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Accent Table

Decor Therapy Simplify Three Drawer Accent table, Antique...
  • Constructed of solid wood and MDF
  • Painted antique navy finish
  • Three drawers for storage of your personal items
  • Elegant, transitional style
IDEALHOUSE Nesting Coffee Table Set of 2, Modern Accent...
  • 【Particular Two-piece Design】: This coffee table follows the modern...
  • 【Sturdy and Durable】: The table top of the coffee table is made of...
  • 【Multiple Placement Methods】: This set of nesting coffee tables can be...
  • 【Easy to Assembly】: When installing this coffee tables for living room,...
Decor Therapy Accent Table, Antique Navy
  • Constructed of solid wood, MDF and glass
  • Two Storage Drawers
  • Two Storage Cabinets
  • Lower Shelf
Walker Edison Anastasia Modern Metal Wrap X Base Accent...
  • Dimensions: 22 H x 18” D x 18” L; Base: 15.75” L x 15.75” L
  • Top surface supports up to 75 Ibs.
  • Tabletop coated with a water-resistant melamine finish
  • Pair with the matching coffee table to complete the look
Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Accent Entryway Table Entry...
  • Dimensions: 32" H x 52" L x 14" W
  • Bottom Shelf: 23" H x 52" L x 14" W
  • Made of high-grade MDF, powder coated metal, and durable laminate
  • Spacious slatted bottom shelf for storing décor, shoes, and more
Walker Edison Rustic Wood Farmhouse Entryway Accent Table...
  • Dimensions: 32" H x 48" L x 16" W
  • Bottom Shelf: 22" H x 46" L x 14" W
  • Pull-out drawer for hidden storage
  • High Grade MDF and durable laminate
Round End Table, Tribesigns Modern Side Table Small Accent...
  • 🍀【A Piece of Minimal Artwork】Complement your Modern or industrial...
  • 🍹【A Must for Everywhere】 With the sleek lines, this modern side...
  • 💪【Perfect Height & Durable Structure】 At 23.6 inches high, the side...
  • 🌻【Easy Assembly & Adjustable Feet】 The assembly instruction is...
Best Choice Products Metal Accent Table, Set of 2 Decorative...
  • VERSATILE SIDE TABLES: A simple yet elegant appearance complements your...
  • DURABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP: Made of water-resistant iron with a charming finish...
  • UNIQUE PATTERN: Countless diamond and hexagon shapes connect all around...
  • WHERE THEY CAN GO: With a pliable design that fits well in nearly any...
Yaheetech 3-Tier Sofa Side Console Table with 1 Drawer and 2...
  • 【Modern】This rectangular doorway table is of a classic design. It...
  • 【3 Tiers storage】This modern rack provides ample storage space with 2...
  • 【X-Shaped side reinforcement】To reinforce the whole structure, we adopt...
  • 【Sturdy】This wooden entryway table features a strong construction. It...
danpinera Tray Metal End Table, Small Round Side Table...
  • Strong Practicality: Removable tray design is convenient for food and...
  • Sturdy and Durable: The round end table is made of anti-rust and...
  • Safe Design: The four legs are welded with x-shaped rods on both top and...
  • Extensive Use: This side table is very light and easy to move, you can...

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Accent Table

What Is The Purpose Of An Accent Table?

An accent table is a small piece of furniture placed next to a larger piece of furniture. It serves as a decorative element between two pieces of furniture. For example, if you have a dining room with a large rectangular dining table, you might put an accent table next to it. The accent table could be smaller than the main table so that it doesn’t take away too much space. Or, it could be bigger than the main table so that it fills in the empty space. In either case, the accent table gives the impression of more space.

Why Do People Use Accent Tables?

Accent tables serve several purposes. First, they give the illusion of additional space. Second, they provide a convenient spot for storing items. Third, they create visual interest by breaking up the monotony of straight lines. Finally, they allow you to display objects that wouldn’t fit into other areas of the room.

How To Choose An Accent Table

The size of the accent table depends on its placement within the room. If it is going to sit directly beside another piece of furniture, choose something that matches the dimensions of the other piece of furniture. However, if the accent table is going to stand alone, then go ahead and pick whatever style fits your decorating scheme best.

Types Of Accent Tables

There are many types of accent tables available today. Some are solid wood while others are veneer-covered plywood. There are round tables, square tables, oval tables, and everything else in between. Regardless of shape, most accent tables are designed to complement the overall appearance of the room.

Where To Place An Accent Table

Place an accent table near the center of the room. Placing it close to the edge of the room makes it appear crowded. Also, placing it far away from the walls creates a feeling of emptiness.

How To Decorate With Accent Tables

Use accent tables to fill in spaces where there aren’t enough chairs or ottomans. Put an accent table right behind a sofa so that guests can rest their feet on it. Add an accent table to a corner of the living room to break up the monotony of straight lines. Place an accent table next to a fireplace to bring warmth and coziness to the room.

Other Uses For Accent Tables

Accent tables can double as coffee tables, end tables, and console tables. They can also be used as storage units. Just remember that these uses require different care and maintenance than regular tables. Make sure that you know which type of table you're using before you start working on it.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Accent Table

An accent table is a small piece of furniture placed next to a larger piece of furniture. An accent table serves many purposes. First, it gives the room a more finished appearance by adding visual interest. Second, it creates additional storage space where needed. Third, it provides a convenient place to put smaller objects while still maintaining the overall balance of the room. Finally, it makes the room appear bigger because it takes up less floor space.

How To Choose An Accent Table

Choosing an accent table is easy once you know what features you're looking for.

Here are three important factors to consider before making your purchase: size, style, and function.


Accent tables vary greatly in size. Some are very large and others are quite small. If you plan to display artwork or collectibles, you might choose a large accent table. However, if you prefer to store lots of books, magazines, or other materials, you might opt for a smaller accent table.


Another factor to take into consideration is the style of the accent table. There are several different styles available. For example, there are round tables with rounded corners, square tables with straight edges, oval tables with curved sides, etc. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Round tables provide a softer look and are easier to maintain. Square tables give a cleaner look and are easier to stack. Oval tables are great for displaying artworks and paintings.


Finally, think about the functions of the accent table. Decorative accents are generally meant to be displayed rather than used. Functional pieces are designed to perform specific tasks. For instance, a coffee table could serve as a foot rest or a shelf for storing books.

Types of Accent Tables

There are two main types of accent tables - end-tables and corner-tables. End-tables are typically found near windows and doors. Corner-tables are located opposite each other along a wall. Both types of accent tables are useful additions to any room.


End-tables are perfect for placing beside a sofa or chair. They create a sense of intimacy between the seating arrangement and the surrounding decor. In addition, they allow you to place a lamp or vase directly beneath the window.


Corner-tables are ideal for creating a cozy reading nook. They are especially helpful when you live in a condo or apartment. Not only does this type of table provide a comfortable spot to read, it also offers a handy place to stash magazines or newspapers.

Benefits of Using an Accent Table

Using an accent table is beneficial for many reasons. First, it improves the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Next, it increases the amount of usable space in your room.

Features To Look For When Buying An Accent Table

An accent table is a small piece of furniture which sits next to a larger piece of furniture. The smaller table serves as a decorative element while the larger piece of furniture holds more important objects. In other words, the accent table is there to complement the main item rather than compete with it. If you're planning to purchase an accent table, here are some features to look for.


The size of the accent table depends upon its intended function. Smaller accent tables are perfect for holding accessories or serving trays. Larger ones are good for displaying artwork or photographs. Some accent tables are meant to be placed between two pieces of furniture so that they serve as dividers. Others are designed to sit alone on top of a coffee table or end table.


Accent tables come in many different styles. Modern designs include sleek lines and geometric patterns. Traditional styles include wood finishes and simple curves. There are also modern versions of traditional styles. Whatever style you choose, make sure it fits into your decor scheme. Don't go overboard with too many design elements because it could overwhelm your room.


There are several materials available for making accent tables. Wood is probably the most popular choice. Other options include metal, glass, stone, and plastic. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Metal accents are durable and easy to maintain. Glass accents are beautiful and elegant. Stone accents are timeless and classic. Plastic accents are inexpensive and lightweight. Choose whatever type of accent table best suits your needs.


Most accent tables are finished in either white or black. White looks great with almost anything. Black works well with dark woods and rich colors. However, if you prefer something else, you can always paint the accent table to match your décor. Just remember that painted finishes fade quickly and require frequent maintenance.


Some accent tables double as storage areas. Others hold lamps, vases, plants, or candles. Still others act as display cases for artworks, photos, or knickknacks. Make sure the accent table you select can accommodate these functions.


Keep in mind that higher-quality accent tables are generally pricier than lower-priced models. Also, accent tables are typically sold individually. So, if you plan to buy multiple accent tables, you might pay more per unit than if you bought only one.

Different Types of Accent Table

An accent table is a small piece of furniture placed near a larger piece of furniture. An accent table has many uses including serving food, displaying decorative objects, holding magazines, newspapers, or other reading material, and providing additional storage. The most common type of accent table is called a console table because its top extends beyond the length of the legs. Another popular style is the pedestal table which features a base with four short legs supporting a flat tabletop.

Types of Console Tables

There are two main styles of console tables - round and square. Round tables have a curved top while square tables have straight sides. Square tables are more formal and classic whereas rounded tables are more casual and contemporary. Both styles are very versatile and can be combined with different pieces of furniture to create unique looks. For example, a round table could be paired with a sofa, a chair, or a coffee table. Similarly, a square table could be matched with a bedside lamp, a nightstand, or a dresser.

How To Choose Between Two Styles

The size of the table is another important factor to take into consideration. If you plan to display artwork or collectibles, a smaller table might be best. However, if you're planning to store books or magazines, a large table will provide plenty of room for these materials. Also, consider whether you prefer a traditional or modern design. Traditional designs are typically more formal and elegant while modern designs are generally simpler and sleeker. Finally, think about where you'd like to put the table.

Accent Table Designs

Another thing to consider is the overall decor of the room. Some rooms are designed around specific themes so choosing an accent table based on those themes makes sense. For instance, if you live in a beach house, a nautical theme might fit well with a blue-and-white striped accent table. In contrast, a rustic cabin might call for a woodsy accent table. Whatever your personal taste, there are hundreds of options available today. Just browse online catalogues and websites to see what catches your eye!

Tips For Choosing An Accent Table

Choosing an accent table isn't always easy. There are many factors to consider before making your purchase. First, decide what kind of table you want (round vs. Next, choose between a traditional or modern design. Then, determine the size of the table. Finally, figure out where you'd like to position the table. Once you've decided on everything else, start shopping!