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Badge Wallets

Rothco Leather Id/Badge Wallet
  • Quality tested and ensured for maximum durability
  • Designed with only the toughest, roughest users in mind
  • Comfort and performance come hand in hand with rothco
ASR Federal Genuine Leather Unisex Law Enforcement Badge...
  • POLICE BADGE HOLDER WALLET: Designed for carrying police badges and...
  • RECESSED POLICE BADGE DESIGN: Badge case has a minimal and compact low...
  • QUALITY LEATHER: This leather police badge holder boasts strong and sturdy...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Wallet size: 3.5” x 4.5" (W x H); Maximum Card Size:...
Genuine Leather RFID Slim Thin Bifold ID Money Wallet Oval...
  • Made of Genuine High Quality Leather
  • Great RFID wallet for organizing badge, ID, cash, etc.
  • 1 Full size ID window and a badge slot.
  • Has a centre flap to cover the badge for its protection.
Wallet & Police Badge Holder - Style mw2516TA
  • Has a removable insert for easy badge mounting
  • A suede flap protects the luster and finish of you badge
  • Genuine cowhide leather
Rolfs Police Badge Wallet Bifold RFID Full Grain Genuine...
  • SUPER RFID SECURITY WALLET – Our police badge holder wallet, sandwiched...
  • SMART DESIGNER WALLET FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT – This sleek strong, Concealed...
  • IMPRESSIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT ACCESSORIES – Quality accessories are the...
Perfect Fit Shield Wallets 5 Point Star Florida Sheriff...
  • Fits 5 point star badges Sheriff style law enforcement
  • Badge cut size height 2.70 Inch width 2.82 Inch
  • Holds 5 credit cards
  • Has separate cash pocket
Winchester Police Badge Wallet Bifold RFID Full Grain...
  • GENUINE FULL GRAIN LEATHER – These police wallets with badge holder were...
  • RFID SECURITY WALLET –This police badge holder wallet, sandwiched between...
  • FUNCTIONAL FEATURES – Police Wallet that hold Your Badge - This sleek...
  • ESSENTIAL ADDITIONS – Quality accessories are the pieces that pull your...
RFID Genuine Leather Trifold Badge Holder Wallet Black,...
  • Material: Genuine Leather Tri-fold
  • Credit Card Slots: 3
  • I.D. Window: Yes (Internal)
  • Other features: Standard badge holder with felt flap cover
Marshal Genuine Cowhide Leather Badge RFID Wallet for...
  • Protect your RFID Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ID Cards from electronic...
  • 7 Credit Cards Slots and 2 Large Compartments for Bills
  • 2 Windows For Picture/ID PLUS Wallet has 2 Hidden Pockets
  • Place for Badge (Badge NOT included). Flap to cover the badge badge. Badge...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Badge Wallet

What is the Purpose Of A Badge Wallet?

A badge wallet is a small pouch designed to hold badges and ID cards. Most badge wallets are made of leather and include slots for holding multiple badges. Some badge wallets are made of plastic and others are made of canvas. There are many different types of badge wallets available today. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most common ones:

Leather badge wallets are durable and long lasting. Leather badge wallets are very popular because they are easy to carry around and they last forever. However, leather badge wallets are heavy and bulky. Because of this, they aren't ideal for everyday wear. Leather badge wallets are best suited for formal events where you plan to be wearing your badge frequently.

Plastic badge wallets are lightweight and compact. Plastic badge wallets are perfect for those who travel frequently and need to pack light. Plastic badge wallets are also inexpensive and affordable. However, plastic badge wallets are prone to cracking and breaking. Therefore, plastic badge wallets are only suitable for short term usage.

Why Should You Buy a Badge Wallet?

There are several reasons why you should invest in a badge wallet. First, a badge wallet is convenient. With a badge wallet, you no longer have to worry about carrying around a bunch of loose badges. Instead, you can put all your badges into one handy little bag. Second, a badge wallet is practical. With a badge wallet, you can quickly access your badges whenever needed. Third, a badge wallet is fashionable. Many people enjoy adding flair to their outfits with accessories. A badge wallet gives you the opportunity to show off your style while still being functional. Fourth, a badge wallet is useful. With a badge wallet, you can always carry your important documents with you wherever you go. Finally, a badge wallet is economical. Buying a badge wallet is cheaper than purchasing individual badges.

How To Use A Badge Wallet

Open the front flap of the badge wallet. Make sure there are no sharp edges inside the wallet

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Badge Wallet?

Badge wallets are essential accessories for anyone who wants to be recognized professionally. Whether you are a student, teacher, doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect, nurse, police officer, firefighter, military personnel, or business owner, there is no doubt that you will need a good-quality badge wallet to carry around your badges. Badges are important because they represent your professional status. For example, doctors wear white coats, nurses wear scrubs, lawyers wear suits, firefighters wear uniforms, etc. In order to show others that you belong to a certain profession, you must always carry around your official identification cards (badges).

How Do You Know Which Type Of Badge Wallets To Purchase?

There are many different types of badge wallets available today. Some are designed specifically for carrying around ID cards while others are meant to hold multiple sets of credentials. There are several factors that you should take into consideration when choosing which type of badge wallet to purchase. First, you should determine whether you plan on carrying around only one set of credentials or two or three. Second, you should decide whether you want to carry around your ID card(s) inside your wallet or outside. Third, you should think about where you intend to store your badge wallet. Fourth, you should consider the amount of money you are willing to invest in a high-quality badge wallet. Finally, you should ask yourself whether you want to pay attention to style or functionality when selecting your badge wallet.

Types Of Badge Wallets Available Today

Today, there are numerous options available for those who wish to purchase a badge wallet. However, most of these products fall into one of four categories:

ID Card Holders - These are typically small plastic cases that fit neatly inside your pocketbook or handbag. They are ideal for storing only one credential. Most ID holders are inexpensive and easy to use. However, they lack durability and are prone to breaking.

Multiple Credential Holders - These are large leather or nylon portfolios that allow you to carry around multiple IDs. They are ideal for holding multiple credentials. Many multiple credential holders include pockets for storing additional documents. However, they are bulky and heavy.

Features To Look For When Buying A Badge Wallet?

Badge wallets are small plastic holders that hold badges. Badges are worn by employees who represent a company or organization. Badges are typically attached to clothing or accessories. Some companies require employees to wear specific types of badges while others allow employees to select which type of badge they wish to wear. In either case, badge wallets are designed to be carried around and displayed whenever needed.

How Do Badge Wallets Work?

The most common way to carry a badge is to attach it directly to the outside pocket of a jacket or shirt. However, there are many different ways to display a badge. One popular method is to hang the badge on a lanyard. Lanyards are thin cords that connect to the badge holder. Another option is to clip the badge onto a belt loop or button hole. Yet another option is to put the badge inside a cardholder. Cardholders are small boxes that contain a slot where the badge slides into. There are also many options available for displaying a badge. Many employers give their employees the choice of wearing a badge on a chain necklace or bracelet. Others allow employees to wear a badge on a keychain. Still others allow employees to wear a badge on a watchband.

Types of Badge Wallets

There are two main categories of badge wallets. First, there are those that only hold one badge. Second, there are those that hold multiple badges. Most single-badge holders are rectangular shaped and measure approximately 1 inch wide x 2 inches long. Multiple-badge holders are square shaped and measure approximately 3/4 inch wide x 4 inches long. Both styles of badge wallets are commonly found in retail stores.

Where Can I Find Badge Wallets?

Most retailers sell badge wallets. Retailers include department stores, discount stores, specialty shops, and online merchants.

Are Badge Wallets Safe?

Yes! Badge wallets are safe because they are made of hard plastic. Plastic is very durable and does not break easily. Even though badge wallets are made of plastic, they are still lightweight and easy to carry around.

Do Badge Wallets Come With Instructions?

No. Badge wallets do not come with instructions. However, most retailers will send customers a free instruction sheet along with their badge wallet. Instruction sheets explain how to properly care for the wallet and how to remove the badge.

Different Types of Badge Wallets

There are many different kinds of badges available today. Some are designed specifically for law enforcement officers while others are meant for school teachers, doctors, nurses, firemen, police officers, etc. There are several different styles of badge wallets available too. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some examples of these different types of badge wallets.

The standard badge wallet is probably the most common type of badge wallet. It consists of two pieces of leather which hold the badge inside. One piece holds the front side of the badge while the second piece holds the backside of the badge. Both sides of the badge are held securely in place by stitching.

Another popular kind of badge wallet is called the "belt" style. In this case, there is only one piece of leather that holds both sides of the badge. The belt style is very convenient because it does not require you to remove the badge from your uniform each time you wish to carry it around. However, the belt style requires you to wear a special belt to secure the wallet to your waistband.

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