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Body Mist

Vera Wang Embrace Body Mist Spray for Women, Green Tea &...
  • Modern & confident: Vera Wang embrace body mist for women in green tea &...
  • Pear blossom & green tea: Spray on this body mist from Vera Wang after your...
  • Modern & sophisticated : Spray a fine mist of Vera Wang Embrace Body Mist...
  • A timeless gift: Vera Wang women's fragrances truly embrace fantasies &...
Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Cloud Body Mist, 8.0 Fluid...
  • Top: Lavender blossom, Juicy pear, Bergamot
  • Middle: Crème de coconut, Indulgent praline, Vanilla orchid
  • Base: Sensual musks, Creamy Blond Woods
Paris Hilton Body Mist for Women, 8 Fluid Ounce
  • Paris Hilton does not need a lot of announcement
  • Everything is already familiar; she is an actress, model, heiress, always...
  • This perfume carries her name and was presented in 2005, as her first...
  • Country Of Origin: United States
Body Spray, Body Mist for Women, Fragrance Mist Sets, Pack...
  • 💜Timeless Dreams is a bright, young-at-heart and charming blend of...
  • 💗Luna Kisses is an utterly irresistable and seductive combination of...
  • 🧡Sunset Poems is a warm and alluring fragrance that embraces your body...
  • 💃Spray our fine fragrance mist after your morning showering, dressing,...
GUESS Seductive Noir Fragrance Body Mist Spray for Women,...
  • Fragrance Story: GUESS Seductive Noir, is a sexy women's fragrance body...
  • Olfactory Family: Floriental
  • Fragrance Notes: Top - Bergamot, Sage, Peony / Mid - Iris Pallida, Jasmine...
  • Suggested Use: Apply on pulse points - behind your ears, on your neck, and...
Ariana Grande Thank U Next Body Mist, 8 Fl Oz
  • Ariana Grande fragrance, thank U next bursts opens with Juicy notes of...
  • Divine velvety musk infuses classic Ari sass, while Macaroon sugar adds...
  • Top note: white Pear, wild Raspberry
  • Mid Note: creme de coconut, pink rose petals
Body Fantasies Signature Fragrance Body Spray, Japanese...
  • A charming blend of warm oriental notes
  • fresh cherry blossom, succulent rose and amber
  • Long Lasting
  • Country Of Origin: United States
Bath and Body Works INTO THE NIGHT Fine Fragrance Mist 8...
  • FRAGRANCE: A timeless, feminine, alluring blend of dark berries, midnight...
  • Evoke natural confidence & brilliant beauty from the beginning of your day...
  • Our carefully crafted bottle & sophisticated pump delivers great coverage...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Body Mist

What Is The Purpose Of A Body Mist?

Body Mists are fragrant scented oils that are sprayed onto the skin with a spray bottle. They're great for adding scent to your environment and are perfect for those who love the smell of essential oils. Body Sprays are a type of perfume that has been mixed into a liquid base. They're designed to be applied directly to the skin and provide a long lasting aroma. Both types of products are very popular among men and women alike.

Benefits of Using A Body Spray

There are many benefits to using a body spray. First of all, there's no mess involved. No water needed! Just shake the bottle, spray, and go. There's no washing required either because these sprays contain alcohol-based ingredients which evaporate quickly. So, you can apply your favorite scent anywhere - including your car, purse, backpack, gym bag, etc. If you prefer something more subtle, you can choose a light floral scent. Or maybe you'd rather enjoy a spicy blend of citrus notes. Whatever your preference, you'll find a variety of choices available online and in stores today.

How To Choose A Body Spray

The best way to select a body spray is by reading reviews. Look for ones that are rated highly for quality and effectiveness. Also, check for customer service ratings. Some companies only sell their product online so you might have trouble finding someone to answer questions.

Types of Body Sprays

There are two main categories of body sprays. One category contains oil based sprays while the other uses alcohol based sprays. Oil based sprays are generally thicker and heavier than the alcohol based versions. Alcohol based sprays are lighter weight and thinner. Most body sprays fall somewhere between the two.

Alcohol Based Body Sprays

These sprays are typically found in small bottles. They're easy to carry around and convenient to use. However, they aren't recommended for sensitive areas such as eyes, mouth, nose, ears, groin, armpit, neck, and face. Because alcohol based sprays dry faster than oil based sprays, they're ideal for travel and outdoor activities where you don't want to leave behind lingering smells.

Oil Based Body Sprays

This type of spray is commonly referred to as "body mist" since it resembles a fine mist. Unlike alcohol based sprays, oil based sprays are safe for sensitive areas. They're also easier to control and apply evenly. Since they're lightweight, you can use them indoors too. Many people prefer the freshness of an oil based spray compared to the heaviness of an alcohol based version.

Is A Body Spray Safe For Children?

Yes, body sprays are perfectly safe for children. In fact, kids love the fun feeling of spraying themselves with a spray bottle. As long as you follow safety guidelines, you shouldn't have any problems. Make sure to read labels carefully before purchasing anything. Don't purchase a product unless you know exactly what it contains.

Body spray has become very popular among men and women alike. There are many different types available today and each type offers its own unique benefits. Some products contain fragrances while others simply provide moisture to the skin. Regardless of which product you choose, there are several important factors to take into consideration before making a purchase.

How To Choose The Right Product For You

There are two main categories of body sprays - those with scented oils and those without. Each category contains numerous sub-categories depending upon the specific scent. If you're interested in using a body mist during the day, you might be more inclined towards a non-fragrant version. However, if you prefer something stronger, you could opt for a body mist containing essential oils. In either case, you must decide whether you'd rather apply the mist directly onto your skin or allow it to evaporate naturally.

Benefits Of Using A Body Spray

Regardless of the type of body spray you select, there are several advantages associated with using these products. First, most body sprays contain moisturizing ingredients that leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Second, they eliminate odors by absorbing perspiration and other unwanted smells. Third, they reduce friction between clothing and skin, thus reducing chaffing and irritation. Fourth, they improve circulation and promote healthy hair growth. Finally, they remove dust particles and dirt from the air.

Where To Purchase A High Quality Body Mist

It's easy to locate high quality body sprays online. Many websites sell only body sprays and carry no additional products. Others offer a wide variety of cosmetics including body sprays. Still others specialize in selling only certain brands. Whatever brand you choose, always read reviews prior to making a purchase. Reviews are invaluable because they let you know exactly what kind of results you can expect from a particular product. Also, check customer ratings and feedback so you can see how satisfied customers actually are with the product. Lastly, shop around. Different stores often have different prices and promotions. Make sure you compare prices across multiple sites.

Tips For Choosing A Good Body Mist

Although choosing a good body mist isn't difficult, it does require some thought and research.

Look for a reputable company. As a result, companies who fail to comply risk losing their license to operate. Therefore, you shouldn't hesitate to ask questions regarding the safety of a particular product. Ask about the ingredients used, the manufacturing process, and the overall healthfulness of the product. Look for companies that have been operating since long ago and have never received complaints.

Choose a product that suits your needs.

Features To Look For When Buying A Body Mist

Body mist has become very popular recently because of its ability to provide instant refreshment while leaving no greasy residue behind. The best way to choose which body spray is right for you is by considering these features before purchasing.


The size of the bottle is important. If you're going to be using the product frequently, you might want to invest in a larger container so you can store more of it. However, if you only plan on spraying once a day, you probably won't notice the difference between a small bottle and a large one.


There are two main types of fragrances available today: scented and unscented. Scented products contain essential oils that give the scent to the product. Unscented versions simply leave the air around you with a pleasant smell. Some people prefer the natural aroma of unscented body sprays, while others enjoy the added benefit of smelling good.


It's always wise to shop around for the best price possible. While there isn't really a rule of thumb regarding pricing, most experts agree that the higher the quality, the higher the price tag.


As with anything else, you should know exactly what goes into your body spray. Many companies claim to be "natural" yet still include chemicals in their products. Make sure you read labels carefully and ask questions if something seems unusual.

Ease of Use

Some body sprays require shaking vigorously prior to use, while other products dispense directly from the bottle. Most consumers report that the latter method works well for them.

How Long Does The Product Last?

Most body sprays last anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the type of formula used. There are many factors that affect the shelf life of a particular product including temperature, humidity, and exposure to light.


While you shouldn't worry too much about safety issues surrounding body sprays, you should definitely take precautions to avoid getting sprayed accidentally. Keep bottles away from children and pets, and never allow anyone who hasn't been thoroughly cleaned to handle the product.

Different Types of Body Mist

Body spray has become very popular these days because it gives us a fresh scent while we're working. There are many different kinds of body sprays available today. Some are scented with essential oils, others contain fragrances, and still others are unscented. The most common type of body spray contains water-based ingredients which evaporate quickly leaving no residue behind.

How To Choose A Good Body Spray For Yourself

The best way to choose a good body spray is by reading reviews online. If there aren't enough reviews, ask friends who've tried the product before. Also, check the expiration date on the bottle. Make sure that the product doesn't smell moldy or rancid. Another thing to be aware of is whether the product contains alcohol. Alcohol can dry skin out and cause irritation.

Types Of Body Sprays Available Today

There are two main categories of body sprays - those containing perfume and those that are unscented. Perfume based products give you a more intense scent, whereas unscented ones leave you smelling natural. Both types of body sprays provide moisture to the air around you. However, perfume based products are generally stronger than unscented ones.

Benefits Of Using A Body Spray

Using a body spray can improve your mood and boost your confidence. It makes you feel fresher and cleaner. It can also reduce stress levels. In addition, using a body spray can increase productivity. Many workers report feeling calmer and more focused after spraying themselves with a body spray.

Tips On How To Use A Body Spray Properly

Make sure that you apply the right amount of body spray onto your hands. Too little and you won't notice the effect; too much and you might end up staining clothes. Before applying the spray, shake it well so that the contents mix evenly. Then rub your palms together to warm them up. Next, take a small amount of the liquid and gently pat it into your palm. Finally, spread the lotion across your entire hand. Don't forget to wash your hands afterwards!

Where Can You Find Body Mists Online?

It's easy to purchase body sprays online. Just search for "body mist" and you'll see plenty of options. Most sites sell both perfumed and unscented versions. You can also find body sprays in department stores, drugstores, and grocery stores.

Are Body Mists Safe?

Yes, body sprays are safe to use. Although some people worry about getting sick from inhaling chemicals, studies show that the risk of illness is minimal.

Do People Get Sick From Breathing In Chemicals?

No, people rarely get sick from breathing in chemical fumes. But if you're worried about health risks, you could always opt for a non-perfumed version of the same product.