most of these nooks are located near the bedrooms of young children.

Teenage Breakfast Nook - Teenagers love to hang out in their bedroom during breakfast. But, they're too busy texting friends and playing video games to actually sit down and eat. To encourage them to start eating breakfast, they might create a teen-sized version of their parent's breakfast nook. This nook is smaller than the adult versions, but offers plenty of seating and storage options.

How Do You Decide Which Type Is Right For You?

It depends on who you are and what you plan to do in your breakfast nook. If you're planning on having children in your house, then you probably want something child-friendly. If you're planning on entertaining company, then you'd likely prefer a bigger breakfast nook. If you're going to entertain only your spouse, then you probably want a smaller breakfast nook. Whatever you choose, remember that comfort is key. Make sure whatever style you decide upon fits your lifestyle and personality.

Where Can You Find Them?

Most modern homes now contain at least one breakfast nook. Sometimes, these nooks are part of a formal dining room. Other times, they're found in the living room or den. Regardless of location, you'll find that breakfast nooks provide a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. They allow families to bond together and share meals. They also give teenagers a safe haven away from their parents' rules and regulations.