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Arch Bookshelf

Creative Co-Op Metal Framed 5 Wood Shelves Bookshelf, Rust
  • Metal and Wood Construction
  • Decorative open backing and arched top
  • Maximum weight on shelves is 40 pounds
  • Wipe clean with dry cloth
FirsTime & Co. Natural Ridgeway Arch Bookcase, Storage Shelf...
  • SIZE MATTERS - Our FirsTime & Co. Walnut Ridgeway Arch Etagere Bookcase has...
  • IT'S IN THE DETAILS - Our arched FirsTime & Co. Walnut Ridgeway Arch...
  • FASHIONABLE AND FUNCTIONAL - This beautiful bookcase features 4 shelves for...
  • MORE THAN IT SEEMS - This bookcase can also be used as a bar tower, dining...
DAWNYIELD 5 Tier Tall Standing Bookshelf Metal and Wood...
  • 【Larger Capacity Storage】 The overall dimensions of the bookshelf are...
  • 【High Quality】 Crafted of high-grade metal and wood, this shelf is...
  • 【Multifunctional Usage】 This metal shelf can not only be used as a...
  • 【Practical Metal Frame】 The classy bookshelf artfully combines selected...
Kate and Laurel Monroe Metal Arch Shelf, 18x31, Black
  • MINIMAL DESIGN: The Monroe shelf features a bold arched shape with three...
  • MODERN STYLE: To draw the eye and elevate its elegant shape, the Monroe has...
  • LARGE SIZE: These floating shelves are 18 inches wide by 6 inches deep by...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Monroe shelf is a stunning piece of home decor to...
Henn&Hart Mid-Century Modern Metal Glass Shelves Bookcase,...
  • Handcrafted finish applied to a steel frame
  • Crafted of durable steel and tempered glass.
  • Tip restraint hardware included.
  • Features easy assembly.
XKZG 65×22 Inch Arched Full Length Mirror Floor Mirror with...
  • SIZE: Full size, 65"x22", large enough for you to see your entire figure in...
  • The glass thickness is 0.2"(5mm), high definition reflection effect. The...
  • Multi functional usage: Standing on the floor or lean to the wall . You can...
  • This large arched full length mirror& floor mirror features a thin brushed...
Bookcase Assembly
  • Assembly of 1 customer-supplied bookcase per product instructions
  • Product should be in the room where it is to be assembled before provider...
  • Cleanup work area. Take packaging to customer's bins unless customer...
  • Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate from...
Tribesigns Triple Wide 4 Tier Bookshelf, Vintage Etagere...
  • 4 Shelf Bookcase: Features with 11 open shelves, this display shelf can...
  • Industrial Modern Style Shelf: Are you looking for something special for...
  • Easy Assembly: All accessories and a easy-to-understand instructions are...
  • High Quality of Storage Shelf: Made of high-quality metal frame and MDF...
The Princes of Malibu: The Complete Series [DVD]
  • The hilarious reality show following David Foster and his family at home:...
  • Prince Jordan Tyson, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner (Actors)
  • Andra Johnson Duke (Producer)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Arch Bookshelf

What is the Purpose Of An Arch Bookshelves?

An arch bookshelf is a type of shelving unit which has two parallel shelves that meet at a central point. Arched shelves are very popular because they give the illusion of height while still being able to store lots of books. They are perfect for small spaces where there isn’t enough room for traditional shelving units. There are many different types of arched shelf designs available, including ones with glass fronts and others with solid wood frames. Some arched shelves are designed specifically for children’s rooms, while others are suitable for adult bedrooms or living areas.

Why Do People Use Arched Shelves?

Arched shelves are ideal for storing large volumes of books. They allow you to display a lot of books in a relatively small amount of space. In addition, they create a sense of depth and height, making the overall appearance seem taller than it really is. Arched shelves are also useful for displaying decorative objects such as figurines or vases. Many people enjoy the way these shelves appear in their homes, especially those who live in apartments or condominiums.

How To Build An Arched Shelf

The best way to build an arched shelf is to start with a sturdy base. For example, you could use 2x4 boards to construct a frame. Then, attach brackets to the top of each board. Next, install cross-braces between the brackets. Finally, hang the shelves onto the braces. Make sure to measure carefully to ensure that the shelves fit properly into the frame. Once everything is assembled, sand the entire structure lightly to remove any rough edges. Apply several coats of varnish to seal the wood and protect it from moisture.

Types Of Arched Shelves Available

There are three main styles of arched shelves available today. First, there are the classic arched shelves. These shelves are typically constructed from pine or oak lumber. Second, there are the glass arched shelves. Third, there are the steel arched shelves. Each style offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Classic Arched Shelves

These shelves are most commonly found in public libraries and museums. Classic arched shelves are built from hardwood, plywood, or particleboard. They are generally painted white or black. However, you can paint them whatever color you wish. Most classic arched shelves are made from 1/2 inch stock. They are easy to assemble and require no special tools.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Arch Bookshelves?

Arch shelves are very popular because they give a modern and sleek appearance to any room. However, there are many different types of shelving available today. Some are made of plastic while others are made of wood. There are also those which are made of glass. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, let us take a closer look at these options and see which ones are best suited for our homes.

Types of Shelving Available Today

There are two main types of shelving available today. One is called "glass" shelving and the other is called "wooden". Glass shelving is ideal for small rooms where storage space is limited. Wooden shelving is perfect for large spaces where lots of storage is needed. Both types of shelving are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. But, each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let us now examine these differences.

Glass Shelf vs Wood Shelf

Both types of shelving are easy to install. In fact, most homeowners can put them together themselves. However, glass shelves are heavier than wooden shelves. Therefore, they require stronger supports. Glass shelves are also prone to breakage due to their fragile nature. Wooden shelves are lighter than glass shelves. As a result, they can be installed on walls and ceilings without requiring additional supports. Wooden shelves are also cheaper than glass shelves. However, they are susceptible to warping and rotting. Wooden shelves must always be treated properly to avoid moisture penetration. This could lead to mold growth and rot.

Which Type of Shelving Do You Need?

Before making a decision regarding which type of shelf to purchase, you should determine whether you need a single shelf or multiple shelves. Single shelves are good for storing smaller objects such as picture frames, vases, lamps, etc. Multiple shelves are useful for storing larger items such

Features To Look For When Buying An Arch Bookshelves

Arch shelves are very popular because they give a modern and sleek appearance to your room. However, there are many features to be considered while choosing an arch shelf. Here are some important factors to take into account while purchasing an arch shelf.


The material of which the arch shelf is constructed plays a vital role in its durability. Most manufacturers use MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) boards for making these shelves. But, if you wish to get a sturdy product, go for particle board. Particle board is stronger than MDF and has a higher density. So, if you are planning to put heavy objects on top of the shelf, opt for particle board. In case you plan to store delicate items, go for MDF.


Most of the arch shelves available in the market today are designed to fit standard sized rooms. Therefore, if you are planning to install an arch shelf in a small room, ensure that the height of the shelf matches the ceiling height. Otherwise, you will end up with a shelf that looks too tall. Similarly, if you are installing an arch shelf in a large room, ensure that the width of the shelf fits snugly within the walls.


An arch shelf comes in different designs. Some are simple while others are ornamental. There are two types of design - single-piece and double-piece. Single piece arch shelves are easy to assemble and require no tools. Double-piece arch shelves are more complex and require tools for assembly.


There are three finishes available for arch shelves - matte, gloss and semi-gloss. Matte finish gives a natural look to the shelf. Gloss finish enhances the shine of the shelf. Semi-gloss finish offers a combination of both matte and glossy effects.

Storage Capacity

Some arch shelves are designed to hold only books while others can accommodate multiple storage options. Make sure that the arch shelf you select can handle whatever you intend to store on it.


Arched shelves are generally assembled using screws. Ensure that the screw holes are located properly. Screws should be placed near the edge of the shelf where weight is least likely to pull them out.


Arched shelves are quite costly compared to flat ones. However, if you are willing

Different Types of Arched Bookcases

Arched bookcases are designed to hold bookshelves. There are many different styles available. Some are built into desks while others stand alone. Most arched bookcases are constructed of steel, aluminum, or plastic. They are typically found in offices, libraries, schools, and homes. Arched bookcases are ideal for holding large volumes of books because they allow light to penetrate between the shelves. This creates a bright atmosphere which encourages reading. Arched bookcases are also useful for storing files, magazines, and documents. They are easy to access and maintain. Many arched bookcases include drawers and cabinets for additional storage.

Types of Arched Bookshelves

Metal - Metal arched bookcases are sturdy and durable. They are commonly used in public areas such as airports, hotels, restaurants, and museums. Metal arched bookcases are available in several finishes including chrome, silver, gold, black, white, and stainless steel. Metal arched bookcases are popular because they are affordable and easy to install. However, they require regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning.

Plastic - Plastic arched bookcases are lightweight and inexpensive. They are perfect for small spaces where weight isn't an issue. Plastic arched bookcases are available in a variety of colors and designs. They are simple to assemble and disassemble. However, they lack durability and strength.

Wooden - Wooden arched bookcases are strong and long lasting. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Wood arched bookcases are available in a wide range of materials including pine, mahogany, oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. They are very versatile and can be customized according to individual needs.

Benefits of Arched Bookcases

They create a pleasant atmosphere. Light penetrates between the shelves creating a brighter ambiance. This promotes concentration and improves productivity.

They are easy to store and transport. Arched bookcases are compact and stackable making them convenient to carry around.

They are attractive and functional. Arched bookcases are aesthetically pleasing and complement most interior design schemes. They are also practical and efficient.