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Bearpaw Boots

BEARPAW Women's Emma Short Boot,Hickory/Champagne,8 M US
  • Classic pull-on boot in mid-height featuring pinched seaming and fur lining
  • Round toe
  • Flexible non-marking outsole
BEARPAW Women's Alyssa Hickory Size 9 | Women's Ankle Boot |...
  • COZY SHEEPSKIN & WOOL BLEND LINING: Our 5-inch shaft height Women's Alyssa...
  • NEVERWET TECHNOLOGY: Treated with NeverWet® technology that is designed to...
BEARPAW Women's Elle Short Black Size 9 | Women's Boot...
  • COZY SHEEPSKIN & WOOL BLEND LINING: Our 8-inch shaft height Women's Elle...
  • NEVERWET TECHNOLOGY: Treated with NeverWet® technology that is designed to...
BEARPAW Women's Lori Slip On Boot, Brown Hickory Ii 220, 9...
  • 12 inches tall
  • 14 inch circumference
  • Suede upper
  • Coconut shell toggles
Koolaburra by UGG Women's Chestnut Koola Tall Boot - 09 M US
  • Sheepskin and faux fur lining
  • Tpr outsole
  • Thinsulate sockliner
  • Lightweight and durable molded EVA sole
BEARPAW Women's Abigail Hickory Size 8 | Women's Fashion...
  • COMFORTABLE HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Get out and about in our Abigail boot!...
  • COZY SHEEPSKIN & WOOL BLEND LINING: Our Women's Abigail Slip On Boot...
  • VARIOUS COLORS AVAILABLE: Our Abigail Women's Slip On Boot Cow Suede Upper...
BEARPAW Women's Boshie Chestnut Distressed Size 8 | Women's...
  • COZY SHEEPSKIN & WOOL BLEND LINING: Our 10-inch shaft height Women's Boshie...
  • DURABLE OUTSOLE FOR INDOOR USE: The BEARPAW Boshie's durable Classic low...
  • VARIOUS COLORS AVAILABLE: Boshie Slip On Boot comes in Suede (Black,...
BEARPAW Women's Olympus Hiker Taupe Size 9.5 | Women's...
  • COMFORTABLE HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Cozy comfort, plus rugged durability,...
  • MESH LINING AND CUSHIONED FOOTBED: Suede and mesh upper, with mesh lining...
  • NEVERWET TECHNOLOGY: Treated with NeverWet technology that is designed to...
BEARPAW Women's Corsica Wide Gray Fog Size 7 | Women's...
  • COMFORTABLE HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - A little weather won't keep you off the...
  • MESH LINING AND FOOTBED: Our 3.5-inch shaft height Women's Corsica hiking...
  • DURABLE RUBBER SOLE FOR HIKING: BEARPAW Women's Corsica has full bootie...
  • NEVERWET TECHNOLOGY: Treated with NeverWet technology that is designed to...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Bearpaw Boots

What Is The Purpose Of Bear Paw Boots?

Bear paw boots are designed to provide warmth and comfort while hiking. They're typically worn by hikers who hike in cold weather conditions. In addition to providing warmth, bear paws are known to repel insects. If you plan to go hiking during winter months, you might want to invest in these comfortable footwear options.

How Do Bear Paws Keep Feet Warm?

The fur on bear paws has been specially selected to trap air inside the boot. As long as there is enough insulation between your feet and the ground, you'll stay warm no matter where you travel. There are two main types of insoles available for bear paw boots. One type traps more air than the other, so choose wisely based on your preference.

Do Bears Eat Hikers?

No bears eat humans, although they sometimes scavenge human food left behind by campers. However, bears are omnivores, which means they consume both plants and animals. So, if you see a bear eating something, it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to hurt you. He could simply be trying to survive.

Are Bear Paws Safe For Kids To Wear?

Yes! Because kids' feet grow quickly, they require different sized boots than adults. Most children's boots are too small for adult feet, so parents must purchase separate pairs of boots for each child. Children's boots are generally smaller because they grow faster than adults.

Can You Use Other Types Of Insoles With Bear Paws?

There are many brands of insoles available for bear paw boots. Some insoles are specifically designed to fit into specific models of boots. Others are generic insoles meant to fit most styles of boots. Choose carefully based on your preferences.

Is Bear Pawing Good Exercise?

Hiking is great exercise, but bear pawing isn't recommended unless you enjoy being outdoors. Although it's good cardio, bear pawing is strenuous and exhausting. Make sure you pace yourself appropriately before embarking on a bear paw adventure.

Does Bear Pawing Help Prevent Foot Problems?

Studies show that wearing bear paw boots reduces foot problems caused by walking barefoot. Barefoot walkers develop calluses on their soles due to friction created by rough terrain. Wearing soft-soled boots prevents this problem.

Will My Shoes Fit Into Bear Paw Boots?

Barefoot walkers often complain that their shoes slip on wet trails. This happens because the sole of their shoe becomes slippery when water gets trapped underneath. Bear paw boots solve this problem by trapping air beneath the sole of the shoe.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Bear Paw Boots

It doesn’t matter whether you're going hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or simply walking around town, wearing comfortable footwear is essential. If you've ever worn uncomfortable footwear while doing these activities, you know exactly why comfort matters. Comfort makes everything easier, including putting on socks and other accessories. In fact, there are many reasons why you might choose to purchase bear paw boots over other types of footwear. Here are three good ones.

They Are Comfortable

Bear paws are designed with thick fur padding inside the boot so that you can enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Most boots are made using synthetic materials, which are more durable than leather. However, synthetic material tends to be stiffer and less flexible than natural materials like leather. Leather has been known to stretch, crack, and split over time. Synthetic materials can last longer because they aren't subject to stretching and cracking. That being said, synthetic materials are still prone to breaking down over time, especially if they become wet. With bear paw boots, however, you can rest assured knowing that your feet will remain dry and warm throughout the day. You can take advantage of the warmth provided by the boots during cold weather too!

They Keep Feet Warm

Most boots are lined with insulating foam, making them warmer than regular sneakers. While most people think of insulation as something that prevents heat loss, it actually works the opposite way. Insulation traps heat within the shoe, preventing it from escaping into the environment. As long as you stay away from extreme temperatures, you shouldn't experience discomfort due to lack of proper insulation. Even though you may sweat while exercising, the moisture will evaporate quickly once you stop moving. Because of this, you won't notice the effects of sweating unless you continue to exercise for hours on end. Bear paw boots provide excellent insulation, helping you avoid overheating.

They Look Good

While most people appreciate the style of traditional boots, others prefer the sleek appearance of modern styles. Modern-style boots are typically made of lightweight materials, allowing you to walk freely without feeling weighed down. Some models include features like laces, zippers, buckles, and Velcro closures. Others are completely slip-on designs that allow you to put them on and go right out the door. Whatever type of design you decide upon, you can count on your boots to fit well and look great. No matter where you plan to wear them, you'll always look fashionable.

Features To Look For When Buying Bear Paw Boots

The bear paw boot has become very popular among women who enjoy wearing cute footwear with a touch of elegance. The design features a thick sole which makes walking comfortable while still providing good traction. There are many different styles available including lace-up ankle boots, slip-on ankle boots, moccasin style boots, and more. Many of these types of boots are designed specifically for winter weather conditions so they are insulated and water resistant. Some models include fur trim around the top edge of the foot making them fashionable enough to wear during warmer months as well.

Materials Used In Making Bearpaw Boots

There are several materials used in manufacturing bear paws. Leather is most commonly used because it is strong, durable, flexible, and easy to maintain. Other materials include suede, nubuck leather, vinyl, and canvas. Each material offers its own advantages and disadvantages depending upon the intended application. Suede is soft and supple and tends to hold shape well. Nubuck leather is hardwearing and resists stains. Vinyl is lightweight and waterproof. Canvas is sturdy and holds its shape well. All of these materials provide unique benefits and characteristics that make each type ideal for certain applications. However, there are times when none of these materials will suffice. If you're shopping for a pair of bear paw boots, check out our selection below before purchasing.

Types of Bear Paw Boots Available

Lace Up Ankle Boot - Lace up ankle boots are probably the most common type of bear paw boots sold today. These boots typically have two buckles located near the sides of the heel. One buckle secures the front of the shoe while the other secures the back. Both buckles must be closed together before putting the boot on. Once both buckles are secured, the wearer simply pulls the laces tight and ties them into a bow knot. This process takes only seconds and makes getting dressed quick and simple. Most lace up ankle boots are constructed using genuine leather uppers and synthetic outsoles. Synthetic outsoles are generally lighter weight and easier to walk in than traditional leather outsoles. Rubber soles are sometimes added to improve traction and durability.

Slip On Ankle Boot

These types of boots are similar to lace up ankle boots except they are worn by slipping the entire boot onto the foot rather than tying the laces. Slip on ankle boots are great for those who prefer a casual look. They are also useful for travel since they take little effort to put on and remove. Slip on ankle boots are typically manufactured using genuine leather uppers and synthetic outsoles. Rubber soles are sometimes added to improve traction and durability.

Mocassin Style Boots

This style of boot was originally developed for Native Americans. Mocassins are traditionally made from rawhide and are extremely tough and resilient. They are also quite warm due to the natural oils found within the hide. Because of their toughness, mocassins are best suited for outdoor activities where they can withstand heavy loads and rough terrain. Mocassins are also known for being incredibly versatile. They can be worn indoors or outdoors and are suitable for almost any occasion.

Different Types of Bear Paw Boots

There are many different kinds of bear paw boots available today. The most common type of boot is called a "boots" because it has two big claws attached to its front end. There are other styles of boots with four paws, six paws, eight paws, etc. Some boots have no claws while others have claws that extend outward from the sides of the foot. One thing is certain though; these boots are very comfortable and warm!

How Do You Choose Which Type of Boot Is Right For You?

It depends upon which style of boot appeals to you. If you prefer more comfort and warmth, then go with the boots. However, if you're concerned about safety, then choose the boots with claws. Also, remember that the size of your feet varies depending on whether you're wearing socks or barefoot. So, before purchasing a pair of boots, check the sizing chart to ensure that you purchase the correct size.

Where Can You Purchase Them?

Bearpaw boots are sold by specialty stores, department stores, shoe stores, sporting goods stores, and online retailers. Most of these places sell both men's and women's boots. In fact, there are so many choices that it might take you awhile to decide which ones appeal to you.

Are Bearpaw Boots Safe?

Yes, they are safe. Although they are designed primarily for hunting purposes, they are still considered footwear. Therefore, they meet Department of Labor standards regarding workplace safety.

Do They Hurt?

No, they don't hurt. As long as you follow proper care instructions, you shouldn't experience any discomfort.

Is It Easy To Put Them On Or Take Them Off?

They are easy to put on and take off. Simply slip them on and pull them down over your feet. Then, tie the laces together and tighten them around your ankles.

Should You Wash Them Before Wearing Them?

Wash them only when necessary. Otherwise, leave them alone. Just wipe them down occasionally with a damp cloth.

Will They Last Long?

That depends on how well you treat them. But, generally speaking, they last longer if you avoid walking in wet areas.

Doesn't Water Get Into Them?

Water doesn't penetrate into the soles of the boots. Instead, water runs right off the bottom of the boots.